Cowboys the latest to take a look at Brandon Boykin

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For some reason, cornerback Brandon Boykin hasn’t been able to keep or find a job lately, even on teams that really need help at his position.

Now, he’s going to get a chance to convince a team without a glaring need.

According to Todd Archer of, the Cowboys will meet with the veteran corner.

The Eagles traded him to the Steelers last year, but they let him walk. The Panthers signed him inMarch and cut him in May, after drafting three cornerbacks. Then the Falcons brought him in for a workout but passed.

Whether the reason is physical or otherwise, a number of teams who need corners have said no thanks.

The Cowboys are hoping to have Orlando Scandrick back for training camp after his knee injury, but they held onto Brandon Carr and Morris Claiborne this offseason. So while they could use some depth, it’s not the most pressing need. And it will be interesting to see if they come to the same conclusion four other teams did in the last year.

11 responses to “Cowboys the latest to take a look at Brandon Boykin

  1. I like it, though short, pretty good. I would like them to explore some veteran DL men in the future. Screw it, resign Hardy

  2. The really like the look of this guy’s left clavicle and believe it would fit Tony well. How much is a left clavicle worth these days?

  3. There was an article I read somewhere last week that stated Steeler’s db coach Carnell Lake had said Boykin had a degenerative hip condition. Looks like a little investigative journalism could find out if this is true or not. Certainly would explain a lot. Someone should contact ESPN or NFL Network right away.

  4. Maybe he and DJax will end up in San Fran playing for the league minimum.

  5. Not a pressing need for Dallas? Somone hasn’t looked at the depth chart there lately…the CBs only go three deep, and if one of the top three gets injured it would spell real trouble. A quality veteran CB would actually be ideal for Dallas.

  6. If he’s healthy, Dallas definitely should bring him to camp and let him compete. Scandrick is the only really good Dallas corner, and he’s coming off injury.

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