Dolphins’ interest in Arian Foster is lukewarm

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Free agent running back Arian Foster visited the Dolphins in March, but he didn’t sign then and isn’t likely to sign any time soon.

The Dolphins aren’t pursuing Foster and will consider him only if their young running backs get hurt or don’t play well in training camp, Barry Jackson of the Miami Herald reports.

Those young running backs include second-year player Jay Ajayi and rookie third-round pick Kenyan Drake, both of whom have drawn praise from the coaches during offseason work.

Even if the Dolphins do decide to sign a veteran running back, it’s not clear that Foster would be their first choice. They also worked out running back Dan Herron on Monday.

Foster suffered a torn Achilles on October 25. From his own account, he’s a couple weeks away from being ready to go. Once he’s fully healthy he’ll look for a new team, but that team doesn’t appear to be the Dolphins.

27 responses to “Dolphins’ interest in Arian Foster is lukewarm

  1. I would love to see this guy in Miami, but man I really do not want to see him get hurt again… Maybe it’s time to call it a career, this man has nothing to prove to anyone.

  2. The chance of Jay Ajayi staying fully healthy for 16 games is very slim IMO. If he’s out, all of a sudden our RB corps looks extremely weak, possibly the worst in the NFL. Foster should be signed when healthy, but give him a minimal amount of carries and have him ready for insurance during the season.

    Better to be proactive and have a plan in place than retroactive and Foster not being available during the regular season when someone gets hurt.

  3. Foster is 29 and one season removed from 1550 yds from scrimmage in 13 games. He’s the complete package, rushing receiving and blocking. If, and it’s a big if, he gets back to 3/4 of what he was some team will score big giving him an incentive based deal. But Gase is looking at it the right way, except on an emergency basis Miami isn’t the right fit. That’s a team building towards a possible future not an imminent now and even healthy Foster is a heck of a lot closer to the end than he is to the beginning.

  4. Are they planning to use Foster at QB? If that is not the plan then Miami has bigger issues to solve…

    As it stands NE has the top three QBs in the division on their roster…..and Buffalo has the fourth.

  5. I’m sure the dolphins lukewarm interest heats up or cools down in direct proportions to Foster’s desire to be paid like someone who plays most of the games vs being paid like someone who doesn’t, respectively…

  6. Foster in New England would be nastylicious on one of their patented 1 year deals.

    Seriously a team that looks at him as a supplement and not a primary solution is going to end up happy I think.

  7. The guy can play, just stop it if you say otherwise. It’s about money, and injury risk. Injury risk will be taken by a smart team if the money is right. Hardly any team this guy can’t help somehow.

  8. 2016StockMarketCrash says:

    He will sign with the dolphins, mark it down.

    i think a lot of money can be made, by doing the exact opposite of what you post.

  9. Where is the Dolphins know it all who was on here the other day explaining in great detail how the current group of stiffs is just keeping the seat warm for Foster?


  10. His agent should try to get him to Kansas City. He isn’t a full time back anymore, but even with Charles, Davis and Ware, there is a need for a guy who can get hot for 2 or 3 games a year.

  11. He was a fantastic talent when healthy. He ran with such grace that it made it look like he was gliding at times.

    Arian Foster was the first, second, third and goal line back in his prime. He had two seasons with more than 320 carries and two seasons with 50 or more catches.

    Unfortunately for him, the Houston Texans did not have a secondary back. He had a good run – it’s a vicious position.

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