Report: Reshad Jones is considering sitting out the season

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Dolphins safety Reshad Jones wants a new contract. He’s staying away from voluntary offseason workouts in the hopes of getting it done. He may be willing to stay away from a lot more than voluntary offseason workouts.

Omar Kelly of the South Florida Sun Sentinel reports that Jones is considering sitting out the entire 2016 season if the Dolphins don’t give him a new contract.

The next indication regarding whether Jones would hold out into the season will come on June 14, when the Dolphins convene for a mandatory minicamp. If Jones isn’t there, the situation will take on a more ominous vibe.

Meanwhile, other Dolphins are looking forward to the return of their Pro Bowl teammate.

“He’s a great player. I can’t wait to learn from him,” Isa Abdul-Quddus said regarding Jones, via Kelly. “I watched him. I’ve seen him last year. He killed it. . . . I’ve been watching him. I always make sure I take into account good safeties. I know he’s a physical dude. I can’t wait for him to bring that energy to the field.”

Jones is signed through 2017, at a base salary of $7.225 million this season and $7.06 million next year. He’ll forfeit his salary, at $425,176.47 per week, if he sits out the season. He would also owe the Dolphins more than $950,000 in signing bonus money applicable to the 2016 season, along with a fairly stiff fine for skipping minicamp and much larger fines for missing training camp.

66 responses to “Report: Reshad Jones is considering sitting out the season

  1. He doesn’t have leverage. Why sit out and not make 7 mil, as well as then owe almost a mil back to the Phins? He’s the 4th highest paid safety for the 2016 season, according to OverTheCap (behind J-Byrd, E-Berry, E-Thomas). Dumb.

  2. Seems like a lot of cash to lose. But i am in the camp of get what you can when you can. Football teams soon move you on when they think you are done. You got to think like a squirrel, reap and store while the sun shines.

  3. Has this lame threat ever worked out for a player? If you plan on sitting out the season then go on record, don’t hide somewhere and tweet some beat writer that he should get the word out that you might want to sit out the season. It ain’t happening, nobody is biting. So instead of coming off like a moron keep your mouth shut. Either go play out your contract or tell the owner you are sitting out. But these dumb blurbs of you maybe sitting out a year because you’re not happy with what you’re being paid are completely ridiculous and a waste of time. All they do is make you look like a moron.

  4. 28 yr old safety foregoing $7mill in a contract dispute? Yeah that’ll never happen. See you in August Reshad!

  5. He has 2 years left on a 4 year deal on a contract that he signed and agreed to…He received a 5 million dollar signing bonus and is making 425,000 per week and he’s complaining.

  6. I know exactly how you feel Rashad, no one can be expected to survive on these lousy salaries.. Am I right?

    Ryan Fitzpatrick

  7. Let him sit out the season.

    The average annual income in the US is $52,000. Ergo, it would take the average person 134 years to make what Jones makes in one year.

    I am SO sick and tired of these overpaid and egotistical athletes in all sports that I could just puke.

  8. Nobody is walking away from a 425k a week check to stay home and make zero dollars a week.

  9. Its not as if he isn’t making a lot of money. Just another selfish one thinking of himself only, and not his team mates.
    At least if he sits out, he looses some, just grow up and quit the crap. You could go and get a job at McDonalds, see how you like that if you are going to sit out. Selfish and no consideration of team mates.

  10. Omar Kelly reported on something an unhappy player might be considering, possibly, maybe?

  11. So Jones is/maybe thinking of sitting out this season which I find amusing since he’s also under contract NEXT season.I doubt he’d be willing to lose this and next years salary which would be in excess of $14 million. The best part of Omar’s report is the imbecile beat blogger who masquerades as a sports reporter for the sun sentinel has yet to break any story in his career. His claim to fame was being the hemorrhoid on Miko Grimes backside.

  12. The Dolphins, over the past three seasons, have drafted fewer defensive players than any other NFL team. Accordingly, they finished with the worst pass defense in franchise history a year ago . . . and then STILL went out and devoted virtually the entire 2016 draft to , you guessed it — offense. Jones has all the leverage here.

