Bruce Miller changes positions again, from DE to FB to TE to WR


At Central Florida, Bruce Miller was an all-conference defensive end. Then the 49ers drafted him and moved him to fullback. With the arrival this year of coach Chip Kelly, the 49ers no longer use a fullback, so Miller’s position changed again, to tight end. But in recent practices, Miller has been trying a new position again, lining up at wide receiver.

“He’s playing both tight end and move tight end for us,” Kelly said on 95.7, via the Sacramento Bee. “And he’s playing a little bit of wide receiver for us. And he’s really adapted well to it.”

Miller said he has lost some weight, and 49ers offensive coordinator Curtis Modkins said that’s helping Miller with his speed.

“He can run,” Modkins said of Miller. “He’s an aggressive personality because he has some of the other side of the ball in him. He understands football because I think he’s been exposed to a lot. He can just do a little bit of everything pretty good. So we’re excited about him.”

If Miller can’t change positions effectively, there won’t be a position in a Chip Kelly offense for him. Fortunately, when it comes to changing positions, Miller has experience.

11 responses to “Bruce Miller changes positions again, from DE to FB to TE to WR

  1. Bruce Miller has changed his position more than a politician running for office. Congratulations Mr. Miller for your work and tenacity. We all must be flexible in life, and sometimes requires us to adapt to a situation like this. I hope you make it big in whatever position you play.

  2. Four different positions at a high level? Sounds like a guy willing to do what he has to to keep his job. Much respect to him!

  3. This sounds like a recipe for getting cut.. WR? Miller is a truck.. They won’t re-sign Boldin who is faster than Miller because Boldin is too slow? Miller sounds like a training camp cut. Darn good FB. He will land somewhere.. Like Seattle..

  4. That’s what’s known as being a team player. Doing whatever it takes.

  5. kcchefs58 says:
    Jun 6, 2016 7:59 AM
    Can he play QB? SF still needs one.

    So do the Bengals… least if they want to sniff a postseason win….

  6. He can probably start anywhere on that team but Bowmans spot. Not because hes that good, but because the team is that bad.

  7. I’m was glad he didn’t get cut after hearing Chip got rid of the FB position. He’s a great teammate and obviously hard worker, here’s hoping he can be successful in whichever position he lands.

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