Talib remains hospitalized; White House trip unlikely for him

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Broncos cornerback Aqib Talib remains hospitalized in Dallas, contrary to multiple reports that he has been released.

Per a source with knowledge of the situation, multiple Broncos officials (including coach Gary Kubiak) have spoken with Talib, who has told the team he is fine. At this point, Talib remains hospitalized primarily for the purposes of observations.

The Broncos currently anticipate that he won’t be cleared by doctors to make the trip with the rest of the team to Washington on Monday to visit the White House. Obviously, that’s a minor concern for a guy who could have ended up in much worse shape than he currently is.

The details of the shooting remain unclear. According to Liz Farmer of the Dallas Morning News, a “customer pulled a gun and shot one person” inside the V Live club in Dallas, and a second person “was wounded outside the club as the fight continued.”

Multiple theories are making the rounds among players and other league insiders. The Broncos are still attempting determine exactly how Talib was injured, and who specifically pulled the trigger.

39 responses to “Talib remains hospitalized; White House trip unlikely for him

  1. Come on guys we’re talking about a Bronco player, you telling me there ain’t more trolls then this? get well Qib will need ya to continue to shut teams down

  2. Note to self: After 4am is the most dangerous time to be schooling yourself publicly on the intricacies of female anatomy.

  3. I get it; he didn’t want to make the trip to visit the Obama Whitehouse. But he probably could have just feigned a head cold or something less extreme instead.

  4. “NFL Player Misses White House Visit Due To Gun Shot Wound Received At Strip Club”

    There’s a good look for the league. The Ginger Hammer has to be lovin’ this. Talib best hope AP & Brady win their cases or Roger will be the next one shooting him

  5. Of course he can’t go. How awkward would this be?

    President Obama: So I hope my new program to help gun offenders rehab gets swiftly through the Congress. Take this man here, Aquib Talib, for example.

    Aquib: Yes, Mr. President.

    President Obama: Here is a man who led a troubled childhood, was always in trouble, sometimes with guns, and as he matured, rehabbed, and he has walked the straight and narrow. Aquib, how long has it been now since you’ve been in trouble?

    Aquib: What time is it?

  6. Anyone want to place odds on Obama using this as an opportunity to rail on the proliferation of guns? I mean, surely Talib isn’t to blame. Sigh

  7. Good luck, 21. Congrats on your super bowl victory. You are an exceptional player and character. Mind set is to win.

  8. You all want Roger to be a tough guy let’s see what he does with someone who has had multiple gun incidents.

  9. To all you yahoo’s going on and on about the evils of gun control, remind me: when was the last time terrorists used a US plane to carry out an attack? Because it’s been 15 years, and we still can’t get through TSA in time to catch a flight we showed up early for.

    Drunk Drivers? If highway Patrol Officers catch anyone driving erratically or too slow, they’re legally permitted to pull them over and administer a sobriety test. Fail and they’ll arrest you and impound your car.

    So what’s the most cutting edge method of stopping shootings in the 1st world’s foremost destination for gun violence? That’s easy: We give everyone a gun, and when they kill someone, we arrest them. That’s it.

    Wanna know why you’re all against gun control? Because no one you know has come into contact with one of the millions of americans who can’t be trusted with a gun.

    But hey, it happened to a multi-millionaire athlete like Talib, it happened to a bunch of middle class white children in Sandy Hook as well as countless others . . . . doesn’t mean it’s going to happen to us, right? Of course not.

  10. patriotsticketssince1978 says:
    Jun 5, 2016 10:34 PM
    One person shot inside the club. One person shot outside the club.

    I wonder where talib was when shot.
    He is such a fine young man. I am sure he was simply walking by the establishment when trouble spilled out to the street and bit him.

  11. Remember when Talib intentionally stuck his finger in another player’s eye? Yeah, so does the rest of America.

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