Obama praises Peyton at Broncos’ White House visit

President Obama welcomed the Super Bowl champion Broncos to the White House today, and it was their retired quarterback who received the highest praise.

Obama jokingly referred to Peyton Manning as “this guy from the commercials” before paying tribute to Manning, who announced his retirement this offseason.

“I’m so pleased to be able to host Peyton here at the White House before I left,” Obama said. “Anybody who’s been a football fan has watched one of the greatest Hall of Fame careers ever, racking up more wins, more MVPs, more passing yards, more touchdown passes than anyone in history. The only quarterback to lead two different teams to Super Bowl wins. We were all, obviously, a little disappointed to see him hang them up this spring, but as someone who’s just a little older than he is, I’m sympathetic to the idea that running around with these guys takes its toll. It’s great to see someone with a career like that, who always conducted himself on the field and off the field the way he did, to be able to go out on top.”

It was fitting for one of the best of all time to go out with a presidential tribute.