Richard Sherman: Seahawks’ secondary just entering its prime

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When the Seahawks won the Super Bowl after the 2013 season, their secondary was largely viewed as the best in the NFL. But has it lost a step heading into 2016?

Not according to the 28-year-old Richard Sherman, who says the secondary group that includes himself, 27-year-old Earl Thomas, 28-year-old Kam Chancellor, 31-year-old Brandon Browner, 25-year-old Jeremy Lane and 25-year-old Tharold Simon is just getting warmed up.

We’re hitting our prime, that’s what I’d say,” Sherman said on 710 ESPN Seattle. “I think at the beginning with our infancy when we started this thing, it was our second, third years in the league. Now we’re [in our] sixth, seventh years in the league. We’re much more veteran. We have a great understanding of what’s being asked of us and how to approach the game.”

Sherman believes the Legion of Boom has many good years ahead of it.

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  1. Claim before loss to Panthers:”That’s what we are. We’re the champs.”
    SB 49 prediction: “You’re all weak!” We eat ya’ll!
    A short history of Tomorrow in the NFL, according to Sherman’s mouth.

  2. Their entire secondary is overrated, starting with Sherman himself. If the footlocker would be 100% fair to all db’s across the league, they’d lead the league in PI and defensive holding penalties. It is a known fact that they get away with tons more of these types of plays than the average secondary. Anyone could dominate opposition wr’s if you know you won’t get flagged for the same contact others do…like Waynes intro to the league last year. His calls against never go called if his name was Revis, Sherman, Pederson,etc. Anyone who doesn’t believe that is blind to what’s really going on.

  3. Richard Sherman’s face when Malcom Butler intercepted that pass was straight gold.
    Do the seahawk fans still believe theyre in a dynasty after 1sb 2.5 years ago, or have they jumped off that bandwagon already?

  4. Remember when Brady lit it up for over 350 yards in the SB? Remember when he put up two 4th quarter TDs to erase a 10 point lead?

    I’d say it peaked in 2013.

  5. Sherman believes the Legion of Boom has many good years ahead of it.

    As a player he should believe that, but we all know sound waves dissipate quickly.

  6. hahaha Brady looked old and useless until half the Seattle defense was seriously injured. Patriots played a great game and deserved the win but it is downright stupid to say that he “lit up” anything in that game.

  7. “Do the seahawk fans still believe theyre in a dynasty after 1sb 2.5 years ago, or have they jumped off that bandwagon already?”

    The Seattle fan base believes the Seahawks are a very good team that will be competing for championships for years to come. We’ll find out down the road how the Carroll/Wilson combo compares to some of the great Coach/QB combos in the past but they are off to a very good start.

  8. There’s only one bandwagon…the bandwagon full of people who think there’s a bandwagon. Seriously: same tired hate and butt-hurt for three years? You-all really need to work on some new material.

    Unless, of course, you’re a Niners’ fan…we’ll wait while you top off that glass of buttery chardonnay in anticipation of your next whine.

  9. First in overall defense according to DVOA for 4 straight years. That’s the first time they have ever had that happen since they started tabulating it.

    And yes, if you have players capable of that level of unprecedented excellence, and if all the players except 1 are under the age of 30, then yes, they are–almost by definition–entering their prime.

    Nothing happens in a vacuum, so the front 7 will have to be excellent, too. They will. In fact, as good as they have been, there will probably be an improvement there, too.

    Stellar year coming.

  10. Santa Clara tech dorks still going hard with them bandwagon accusations, despite the fact that Levi’s ticket sales have been plummeting since the 9ers became trash.

    And notice how nhpats is only on Hawks/9ers articles? Wonder what team he used to rep.

  11. Funny how clueless Patriot fans are about what happened in the game.

    Seattle’s defense was destroying Brady. Cliff Avril gets a concussion, Michael Bennett who was having an MVP game gets all the attention due to lack of pass rushers due to injury.

    Jeremy Lane breaks his arm in the game. Simon who was injured earlier in the playoffs forced into more action gets lit up by Edleman.

    Seattle still had the game within grasp but we all know the play call Bevell made on 2nd down on the goal line. That was how many years ago. Seattle is 4 years running at the number 1 scoring defense. Never been done in history. These young guys are entering their prime for sports exactly as Sherman’s talking about.

  12. higheriqthanyou says:
    Jun 7, 2016 6:08 PM

    Brady QB rating before Avril and Lane were hurt.


    Look it up.

    Please, please, please, don’t tell me you’re making excuses.
    You see, grasshopper, in the NFL, they don’t matter
    Get back to school, IQ boy

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