Demaryius Thomas thanks President for granting mother clemency

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Someone has said “thanks Obama,” without sarcasm. For a change.

Broncos receiver Demaryius Thomas, during the team’s White House visit to commemorate its Super Bowl championship, had a chance to personally express gratitude to the Commander-in-Chief for his decision to grant clemency to Thomas’s mother in 2015.

“We talked for a quick second. I told him, ‘I thank you for what you’ve done for my family [by] giving my mother clemency,” Thomas told reporters, via comments distributed by the team.

Thomas said the President remembered that he had given Thomas’s mother clemency.

“Yeah, he knew,” Thomas explained. “He held me back for a little second. Everybody was going by shaking his hand, and we had like a 45-second conversation. So it was cool.”

Katina Smith had been sentenced to 20 years in prison in 2000 for cocaine distribution. She was one of 46 nonviolent drug offenders to receive clemency last July.

There’s another member of the family whom Thomas hopes the President will set free.

“Also, we talked about my grandmother,” Thomas said. “Had the application to get everything done, and he’s looking into that, as well.”

Minnie Thomas, 59, also was sent to prison for drug trafficking in 2000. Thomas has officially requested clemency for her as well.

“I did,” Thomas said. “I had [Vice President of Public Relations] Patrick [Smyth] give it to him, and I wrote something thanking him, as well. A little couple points that my mom wanted me to say to him and a couple other things.”

Katina Smith was due to be released in 2017. Minnie Thomas is serving a life sentence without the possibility of parole.

30 responses to “Demaryius Thomas thanks President for granting mother clemency

  1. Didn’t they get busted like 3 times for dealing cocaine???

    People complain about these long prison sentences, but the VAST majority are for REPEAT offenders. They were given “lesser”‘punishment the first 2 times and didn’t learn their lesson. At some point, a criminal is going to have to reform themselves or rot in prison.

    While people complain about the “Mass incarceration” problem in America, since the “3 strikes and your out” programs were implemented in the 90’s, almost all violent crime has dropped nationally by 50%. Do we still have problems? Sure, but it’s much better than it was before.

  2. “…and my uncle who got popped for heroin. If you could do something about that, I’d really appreciate it. OH! And my great aunt. Yeah, and my nephew, my cousin…”

    (All kidding aside, I’m glad non-violent offenders are getting clemency for these ridiculous sentences.)

  3. Good for Thomas to take the opportunity to say thanks on his mother’s behalf. Especially in light of the circumstances of his story. It would have been easy for him to enjoy the day that he earned and keep the focus on himself. But saying thanks for something that didn’t have to be done and reaching out on his grandmother’s behalf is a big deal in my book.
    Good story if you haven’t had the chance to read it yet.

  4. You can get drunk and kill somebody while driving and get off with probation or just a few years of jail time but you sell drugs 3 times and your put away for life???
    I don’t think anyone should be jailed for life for a non-violent crime, even repeat offenders.

    I think they should do something like increase the jail time for each offense: 1 yr, 2 yr, 4 yr, 8 yr, 12 yr, etc.

  5. To those that think drug dealing is a non violent crime – think about it.

    Lots of violent crime that occurs because of dealing drugs.

    Lots of people die from drug overdoses.

    Lots of drug addicts commit violent crimes.

    Dealing drugs is just another form of murder/violent crime.

  6. For people critical of non-violent drug offenders being granted clemency, let’s look at the white collar criminals on Wall Street that never do time and are of much more of a consequence to all of us when they’re swindling the system. Yet I doubt anyone will blink an eye that the Michael Milkens of the world do 18 months in a Club Med prison.

  7. How old is Thomas, like 28-29, and his grandmother is 59? Good Lord.

  8. How sad … mothers and grandmothers selling drugs … what a wonderful life we live in.

  9. The family that sells drugs together …..
    What a pathetic excuse of a family. How many families are destroyed by drug use and this family surely contributed to some being destroyed by being the dealers. Also, you never hear of anybody being harmed because somebody needing a drug fix had to steal??? Non violent offenders is a BS excuse as they contribute to real violence by dealing drugs! No pity here. The only people who think this is a “nice story” are pathetic Broncos fans.

  10. It’s funny how drug dealers get life but an equally dangerous substance (alcohol) is available on every corner and we pay people to sell it. Which do you think has ruined more lives?

  11. Nice to see celebrity comes in useful when Mom and Grandma need to be sprung from the big house. Thank the lord DT was blessed with athletic talent because it’s a veritable certainty he’d be seeking clemency too as it appears to be a family tradition.

  12. There is nothing non violent about the drug trade. There was a reason Demaryius’ mother accepted such long prison sentence and be separate from her kids. It’s not something a mother normally does. If she talked, there would have been consequences not just for her but very likely for DT and his sister.

  13. If you list all the wrong policies, wasted government programs and bone headed moves of the Obama Administration, the release of convicted drug dealers wouldn’t even crack the top 100.

    Let’s see if Mom and Grandma can stay out of trouble, if so, they will be bucking the odds.

  14. Bill Clinton gave his brother a pardon for a drug conviction on his last day in office. He also got him out of a DUI. His brother just got another DUI in California this past week. Past presidents all have done the same. So is freeing some woman that was only locked up because she wouldn’t testify against her own mother worse? Selective self righteousness is alive and well unfortunately.

  15. Memo to Shady Brady. Get on your knee and beg for clemency to save what little is left of your reputation. You are now in Pete Rose, Tiger Woods territory.

  16. Memo to Shady Brady. Get on your knee and beg for clemency to save what little is left of your reputation. You are now in Pete Rose, Tiger Woods territory.


    Laugh of the day, thanks Pinky!

  17. How about this kid becoming a success despite growing up around that lifestyle. Hat’s off to DT.

  18. pastanow says:
    Jun 7, 2016 10:24 AM

    That’s a family tree one can be proud to be a part. The NFL certainly isn’t our country’s best and brightest.

    Did the guy ever say he was proud to have literally grown up in a crack house? He should be an example of pulling himself up by his boot straps, getting in college and then the NFL. At least that’s the mantra I hear by the politicians you probably support.

    3 strikes is one of the worse bills ever passed and the people who passed it even know it now. Prison is an industry in America. The whole prison system thrives on repeat offenders instead of rehabilitation.

    On top of that it’s biased to sentence crack cocaine users/dealers longer prison time than cocaine ones. Obama granted clemency, because the people served the time a person would have had to serve dealing regular cocaine among other things.

  19. @mediasloppy- I agree DT should get credit for beating the odds and making something out of himself and staying out of trouble while he did it.

    Regarding the prison system/ 3 strikes law I do not….we have given up on rehabilitation a very long time ago (sadly). It just does not work the vast majority of the time. I also think that you are missing the point (as are many) that these “non-violent offenders” are not always non-violent; several of these cases were pleaded down to a lesser offense and, in other instances they may not have been arrested for a violent crime but are very violent.

    I don’t know all the facts about DT’s mother and Grand mother but hopefully they can take advantage and enjoy their freedom; more often than not drug offenders go right back to it, thanks to DT they don’t have any built in excuse.

  20. pkrlvr says:
    Jun 7, 2016 10:05 AM

    It’s funny how drug dealers get life but an equally dangerous substance (alcohol) is available on every corner and we pay people to sell it. Which do you think has ruined more lives?
    Its all about the $$$$.. Imagine if they stopped alcohol. Cops/judges would be out of jobs…

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