Chargers won’t be pivoting back to Mission Valley site

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Speculation recently has emerged in San Diego that if the Chargers’ preferred downtown “convadium” plan becomes impractical or otherwise unworkable, the Chargers would accept a stadium at the Mission Valley site as a fallback. The Chargers are making it known that this is not the case.

By way of background, a source with knowledge of the situation tells PFT that some of those opposing the team have been pushing the idea that the Chargers would be forced to accept a stadium in Mission Valley — and that if the Chargers leave San Diego could get another NFL team to play in Mission Valley. But the Chargers have made their choice, and they won’t be going back.

The team’s decision arose from a belief that the best chance to win an election comes from a downtown stadium, that the downtown site allows the Mission Valley location to be used for other purposes, and the failure of the currently planned stadium vote in November and a “pivot” to Mission Valley could push the final decision into 2020, or later.

On Friday, Chargers owner Dean Spanos sent a letter to Donna Frye, a former San Diego city council member from the Mission Valley area. In the letter, a copy of which PFT has obtained, Spanos says that there will be not “pivoting” back to the Mission Valley site.

“We want to be as clear as we can possibly be about this issue,” Spanos writes. “We did not choose downtown over Mission Valley casually. Downtown is a plan that can work for the community and our fans. We have tried to make it clear that Mission Valley will not work for the NFL or for the community. The Mayor asked us to make a choice. We made the rational business choice, and the rational choice for the community-at-large. That choice is downtown. Mission Valley is not an option for us, now or in the future.”

So it’s downtown or nothing for the Chargers in San Diego.

8 responses to “Chargers won’t be pivoting back to Mission Valley site

  1. This is about hotels and other businesses near a convention center that generate revenue 365 days of the year. He’s a developer first and football team owner second. The downtown location is definitely not about his football team; fans want it in the mission valley

  2. IMO, it would be extremely sad if the citizens of SD do not support this effort. Most of the detractors are very skilled in manufacturing a list of non-facts.

  3. Spanos is a developer, second!
    The Chargers are holding the city of San Diego and the Chargers fans hostage for a downtown stadium even though it will (1) cause huge traffic problems downtown; (2) require that the entire downtown railroad head-facility to be moved; (3) impose an additional +6.75% tourist tax (current 10% to 16.75% increase) that will reduce tourism to the city; and, (4) increased cost of Charger seats, and cost the taxpayer who will never see a Chargers game in-person by $600MM.

    The Mission Valley location is: (1) already there. no major relocation fo a transit system or other buildings; (2) is right next to a major freeway; (3) has room for expansion; and, (4) will cost the taxpayer hundreds of millions dollars less!
    Yes, Spanos is a developer SECOND. In this case, he is putting GREED FIRST, over logic and over the Chargers fans.

  4. So now it’s time for the Chargers to play second fiddle to the Rams.

    “And that’s the end of the first half, with the Los Angeles Rams leading the San Francisco 49’ers 17-10. For your half-time entertainment, we bring you the Los Angeles Chargers vs. West Covina H.S. Enjoy, and we’ll see you back in 15 minutes….”

  5. Sure would have been nice if he would have explained why the Mission Valley site doesn’t work for the NFL, Chargers, or fans.

    I’m thinking that he can’t.

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