  13. These players…..At least come up with something that is believable. It is so hard to pick a side in these situations. You have the owners who literally pocket hundreds of millions of dollars each year no matter how poorly their team performs and then you have players\agents that sign a contract and want to renegotiate 18 months later. Reshad a truly great player elevates those around him. Miamis defense was horrible last year. Sure you had a ton of tackles but thats what happens when your team has some of the worst LB play in the league.

  14. If he was underpaid, I’d say pay him but he’s in the top 5 and he’s a top 5-10 safety so I think his agent has done a good job. Let him sit.

  15. He may be one of the best players on the team but his attitude sucks. He is already one of the highest paid safeties and he will most likely get a new contract after this season. If he does sit out and pout then I hope the Dolphins DO NOT waive the fines. Let him pay the Dolphins well over a million dollars so he can have the privilege of not being paid $425,000 per week to showboat. If he sits the whole year he will be over $8M in the hole AND still have 2 years on his contract. If he comes back in week 10 to get credit for the season, I would cut him next training camp after everybody else has spent most of their cap money. Sure, that is bitter but he is acting like an entitled punk and the Dolphins DO NOT need players like that no matter how good they are.

  16. Omar should know better than to act as the conduit for this.
    If Rashad is really demanding this let him go on record and quote them.
    Not sure what Jones or his agent told Kelly. But in the event they really told something like this to Omar they should know better.
    “Thinking about sitting out the season” is an empty threat that the team will not take seriously will hurt Jones in the PR department.
    Rashad and his agent can think all their want.

  17. beachsidejames says:
    Jun 4, 2016 8:47 AM
    Nobody is walking away from a 425k a week check to stay home and make zero dollars a week.

    What? It’s an almost annual occurrence somewhere in the league. Search Kam Chancellor holdout. It was a stupid holdout & the dollar amounts might be slightly different but the point is it does happen. Saying ‘nobody is walking away from $X dollars’ for none ignores the fact that a guy playing the same position, with a similar contract did just that and it was only last year. There may be no accounting for the apparently stupid things players (like many people) will say or do but there should be no discounting it either

  18. themiamidolphins says:
    Jun 4, 2016 7:14 AM

    Omar Kelly is an idiot. Don’t take what he writes seriously.
    100% agreed……..that dude trashes the Bills all the time no matter what.

  19. billswillnevermove says:
    Jun 4, 2016 10:48 AM
    100% agreed……..that dude trashes the Bills all the time no matter what.

    So you’re saying he’s not always wrong then.

  20. Predictable whining from the $10 an hour grocery baggers here. Get what you can reshad. Stay strong. Nobody here has to worry about CTE in a few years.

  21. i thought this article was about rashida jones, the actress, my bad. then i thought it was about rashad johnson of the cardinals.

    then i realized it was a miami player, and i chuckled because you can’t hold an organization hostage that positively couldn’t care less.

    Miami is an international hub / market to the southern hemisphere, and eastern hemisphere, built on a lot of tourism, and trade, a lot of transplanted families, no one cares about the product, or the city. it is thunderdome. it is just entertainment to them. this is what vegas will look like too.

    Anyone who has been to a city that has more tourists than residents knows that the city gets trashed by visitors, and given up on by locals. see: hawaii.

  22. Let the Soap-Opera begin… When he SIGNED his contract, I’ll bet there aren’t any provisions written into it about stonewalling for a new contract with 2 years left on the present deal! – So let him sit…maybe some rookie safety we got will step up and take his job, it’s happened before & it would serve him right !

  23. Sorry Jag off I was talking about Jones… don’t forget to check my spelling too.

  24. From the team’s perspective, they are paying Reshad Jones like a top 5 safety, and in 2015 they got their moneys worth.

    He’s put together other strong seasons, but not quite like 2015. They deserve the value in the contract they are paying him, because they invested in him early.

    It’s not a coincidence that they locked him up until he’s 30 years old, an asterisk-type age. It allows them to pay him a fair contract and then re evaluate the player at that crucial age. They invested contractually in for his prime before he really blew up, so they deserve to keep him through his late 20’s prime years.

