Watching his rookie film, David Bakhtiari asks, “Who the f— is that?”


Packers left tackle David Bakhtiari thinks he’s a pretty good player now, and was a pretty bad player a few years ago.

Bakhtiari told Jason Wilde of ESPN that he has spent time this offseason watching old tape of himself, and he’s kind of amazed at how much better a player he is today.

“You see some of the clips sometimes — I’m working on some film eval of my rookie year — and I’m like, ‘Who the f— is that dude?’” Bakhtiari said. “Wiry, skinny . . . [I’m thinking], ‘I can’t believe that used to be my stance, I can’t believe that’s how I used to move.’ I mean, I’ve grown a lot from my rookie year.”

A 2013 fourth-round pick, Bakhtiari started every game as a rookie and is now established as the starting left tackle. Although there’s been some talk that this year’s second-round pick, Jason Spriggs, could eventually become the starting left tackle, Bakhtiari doesn’t plan to move.

“Name another left tackle who’s made 50-plus starts and then gone to another position,” Bakhtiari said. “I’m not going to be a pioneer. I’m not going to start a new trend. I’m going to stay at my position. I’m a tackle. That’s what I’ve been ever since I got pads on.”

And now he’s a much better left tackle than he was a few years ago.

36 responses to “Watching his rookie film, David Bakhtiari asks, “Who the f— is that?”

  1. Lots of packer stories lately. Excellent, keep them coming…keeps the crazy purples off the streets.

  2. Packers fans and Vikings fans can finally agree on something!

    David Bakhtiari sucks and he’s the only person in the world besides his mother and Carl Gerbschmidt who thinks he is a good left tackle in the NFL.

  3. There is a reason Vikings fans hated the Spriggs pick.

    He is already ten times better than David Bakhtiari.

  4. On average – he’s probably better now than he was then.

    There are times tho where he definitely is not and I can see where he might not get a choice in moving.

    I’d be okay seeing what he can do at RT and letting Bulaga go – injuries suck and I like the guy personally but they need someone they can count on for 16+ games a season.

    Spriggs can play LT.

  5. The Persian Prince was pretty dang solid his rookie year, poor form or not. Stay healthy and stay on the field, that’s all that’s required at that position.


  6. Not surprised there is a packer player that’s looking at the past as if it has some bearing on today.

    Must take after packer fans.

  7. Bakhtiari is part of an elite Packer offensive line that has advanced further than every single NFC North team in each of the last 6 seasons. He’s a big part of the reason that the Packers are again favored so heavily to make it 7 seasons in a row.

    This no doubt fuels the seething hatred of fans of lesser teams. I can’t even imagine the anguish they suffer. Thankfully that’s not my problem.

    We deserve better football.

    Because were better people.

  8. Then the hidden cameras came out and it was explained to him that he was in fact watching LAST YEARS game film LOL!

    Oh man, the circus in Green Bay keeps on giving us laughs.

  9. Ted drafted his replacement because Everson beat him time after time the last 2 years!! In fact backtieari and rogers small hands cost the Pack the NFC north division last year!!

  10. This much is clear – Viking fans have suffered so much shame and humiliation at the hands of their oppressors – the mighty Green Bay Packers.

  11. Lets see, wasn’t it – correct me if I’m wrong. sometime mid season that the O line started to fall like domino’s. I thought Mike M may have to suit up.
    Funny how most teams are going huge O line, 6’5 6’6 330 and good ol Mike commented years ago – “I lke shorted O linemen with short arms because they can run block better’.
    When I read that I realized MM is coaching 20 years ago when they actually ran the ball a lot. They should electric shock the guy and tell him its ok to have a half back with speed and not a over puffy Eddy Lacy. Those football days have been gone for years and the reason some of these O linemen will NOT find the free agent market friendly. They are oft hurt, too small for the pass protect game and ya, oft hurt.

  12. good ol Mike commented years ago – “I lke shorted O linemen with short arms because they can run block better’.
    He never said that at all. I really wish Vikings fans could actually post a fact without making them up. But I supposed that’s the outcome when you’re the bitter and jaded fans of a team that has won nothing in over 50 years.

  13. And yet – Pro Football Focus had the Packers O-line ranked #7 last year over all.

    You know – 7 spots ahead of the Vikings

    So I’d guess that there will be a few teams looking to get better with the Packers’ FA o-linemen after this year’s playoffs are over.

