Jaguars are planning to use hurry-up offense more often

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As the Jaguars prepare to potentially take a major step forward in 2016, they’ll apparently be taking their regular steps more quickly on offense this season.

Ryan O’Halloran of the Florida Times-Union explains that the Jaguars have been implementing the hurry-up offense more regularly during OTA practices. And it appears that this specific wrinkle will be unleashed more frequently than in the final two minutes of the second or fourth quarters.

“When we evaluated the end of the season, we thought one of the things Blake [Bortles] was pretty comfortable with was our two-minute package so we’ve incorporated [more] of that,” offensive coordinator Greg Olson said, via O’Halloran.

Apart from the accelerated attack, Bortles seems to be more comfortable with all other aspects of the offense.

“He’s getting better,” Olson said of Bortles. “[We’re] excited right now where he’s at mentally and where he’s at physically. It’s been a good five days of OTAs for Blake. He’d be the first guy to say he’s not there yet, but he’s certainly miles ahead of where he was at this time last year, which is to be expected.”

O’Halloran says Bortles seems to already be ready for Week One of the regular season. If he continues to improve, he could soon be getting ready for the first week of the postseason.

17 responses to “Jaguars are planning to use hurry-up offense more often

  1. The Jags have been “about to turn the corner” since I can remember. You can tell summer has officially arrived when the delusions start spewing from Jax.

  2. This is nothing more than a diversion from Gus Bradley’s hot seat and it’s a failed one. Why?

    A defense as bad as Jacksonville’s cannot be left on the field due to a no-huddle, especially when they defensive players are misfit pieces paid off as an attempt for Bradley to not get fired.

  3. Frankly, this is another proposal used to suck people into a delusion that involves a bad offensive line, awful defense, and a team that’s 0-20 vs. winning teams.

    Even Fitzpatrick’s beat this team and even the sorry Jets are starting to not believe in him.

  4. It would be great to see some of these downtrodden teams get better- the AFC South as a whole is improving and Indy does not have anything close to a stranglehold on it anymore.

    The Jags will make some noise this year but they still have some major deficiencies.

  5. Just wondering why it took till the season was over before they realized this, can’t do in season evaluations?

  6. I just hope Byron Leftwich can score some points for us this year.

    He’s been sort of a non-factor.

  7. Great! Hurry-up and get the game over with. They’ll be doing the entire country a favor by not dragging it out.

  8. key2heat says:
    Jun 4, 2016 5:16 PM

    Ali was a draft dodger.
    Yes he was, and rightfully so. I would have dodged the draft too had I been drafted to fight in another one of Uncle Sam’s illegal and unjust wars, and millions more would have as well. Maybe you would have too, key2heat.

  9. The hurry Up Offense has been tried by many teams and it simply does not work at this level! All it means that scripted plays might not be effective and you make your tired Defense get back on field sooner. In the NFL, these are world class athletes, they won’t be be that tired that they can’t keep up. Also, the only QBs in recent years that have had any success in last drives or 2:00 are Brady and Rogers on a consistent basis and Bortles is light years away. Plays are about execution and mismatch, not hoping teams are stupid or tired.

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