John Elway: “Always a concern” with DeMarcus Ware’s back

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Earlier this week, Broncos coach Gary Kubiak said that linebacker DeMarcus Ware might not do any on-field work before the end of the team’s offseason program because of a back injury.

That was a downgrade from previous comments about Ware that indicated the veteran would get in some limited work before the spring was out, but not a surprising one given Ware’s age, recent history of back issues and the chance to get younger players more reps at this point in the offseason. On Wednesday, General Manager John Elway said the team’s cautious approach with Ware will continue beyond offseason work.

“Yeah, there’s always a concern with that,” Elway said, via the Denver Post. “Especially with the back, because you never really know. And he’s such an integral part of it and his leadership qualities, so obviously we’re hopeful he can get that going. We’re going to manage him, and we knew that coming in this year, to take care of him. Yeah, there’s a little bit of a concern there.”

Ware missed five games because of his back last season, but returned to play well at the end of the regular season and throughout the postseason. The back concerns may cause the Broncos to use Ware less often in at least the early part of the season in hope of ensuring he’s around for the stretch run again in 2016.

6 responses to “John Elway: “Always a concern” with DeMarcus Ware’s back

  1. “ensuring he’s around for the stretch run again in 2016.”
    There won’t be a stretch run until they find someone other than Mr Butt-Fumble to put under center.

  2. I’m sure PEDton Manning’s wife could hook him up.

    Denver is the dirtiest team in the NFL! Cheated the salary cap by nearly $30M during Elway’s SB wins*. Uniforms slathered in Vaseline. Illegal chop/cut blocks systematically taught with the intention to injure. PED’s passed out like candy at Halloween. Spygate. Strategic placement of refs, Hochuli and Blakeman, for last year’s playoff run. 13-0 lifetime with those 2 homers. Having the NFL place a rabid Donkeys’ fan as a replay official during their 3rd fraudulent SB win*. The guy’s wife was posting to social media from the stands all game long. “WE WON!”

    You can’t make this stuff up!

  3. Wow…Bitter much? Envy is really not an attractive quality. Take a breath and chill before you pass out. Actually, even if you do pass out, you will wake up and the DENVER BRONCOS will still be SUPERBOWL 50 CHAMPIONS!!!!!!!!
    How did YOUR team do last year?

  4. Back? That’s way to general. Are we talking about slipped discs? If so, I’ve lost one and can tell you they are unpredictable. Before my surgery there were times I could lift the end of the couch with ease and other times when reaching for a toothbrush was painful as hell.

    Fortunately, all concerned seem to be exercising the appropriate caution, but this is not the kind of injury one should take lightly.

  5. He needs to stop doing his sack celebration. I was cringing every time, waiting for something stupid to happen

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