Rolando McClain’s absence raises eyebrows in Dallas

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Cowboys linebacker Rolando McClain is skipping Organized Team Activities, and some in Dallas are wondering whether that should be a cause for concern.

Stephen Jones, the team’s executive vice president, acknowledged when asked about McClain that the team would like to see him attend voluntary practices.

“You always want everybody here. Certainly I know coach Garrett wants everybody here, 100-percent attendance. And it’s certainly disappointing when they’re not here,” Jones said, via the Dallas Morning News.

The paper also reported that there’s a sense around the team that “more is going on with Rolando than meets the eye,” although there were no specifics about what exactly that means. McClain had a series of off-field problems that led to the Raiders cutting him in 2013, and he sat out that year after announcing he would retire. His retirement lasted only a year before he returned to the NFL with the Cowboys. Last year he was suspended for the first four games of the season for violating the league’s substance-abuse policy.

McClain signed a one-year contract with the Cowboys in March. When they drafted linebacker Jaylon Smith in the second round of the draft, that was an indication that they expect Smith (who needs this year to recover from a knee injury) to become McClain’s replacement, and Dallas does not intend to re-sign McClain after this year.

26 responses to “Rolando McClain’s absence raises eyebrows in Dallas

  1. Unfortunate draft pick wasted by the Raiders on this guy, but he was the consensus right pick at the time. The Cowboys got some miles out of him, but this guy just is not a pro. Too Bad.

  2. If McClain is slinging Giants on 8/11….he’s even more spaced out than we thought he was.

    He won’t be slingin’ them on 9/11 either, but that’s besides the point.

  3. Lets just do away with the voluntary because if they don’t show up they get accused of being a bad teammate or not caring or making a statement about someone else contract or their own….voluntary is suppose to mean they can show if they like but don’t have too…..when they miss mandatory OTA then make a big deal out of it…..the players need to remove the voluntary OTA in the next cba and just have the one mandatory in June……

  4. Conditions have to be perfect for this guy to have his head in the game.

  5. If the team drafted my replacement and has made it known they weren’t going to sign me after this season, why would I be at any voluntary OTA’s??

  6. One can say OTA’s are voluntary …but what about your teammates?
    Aren’t you disrespecting them by not participating?
    I believe there was a report that he wqs not in Dallas due to ” custody ”
    issues. While I agree that is an important issue, but three weeks to resolve a custody issue? Courts typically will move those cases of one side cannot make the scheduled court date. He always seems to have
    something going on when OTA’ s are scheduled.
    The Dallas organization has accommodated and enabled McClain
    since they signed him. It hasn’t worked.
    Dallas made a huge mistake with Greg Hardy, it is time to move on from this inconsistent, overrated player who thinks he is entiltled
    to special treatment.,

  7. toybkshr says:
    Jun 4, 2016 2:04 PM
    If the team drafted my replacement and has made it known they weren’t going to sign me after this season, why would I be at any voluntary OTA’s??

    Because there’s 31 other teams in your very lucrative profession for starters. Pride would be another reason. For me anyway.

  8. Keep in mind that he’s going to need to find another team as dumb as the Cowboys to give him a job next year. Because of that, one would think he’d do everything in his power to put his best foot forward. Let’s face it, marginal players or players with a checkered past (McClain and Hardy) should keep their noses clean and just do what they need to do without making a stink. All this has done is show every team that either McClain is an idiot (they probably already knew that anyway) and to question his dedication to becoming the kind of player a team would want. I’m not sure he’s accomplishing that by staying away for whatever reason.

  9. Belichick will sign him, and his leg humpers will call him a genius making a low risk move. Then he’ll be a genius after the guy gets cut the next season.

  10. Rolando McClain seems to be kind of nuts, but it is voluntary. Seems that teams have forgotten what that means, especially for a team that didn’t change the defensive coordinator or scheme in the off-season.

  11. To those of you that support McClain and believe he has no
    obligation to his teammates to be in camp and working to undo
    a horrible 2015 season…and to you McClain fans who believe he
    is not acting like he is a spoiled entiltled player ….we will see…
    I promise not to say I told you so.,

  12. Look yes practice is voluntary right now, but it is very important in the steps to get ready for the season. Having said that, McClain has family issues going on right now and family is more important than your job. I know someone will probably say the Cowboys are a family also and that is correct, but it is better for him to get this out of the way now and get his head clear before the mandatory practices start and it’s grind time
    As far as this possibly being his last year as a Cowboy don’t you think he would rather be at these practices selling himself for next year to raise his value. The man is not dumb but as I said before he needs to take care of these family issues now instead of later and that is what he is doing. If this is a custody battle then cut the man some slack at least he is trying to be there for his kid. That’s a lot more than what some people do. You shouldn’t put the man down for that. Think about how hard this probably is on his kid. Before you say it people make mistakes but mistakes are in the past and it’s not right to keep throwing up in his face that he screwed up in the past give the man a chance to show he’s changed. It’s hard to change though when people keeping throwing up your past mistakes in your face over and over again.

  13. It’s the same team, same scheme. I agree with the other poster, the matter as well remove voluntary OTAs because these stories are ridiculous every time somebody skips out on VOLUNTARY OTAs.

    Getting ready for the season is what mandatory OTAs are for.

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