Julio Jones: We need to do a better job of communicating on offense

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The Falcons were 6-1 and in the thick of the hunt for a playoff spot at one point last season, but a six-game losing streak knocked them out of contention as the year came to a close.

One of the reasons for the drop was an offense that ended the year ranked 21st in the league with 339 points scored. That was the lowest total in Atlanta since 2007 and it’s something the team needs to turn around if they are going to have better results in Kyle Shanahan’s second year as offensive coordinator. Wide receiver Julio Jones says that the path to better results starts with better communication.

“We’re going out here and we’re executing properly and we’re executing the right things,” Jones said, via ESPN.com. “But if the quarterback’s off and we’re off … we’ve got to go out there and make it come to life. That’s what we just have to do a better job of. We just had another little meeting here after practice. Quarterbacks, receivers, everybody, we’ve just got to do a better job of communicating.”

Communication breakdowns didn’t seem to hurt Jones personally as he finished the year with 136 catches for 1,871 yards, but a one-man show isn’t going to get the job done. If Atlanta can’t get everyone on the same page this time, the chances for a big improvement won’t look as good.

16 responses to “Julio Jones: We need to do a better job of communicating on offense

  1. Great – the Falcons’ WR coach is now the Titans’ offensive coordinator. Not good

  2. We need to do a better job of communicating on offense
    That’s why Drew Brees is so incredible… He communicates better than anyone. Matt Ryan on the other hand….lol

  3. “Nice route, idiot!”
    “Sorry, it’s just so surprising to see you throw past the line of scrimmage.”

  4. The Falcons are so mismanaged and it starts at the top. Tired of hearing how good they are and they dont do squat. Joke. Matty Rice, pleexe. Julio Who, never seen him in a playoff game. Shush child.

  5. Two most over rated QB’s..Drew Brees and Matt Ryan
    Future 1st Ballot HOFer Drew Brees whom had 32 TDs and 11 INTs last year is overrated?? LOL

  6. 21st in the league? It’s a disgrace to waste such freak talent. I wish he were a Patriots to see him max his potential. Randy Moss still holds the most touchdowns per season and that he achieved with Brady when they were both 30 years old. Brady hasn’t slowed down. Just wishful thinking…

  7. Atlanta trading up in the draft for Julio was a mistake. He simply has not had the impact they wished for and that is another thing that separates good teams and mediocre ones. Belichick would have never made that draft trade.

  8. Matt Ryan is not a great QB. He’s ok. He’s average. Unless Atlanta has a dominant defense, they’re not going to out-quarterback too many teams. That’s probably not a good thing for Julio Jones to say, but that’s what’s going on in Atlanta.

  9. Are all of you morons in high school? Your comments are just plain ignorant. Get back to your school work boys, because you do not know enough about football to post a thought provoking statement.

  10. There was a very clear football 101 clinic on Championship Sunday. Denver and Charlotte won because they could protect their QB and make life unbearable for the QBs from mighty New England and Arizona. Carolina built a Super Bowl team by fortifying their trenches. They form a nice secure pocket for Cam to use while having plenty of time to find a receiver. Meanwhile Matt Ryan is running for his life and getting hit or hurried on half of his pass attempts. Denver proved to the world that you can take arguably one of the top 5 QBs in history and turn him average by making him uncomfortable. Brady was hit for just one game like Ryan has been hit every game for 3 years. The results from both QBs were similar. On defense, Carolina harassed Palmer and turned him into an ordinary QB for one game. Atlanta can neither rush the QB or protect their QB.

    Then there was a follow up of football 102 at the Super Bowl. The MVP QB of the league was reduced to an average QB because Carolina couldn’t protect Cam. A below average QB at this point in his career was average again but good enough to win because he had more time to throw.

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