Tunsil hasn’t heard from league about gas mask video

Getty Images

In April, tackle Laremy Tunsil plunged out of the top 10 in the draft and to the Dolphins at No. 13 after someone hacked his Twitter account (which never happens, apparently) and posted a video of Tunsil smoking marijuana with a bong and a gas mask. In theory, the NFL could choose to evaluate the behavior for the possible placement of Tunsil in the NFL’s substance-abuse program.

Asked Tuesday if he has heard from the NFL about the situation, Tunsil told reporters, “No. Nothing.”

It doesn’t mean he won’t be hearing from the league. In the interim, his bigger concern is making the transition from tackle to guard.

“Man, it’s all a process,” Tunsil said. “Coming from playing tackle to moving to guard, it’s not that different at all. You’re going against bigger guys, your set is kind of different; but hey, I’m here to help the team in any kind of way, like I said before. I’m happy to be playing guard [or] tackle. It really doesn’t matter to me.”

Tunsil said he’s surprised most by the speed of the game, but he added that playing in the SEC has helped prepare him for it. He also said that the team has been going “full speed” at practice, which may be hard to do given that contact is prohibited during offseason workouts.