Report: Brandon Boykin may have career-threatening hip issue

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Free agent cornerback Brandon Boykin has been on three different teams in the last 11 months and has been unable to find a home despite interest from a few different teams.

Carolina signed Boykin in March only to turn around and release him in May. Boykin has been a solid player during four seasons with Philadelphia and Pittsburgh. So why can’t he find a job?

According to Ed Bouchette of the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, a potentially career-threatening hip injury could be the issue at hand. In a chat where he answered questions from readers, Bouchette wrote he’d heard Boykin had a hip problems that “might end his career.”

Boykin played in all 16 games for the Steelers last season, making one start with 25 tackles, an interception, forced fumble, sack and five passes defended.

After being released by Carolina, Boykin had visits with the Dallas Cowboys and Atlanta Falcons. Neither team has elected to sign him and he remains a free agent.

5 responses to “Report: Brandon Boykin may have career-threatening hip issue

  1. As I understand it, he’s got one leg that’s longer than the other, which makes hip issues inevitable. Word out of Pittsburgh was that he could barely run, which actually makes their use of him much more understandable. They only played him towards the end of the year because they could only get so many snaps out of him across the entire season; so might as well make them count as the most value possible. It all just sucks, he’s a good player when healthy and the Steelers players spoke highly of him. From a Steelers fan, I wish him all the best going forward.

  2. Boykin was traded to the Steelers by then Eagles GM Chip Kelly. The Steelers doctors never picked up on his hip condition when the trade was made. Typical disingenuous move by Kelly and another in a long line of reasons he was fired by the owner.

  3. Finally, the other shoe drops. I knew something had to be up with him. I hope he can get it fixed and resume his career.

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