Brock Osweiler skipped White House, because OTAs that’s why

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Given a choice between seeing the home of history world power and running some non-contact drills in June, Texans quarterback Brock Osweiler said the choice was easy.

According to John McClain of the Houston Chronicle, Osweiler said he’d have joined his former Broncos teammates at the White House today, if the Texans didn’t have OTAs scheduled.

“I believe every single practice, every single rep, every single meeting I can get in this new offense is the most important thing,” Osweiler said.

Setting aside the possibility that our nation’s football culture has conditioned some to believe that’s true, it’s hard to imagine that Osweiler won’t eventually regret this decision.

The awkwardness over his departure from the Broncos was certainly a factor, but he wouldn’t have been the only former Bronco there.

New Bears linebacker Danny Trevathan will be there, even joking about the Broncos booking him a ticket in coach.

But apparently a day of unpadded practice in Texas was more important.

29 responses to “Brock Osweiler skipped White House, because OTAs that’s why

  1. Kind of refreshing take on things. That’s called being a leader. Not sure why he’s getting chastised for wanting to take every opportunity to get better with his new team. His focus now is one day meeting the next President.

  2. Good luck Texans. Dude was the 28th rated passer in the league last year. 36 million guaranteed? Now that’s funny.

  3. He’s using the OTA’s as an excuse. The biggest reason he isn’t going is because it would be too awkward. When he left Denver, he sent a message to the organization: He felt unwanted and unappreciated there.

  4. Oh he’s really trying to take the high road when it comes to being seen with someone he MAY not agree with – politically.

    I don’t know if he does or not but if I didn’t and really didn’t want to go – I’d use whatever excuse I could to not go but also be diplomatic about it.

    Saying “I don’t agree with the administration’s policies regarding X,Y, Z and won’t attend” is a lot messier than what he’s doing.

    Again – I don’t know if that’s the case but I can see someone trying really hard to simply be nice about declining an invitation that, quite honestly, might not mean all that much to a lot of people – either because they disagree with politics or because they have no political interest at all.

  5. What does Steven A. Smith think about this topic? His opinion is all that really matters in this world.

  6. He’s moving on, showing his new team that he’s loyal and dedicated to them; apparently “seeing the home of history world power” (whatever THAT means) is not as important as working to establish himself as a leader of his new team and developing a rapport with his new teammates.

  7. Elway didn’t have to take a dump on Osweiler after they won the SB, it’s hard own fault Osweiler left. They trashed him in an article on the Broncos website. Broncos are like school on Sunday.

  8. Let’s see, go to see Obummer…with the Broncos…or stay in Texas? Yeah I’m staying in Texas. Good on him.

  9. I’m not sure how avoiding the teammates you won a world championship with is being a leader. He’s hiding because he was benched for Manning. He’s hurt. I get it. He isn’t staying in Houston because he is a leader, though. That is delusional.

  10. He’s a guy who learned how to be a pro QB from Peyton Manning, I’m really not surprised.

  11. What’s with the snark here? Anyone can visit the White House at any time, and while I think it’s a fun tradition to visit with your winning team, Osweiler both is no longer a part of the group and was rather ingloriously benched for an inferior option later in the season. I don’t see him feeling much personal achievement from last season, and frankly the White House visit strikes me as a bit overrated anyways.

    Any coach/franchise wants to hear from the team’s QB that he wants to be around as much as possible, especially learning a new offense. I wouldn’t ding Osweiler for choosing to attend, but I would think he would be praised, not criticized, for choosing to go to work otherwise. Then again, some people here wouldn’t know a wise or fitting action if it bit them on the nose…

  12. Just think what everyone would say if he actually DID go:

    “Wow, Brock showed up at the White House rather than trying to learn the playbook and his teammates tendencies. He’s no leader…”

    Many athletes have skipped going to the White House (Michael Jordan and Larry Bird skipped because they didn’t feel like going) so I wouldn’t crucify the guy for having a good reason.

  13. “redsoxu571 says:
    Jun 6, 2016 4:16 PM

    What’s with the snark here? Anyone can visit the White House at any time”

    Uh, there’s just a wee bit of a difference between standing in line with the plebes to walk around the White House and listen to some docent drone on about the presidential murals than getting a VIP tour and actually meeting the President of the United States.

  14. Brock just knows that come the regular season, he’ll need every reason in the book to explain why he’s worth the dough he’s getting paid and missing OTA’s to see the Prez would be grounds for the media to pounce on him for why he just threw 3 picks and got sacked 3 times by none other than your #orangecrush defense.

    A broncos fan

  15. I wonder if the next POTUS will do this…and given their popularity ratings how many from the next Super Bowl champion will go.

  16. Good for him. I’m sure Elway would have found a way to humiliate him publicly during the visit. Elway holds a grudge and I’m sure he is still upset Brock jumped ship.

  17. What NONSENSE!!! Probably by a Denver donkey shill.

    Hundreds of millions of Americans will never get invited to the White House to visit a clueless president.

    And NONE of us “unprivileged” citizens will ever regret in any meaningful way that we were never invited to Obama’s White House nor, like Osweiller, will we ever regret that we declined to go if we were ever invited.

    Good for Osweiller as he has demonstrated his primary allegiance to the Texans and how he is committed to do his part in helping the Texans go all of the way to the Super Bowl.

  18. If a republican was president, the self righteous liberals would not make a story out of it. Either agree with them or they insult you yet they proclaim to celebrate diversity. The liberal American way!

  19. I respect Brock’s reason for not going better than Talib’s…just saying.

  20. “But apparently a day of unpadded practice in Texas was more important.”

    you say that like most practices aren’t unpadded.

  21. There seem to be a lot of posters here who are unaware of why Brock got benched last season. He was stinking up a critical home game for the Broncos that they had to win to be ensured of home field throughout the postseason. Manning was inserted for the 2nd half, and they won the game – and opportunity to face Patriots at home instead of Foxborough. Only Brock and Patriots fans are upset about that outcome.

  22. Setting aside the possibility that our nation’s football culture has conditioned some to believe that’s true, it’s hard to imagine that Osweiler won’t eventually regret this decision.

    If there was a President in office for him to meet, he might regret it. Unfortunately though, we haven’t had one of those for almost 8 years.

    Brock did the right thing. Go when the nation actually has a leader, not a worthless fool.

  23. This is what a real leader does. He makes personal sacrifices for the good of the team. He doesn’t let anyone outwork him. He leads by example. There’s nothing he’d rather be doing than going to practice. Generally you need the number one pick in the draft to get a QB of this quality. This guy has tons of talent, and like every QB in history, he’ll get better and better with more experience.

  24. Politically I may not be the biggest Pres Obama fan but you don’t turn down an invite to the White House, big time disrespect right there from a marginal, overpaid player who is never getting an invite back anyway.

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