Bears putting their faith in left tackle Charles Leno

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The Bears spent a big part of their offseason trying to fix their offensive line, but they didn’t touch the most important part of the line.

And for incumbent left tackle Charles Leno, that kind of confidence is something he feels he needs to uphold.

The Bears went out and signed free agent right tackle Bobby Massie, in part because of his own skills but largely to move Kyle Long back inside. They also signed a raft of veteran interior blockers, but they never made a move to upgrade at Leno’s position.

They believed in me,” Leno said, via Adam Jahns of the Chicago Sun-Times. “Now I’ve got to repay them.”

The former seventh-round pick fell into the job last year when Jermon Bushrod was injured, and showed well enough to keep the job when Bushrod was well. He also gave the Bears a degree of hope, or at least enough that he didn’t have to be high on the offseason replacement priority list.

“I know if I’m confident in my technical abilities — which I am and I’m still growing — I know I can play against anybody,” Leno said. “I feel like I have the confidence from the [2015 season]. But also I’ve got to go to work every day. I’m not settled in. I’m not just going out there going through the motions.”

He better not be. The Bears invested too much — or rather didn’t invest — for him to not be a trustworthy starter.

9 responses to “Bears putting their faith in left tackle Charles Leno

  1. If Leno and Grasu (center) both develop as they hope, the Bears could have a very formidable line for the foreseeable future. Lots of youth (Long, 4th year; Leno and Grasu, 2nd year; Whitehair, Rookie) along the front and great leadership from Pro Bowler long. I’m very encouraged by the work Pace has done in the last 2 years in transforming this team from one of the leagues oldest declining rosters to one of its youngest on an upswing. It’s fairly remarkable.

  2. To the Jay hater,

    “he had no receivers, so they went out and got receivers. Then it was he has no offensive line. Then it was he had no TE. Five years into the excuses were finally -it was the coaches and Emery. Never Jay – the only comment element during it all.”

    Brandon Marshall and Alshon Jeffery were considered one of if not the best tandem in the league. Who was throwing them the ball? Jay, but he sucks right!

    The offensive line has been utterly terrible for the past 10 years and everyone knows that. Just because you get some above average players, doesn’t mean that your QB is magically going to win the games for you. It takes the whole team and it is never one guys fault, which you claim so passionately over and over again. If the coaching, leadership and play calling isn’t there the whole team is going play poorly, including the QB.

    Jay is NOT as bad as you try to portray, he’s much better option than taking a chance on a rookie at this point or starting a guy like Sanchez or Fitzpatrick that no one wants. Your unhealthy obsession with dogging Jay Cutler is straight nonsense and ridiculous. You act like the guy stole your girlfriend or something…..He’s the best the Bears can have and if Pace/Fox cut Marty B., Forte, Slauson, etc. and kept Jay Cutler, I would say you should really think about what you’re saying because Jay is going to play very well this year.

  3. jermainewiggins says:
    Jun 6, 2016 8:08 AM

    It’s more concerning they have kept their faith in quarterback jay cutler


    Interesting that people still feel this way about Jay, you must have serious insecurity issues. He had a very good year under some very solid coaching, probably the best in the division. I must say Jay is clearly the 2nd best QB in the NFCN. Stafford is a close second, but I would take Jay over Stafford and definitely Teddy because he has a long way to go.

  4. After all the draft picks and FA Phil Emery brought in who were either outright busts or are barely hanging on to a roster spot (with the Bears or elsewhere), how ironic would it be if one of his 7th-round picks solved the Bears’ LT problems for the next few years?

  5. I have been a Bear fan for 50 years……Jay is the best the Bears have ever had in those years. For some reason, the Bears have never been able to pick or develop a top QB.

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