    From Reshad Jones perspective, he’s steadily gotten better each season, been snubbed (clearly) on 2 pro bowls now, he’s been a team leader, staple healthy consistent and good off the field/locker room player.

    At 28 years old, coming off a top defensive season, he’s primed and wants to be paid top defender not top safety money.

    Hitting the market again at 30 vs now will end up costing him a lot. All he can do is volley for an extension or a raise. He will never have the opportunity like he does right now to volley for more money.

    My take:

    over 7 million is more than enough for a top safety, but I get that if Olivier Vernon can make 17 million a year, Suh can make 20 million a year, Mario Williams 8.5, Cam Wake 9 mil…. and soooo many more.. I don’t blame the guy.

    If I’m the Dolphins, I want to extend Reshad Jones if possible. 4 years 36 mil, avg 9 mil a season, but front load it now and have him in his 30’s for like 5-6 mil a year.

  25. Miami is aways off from contending and this guy has strong trade value as he is a good safety in his prime under contract for 2 more seasons. Come on Miami pick up 2 draft picks for him

  26. The truth be told I don’t think to many players today really understand what Ali did in boxing and taken a stand on his religion. RIP MUHAMMAD ALI. Bill

  27. usually when guys hold out like this, the come in to camp late and then get hurt. He’ll most likely miss half the season with nobody to blame but himself. I like Reshad Jones, and I don’t blame him for wanting for $$, hell who doesn’t want more $$, but he needs to get to work with the new young team.

  28. tylawspick6 says:
    Jun 4, 2016 11:53 AM

    cap hell is a real thing, folks
    The Dolphins’ have more cap space than any team in the AFC East, and about double what the pats have.

  29. Report: Reshad Jones is considering sitting out the season
    …and Johnny Football is considering becoming a first ballot Hall of Famer…. #blufff

  30. Ha! When he signed that original deal I bet he and his agent thought they got over on the Dolphins. Now he’s ONLY going to make $14 mill over the next two years.

  31. bernieknowsfootball says:
    Jun 4, 2016 7:54 AM
    He signed a contract, now honor it or don’t come back !!!


    While I agree it’s dumb for him trying to hold out for more money when he’s making 7 million a year, but why should players honor contracts when the teams damn sure don’t.

  32. This is silly.

    Math says he wont sit out. Hes making $7 million and wants $10 million. In 2 years thats $6 million diffrence.

    Sitting out one year he loses $7 million.

    Hes not sitting out. Hes just using the media to get a better contract.

  33. codiablo says:
    Jun 4, 2016 5:10 PM

    Who? Eric Berry & Harrison Smith u r not (they have class AND game)!!
    No they don’t. For those asking who, he led the league in tackles, sacks, and interceptions by a safety last year. Easily twice what Berry and Smith had. By the way, Berry is at the top of the safety salary list as well.

  34. That’s not a bad contract for a…what…one time probowler? I just looked it up, he made probowls in 2015 & 2016. 7M for that doesn’t seem bad to me, sounds about right.

  35. scoocha says:
    Jun 4, 2016 7:16 PM

    The entire league collectively asked: Who?
    On the contrary, fans like yourself who’ve never watched the game perhaps, but the league is well aware of him. He far outpaced the rest of the safeties in the league last year.

  36. Omar “OK-Doke” Kelly reporting on player unhappiness, haha! Where’s Miko Omar?
    Pro Bowl players on playoff teams make demands for more money Mr. Jones.

  37. So if he gets a new contract, is he going to complain after one year that he deserves more money? There’s TWO years left on the deal, not one.

  38. He won’t sit out the season. The ‘phins have no reason to give him a pay raise he has 2 years left and is the highest paid strong safety in the league. He can’t compare himself to the top free safeties, the one season he was asked to play a more versatile role at safety he had his worst season as a pro.

  39. While I understand he’s under contract I believe in getting every possible dollar you can get while you can! While I’m sure he knows the risks, they’re still considerable! He’s playmaker and the those are in short supply in Miami. I’m more worried about our terrible linebackers and corners!!!

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