Adam Gase envisions using an every-down running back

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Dolphins running back Jay Ajayi knows how great he can be. He’ll definitely have a chance to prove it.

New coach Adam Gase envisions giving Ajayi plenty of chances to show what he can do.

“Any time you’re playing that spot in this offense, you have to be able to do it all,” Gase told reporters on Monday, specifically in response to a question about Ajayi’s receiving skills. “It’s not a one-trick pony type of offense. You have to be able to protect. You have to be able to run the ball. You have to be able to catch. So we really don’t believe in, ‘Hey, you’re just a first- and second-down back.’ I don’t know what that means. We look for guys that can stay on the field all three downs because we’re not looking to ‘sub’ personnel. We want guys that can be in great shape, stay out there and then, if we need to switch somebody out because we’re having a long drive, then so be it. But really, whoever the guy is that we’re starting with in the series, that’s the guy I want to finish.”

So if Ajayi is the starting tailback, presumably starting every drive, he’ll be finishing every drive, too. Or at least most of them.

The key will be staying healthy. And it was health concerns that caused him to slide to round five a year ago. At the college level, however, he proved that he can indeed do it all. He’ll now get his opportunity to do it all the next level.

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  1. Hopefully he can understand the Blocking schemes. He is already more versatile than Lamar Miller as a receiver. It took Miller a few years to become a better Blocker. This is always the problem with College stars in the early years in the NFL. We know they are natural ball carriers. Also, too much is being made about his “injured knee”. He was cleared to play a few years ago? He was a risk in the Draft, but so far the Dolphins gambled and won. Hopefully he goes from a solid 5th rounder to a superstar value. Looking forward to the season to find out!

  2. The Dolphins have several good RBs. I don’t know if they have one great RB. Ajayi and Damien Williams are both good, solid backs. The rookie Drake might be pretty good too. I’m most anxious to see the rookie QB Brandon Doughty from Western Kentucky. He might be one of those sleeper types that eventually gets into a game due to injury and never comes out. Kind of like Kurt Warner and Tom Brady did. I wouldn’t be a bit shocked if Doughty becomes a pro bowl QB some day. I don’t know how far you can get with Tannehill, even if you had Jim Brown as a RB.

  3. Foster will be the every down back as soon as he is ready to sign. Ajayi showed so little last year that I doubt he is the #2 back by week four. The ‘Phins are too inconsistent passing the ball survive 2 yds a carry, they need a burst in the running game.
    Kenyon Drake will be the starter when Foster is through, but, he needs to add a few pounds and settle down his happy feet.

  4. Ajayi reminds me of Marshawn. Dude runs angry. He’s got a chance to be a top 5 back with Tunsil on that OL now. Get this guy on your fantasy team.

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