  14. He’s better than the Vikings left tackle and he was a 4th round pick not a top ten pick like Kalil.

  15. I forgot that Kalil, the Vikings 1st round LT bust was still in the league. Bhaktiari is a FA after this season, so since the Packers drafted Spriggs, he’ll likely be starting in purple like long list of other Packers castoffs that they can’t help themselves from signing.

  16. cheeseisfattening says:
    Jun 4, 2016 12:49 PM
    A Packer player who is impressed with himself, he has been hanging are Packer fans a bit too much

    Another rich one. Trolls like you, desperately aching for legitimacy and tired of eating Packer crap sandwiches, cannot keep yourselves from spewing nothing but insults and putdowns unrelated in any way to football.

    Why? Because you think you’re better than us, that’s why. Oops……excuse me……I just laughed beer out of my nose.

  17. The guy is okay when healthy, but his ankles apparently are built as badly as Bulaga’s knees. The strength of the Pack’s O-line is it’s two pro-bowl quality OGs. It’s the injury-prone OTs that led to last year’s offensive inconsistency as much as anything else, including the WR injuries.

  18. purpleguy says:
    Jun 4, 2016 7:13 PM
    …… The strength of the Pack’s O-line is it’s two pro-bowl quality OGs. It’s the injury-prone OTs that led to last year’s offensive inconsistency…..
    Hey PG – While I would agree that the strength of the Packers O-line is the guards, you are completely wrong by saying the OT’s are injury prone..Bulaga yes, but if you read the article above it clearly states that Bakhtari has started 50 games in his 3 years..I know that is hard for a Viking fan to comprehend, but it means he has only missed a couple games in his 3 years including the playoffs. For Viking fans, the playoffs are the “extra” games good teams get to play in after the regular season is over..I would take Bakhtari over your swinging gate 11 million dollar LT anyday…

  19. Drafted in 2013, and he already has a career worth of epic, humiliating playoff chokejobs.

  20. crownofthehelmet says:
    Jun 4, 2016 10:16 PM

    Drafted in 2013, and he already has a career worth of epic, humiliating playoff chokejobs.
    Yeah, but Cordarelle Patterson didn’t play much when the Vikings choked last year.

    And remember- choking isn’t an occurrence in Minnesota, it’s a legacy. 4 Super Bowl losses, 5 blown NFC Championship games in varying fashions, and a record 28 playoff losses, with nothing to show for the effort.

  21. Wisconsin is a nice state, unless you are a babysitter of a current or former Fudgie who owns a hot tub.

    Or you are any woman of child-bearing age who happens to have brothers. Its not going to end well for you in North Mississippi.

  22. Frank Booth, just come out of the closet already and admit you’re a packers fan.

  23. If TT can’t pay Bakhtiari next year and he goes to the Home For Packer Rejects (Minnesota), he should bring along a photo of the Vince Lombardi Super Bowl Trophy. Most Vikings have never seen one.

  24. Bakhtiari should always be in a mode of self-improvement, but the one trait he should REALLY be working on is to avoid the drive-killing holding. It’s a mental mistake that would make a huge difference. Get that cleaned up and we have the makings of an awesome O-line.

  25. contra74 says:
    Jun 5, 2016 1:35 AM
    Frank Booth, just come out of the closet already and admit you’re a packers fan.

    Why don’t you ask the ten or so Viking trolls that pretend to be Packer fans for the sole purpose of spreading their negativity to stop? At least Frank keeps it real.

  26. Whether I’m a Bears’ fan (Born and raised in Chicago) or Packers fan is immaterial. I’m just reacting to the stupid things Vikings’ fans say. They just happen to say them all on Packer/Viking threads. But I will say Vikings’ fans have made me even gravitate more towards the Packers than ever.

    The Bears’ and Packers have a long history. I also have a friend on the Packers Board, and I’ve taken him to games at Soldier Field and he’s reciprocated as well. I’ve hung out at tailgates at Lambeau in Bears’ gear, and have always been treated well there. Not the same at Vikings’ games, or North Stars games when they were around.

  27. Bakhtiari is good, not great but as a 4th rounder, he has exceeded expectations.

    Now can the same be said for Kalil, drafted not in the 4th round but 4th overall? The answer is no and in there is a big reason the Packers have won the NFC in 4 out of the last 5 years while the Vikings haven’t won a playoff game since 2009.

  28. “I also have a friend on the Packers Board, ”

    What does it take to get on the board – $350?

  29. No. If you know even the basics, simply owning stock of any kind doesn’t entitle you to a place on the Boards of Directors.

    But for 350.00, you can get yourself a nice Vikings commemorative brick, with a Viking head logo and 4 lines of text.

    At least you could. They sold out a few months ago.

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