MIke Evans was a really big fan of Muhammad Ali

Buccaneeers wide receiver Mike Evans was such a fan of legendary boxer Muhammad Ali that Evans “like a month ago” got a tattoo of Ali on his forearm.

Ali passed away on Friday, and like many notable athletes have done since the news of Ali’s passing broke, Evans tweeted a goodbye “to one of the greatest and most inspirational athletes of all time.” His tweet included that picture of his tattoo that you see on the right.

Evans told Greg Auman of the Tampa Bay Times that he would go to the library with his grandmother as a child and read up on Ali, and from that reading he went from being a fan of boxing to a student of almost everything Ali did before and after his boxing career. Evans said he’s been watching a YouTube video of Ali from Gorilla Productions before every game he’s played since college.

“All the trash-talkers in every sport, it’s because of Muhammad Ali,” Evans said. “I’m sure nobody was talking the trash he did before his time. Nobody did that. He had an impact and people don’t know it. He’s one of the best boxers of all time, and one of the most inspirational athletes, giving people motivation.”

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  1. All the trash-talkers in every sport, it’s because of Muhammad Ali,” Evans said. “I’m sure nobody was talking the trash he did before his time. ”

    He said he was inspired by Gorgeous George

  2. I actually talk a lot of trash at work. Whenever I send a sweet email response I go to that’s person desk and spike my laptop in front of them. I then get on the desk and yell “I’m the greatest email responder of all time!”

  3. Ali was one of the greatest athletes in history. The Combo of Ali and Howard Cosell was epic and will never be matched. RIP Champ

  4. Of all the things Ali is noted for, Evans praises his trash talking? Ali didn’t do much talking IN the ring. He was a showboat, but everyone wanted to see that. Plus he was arguably the best boxer ever.

  5. One of the best boxers ever.

    As far as this pseudo-philosopher status that some people bestow upon him as some kind of wise man, not really. Especially when you hear some of his rants that are centered around religion.

    Oh, and “trash talk” is not a good thing.

  6. Ali was a very kind and gentle soul. He loved people. I wouldn’t call what he did trash talking. He was loved by his opponents. He was just talking to promote boxing. Howard Cosell was a big part of it because he was a highly intelligent person who understood what Ali was doing. I would like to see Mike Evans dedicate this season to “The Greatest”. Evans is going to be my first pick in Fantasy Football.

  7. Unfortunately we’ll never know due to the 7th century practices that while necessary at the time are but are outdated by modern standards. Show me where Muhammad mandated burial within 24 hours. Anyone?

  8. Joe Fraizer battered Ali in their first fight. Larry Holmes destroyed Ali. In between Ali beat everyone. Could Ali beat Marciano or Tyson? I doubt it. Ali was the most recognized American of his time no questions asked. The greatest? Not really. The most adored? Maybe.

    We watched him fight Liston and knowing Sonny there is no way Ali beat the bear ligit. Either fight. Oh, Liston had a swollen eye first fight. Big deal. Sonny Liston was the toughest man alive those years but he owed the wrong people and paid his debt.

    God bless Ali and may he rest in peace.

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