Chargers-Allen extension talks still in early phase


A long-term partnership between the Chargers and wide receiver Keenan Allen makes sense, so reports that the sides are talking about a long-term deal are no surprise.

And they have been happening. reported Monday that the Chargers and Allen’s representation have been talking about an extension “for quite some time.” Michael Gehlken of the San Diego Union-Tribune tweeted that a potential deal is “still developing” and that it’s too early to say there’s been anything more than discussion.

The San Diego Union-Tribune first reported in March that such talks would take place.

Allen, 24, had 67 receptions for 725 yards and four touchdowns in just eight games before a lacerated kidney ended his 2015 season. In 37 games over three seasons he has 215 receptions for 2,554 yards and 16 touchdowns. He’s been really good by any standard, but especially good for a 2013 third-round pick.

His rookie contract expires after the 2016 season. The Chargers and Allen couldn’t do an extension until after his third season, and at least for now it seems like the sides will get one done long before Allen can hit free agency.

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  1. Let me guess 3-5 years w/ massive signing bonus and the latter years able to get cut w/o much cap ramifications.

  2. So if Rivers had nobody else to throw to, that would mean that defenses were gameplanning against Allen and he was still beating them. Dude is probably the best player on that team, after Rivers.

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