Report: Colts aim to finish Luck extension by July

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The Colts plan to have a contract extension for quarterback Andrew Luck done by July, NFL Network’s Ian Rapoport reported Wednesday.

The report said the sides have been “moving closer” over the course of several conversations that started in February and said it would be “no surprise” if the end result is a deal that pays Luck more than $25 million per year.

“When it’s the right time, it will get done,” Luck told NFL Network earlier this week. “I honestly don’t spend much time worrying about it.”

Joe Flacco of the Ravens is currently the league’s highest-paid quarterback at around $22 million. Luck is set to make a little more than $16 million in 2016 on the fifth-year option of his rookie contract.

Luck, 26, was limited to seven games last season by injury. He led the Colts to a mark of 11-5 and playoff berths in each of his first three seasons and has 101 career touchdown passes in 55 games.

Earlier this spring, Colts owner Jim Irsay backed away from a previous declaration that a new deal for Luck would be done by July 4 but still seemed confident that there would be no real roadblocks in getting it done.

27 responses to “Report: Colts aim to finish Luck extension by July

  1. It is nice to see this paranoid, whining, excuse-making charmin-soft franchise tie up 25M per year on the 92nd-best player in the league. Hopefully it keeps them as non-contenders for years to come.

  2. Man, if defensive reliant QB like Wilson who gets carried to wins by his team can get $62 mil guaranteed, a QB like luck, who carries a bad team to the playoffs is going to get close to $100 mil.

  3. “Report: Colts aim to finish Luck extension by July”

    Meanwhile what they should be doing is aiming and firing at Grigson

  4. If Luck even considers resigning with the Colts he should be entered into concussion protocol immediately….

  5. Wilson got paid for using his brain. Let us know when Cro-Magnon QB grows one.

  6. Only thing Charmin soft are the no life little sissy boys from weak little new england who spend every waking moment of their day searching for Brady and Colts articles to repeat the same rhetoric over and over. when is the last time any major college program EVER went to a new england area high school to recruit any football talent? The least talented softest region in the country by far.

  7. After the Broncos, the Colts are the dirtiest team in the NFL.

    They’ve been caught pumping in phony crowd noise several times. Once, on live TV, their tape began to skip!

    They purposely tanked an entire season during the blatantly obvious and painfully embarrassing “Suck for Luck” campaign.

    Worth mentioning is the total disregard for the injury report. Yes, all teams fudge, but on one tries to hide lacerated kidneys and broken ribs!

    Several teams have caught them tampering with footballs. Teams have reported seeing ball boys sporting inflation needles on the sidelines in violation of the rules. Let’s not forget, the only NE ball that was unnaturally deflated was the one that the Colts had on their sidelines out of sight! They even admitted in the Wells Report that they tested its psi! This is admitted tampering and the only tampering done that night.

    When Bill Polian was the GM, he forced rule changes down the competition committee’s throat each and every year. This was done in direct response to how defenses stymied and embarrassed PEDton Manning in the playoffs. This is why d-backs can’t even look at receivers crosseyed without getting flagged.

    Never mind that pill popping, greasy, lying, booze hound of an owner!

    Of course, fans of 28 teams realize that Goodell’$ choosen few teams (Denver, Indy, Baltimore, NYJ) will continue to get away with their usual salary cap ignoring, PED using, Vaseline smearing, illegal chop/cut blocking, phony crowd noise piping, game tanking, injury hiding, player tampering, murdering, white suit losing, wife beating, video hiding, bleach pouring, CBA ignoring ways!

    Meanwhile 28 other teams continue to get the shaft! Fans of the “Clean 28” should be disgusted at the way the Goodell’$ Former NYJ Goon $quad run this league. We all know how they chose the refs for the AFCCG and SB last year for Manning! Strategically placing a rabid Broncos fan in the replay booth for cryin’ out loud!

    All of this can be quickly and easily verified if you’re skeptical!

  8. I find it amazing how all of these teams hamstring their salary cap over one very good but not elite player.

  9. I was 2 W 5 L as a starter
    throwing 15 TD’s and 12 INT’s (adding 3 more fumbles)

    And a year ago it was predicted that my team was the Super Bowl favorite.

    What NFL QB am I?

  10. In fact the past two years combined

    55 TD’s 44 turn overs. (28 INT’s and 16 fumbles.)

    with a 13-10 record.

  11. Luck led the Colts to the playoffs his first 3 years and led the NFL in TD passes his 3rd year with 40.

    Yes, he sucked last year and was injured too. If he’s overpaid good for all the haters


  12. Hey Jimmy, trying to think here. Since you kicked Peyton Manning to the curb, how many Super Bowls have the Colts gone to with Luck? Any rings?

  13. no way he is staying…I just know it…we are doomed to disaster w/the current owner…don’t know why i live in this dump and cheer for this ‘team’ myself…

  14. riraider says:
    Jun 8, 2016 1:12 PM
    Good then maybe they will hang another “participation banner”!
    Old, tired, rehashed smack from a Raider fan.
    How cute.

  15. Colts are the most pathetic franchise in the league. They cry, whine, kick and scream until they get their way. Loser mentality that starts at the top. Keep taking your beatings and stop crying.

  16. Colts have made the playoffs 11/13 years. Only when their QB was injured did they miss the playoffs. I guess they’re pathetic


  17. Peyton Manning snapped his neck so the Colts could draft Luck. Makes sense.

    And we didn’t go the the moon. And Elvis is still alive.

  18. nhpats says:
    Jun 8, 2016 1:21 PM

    If Luck even considers resigning with the Colts he should be entered into concussion protocol immediately….

    23 – 10

    Huh? What do you really expect him to do?

    First, he’s under contract for this season. Then, if no deal is done, they would franchise him so unless he sat out the year that would be a second season (this season and next season with them).

    The Colts would then franchise him again the year after that (provided he was healthy of course).

    So, unless Andrew would decide to sit out and miss an entire season, he has no choice but to play with the Colts for the next 3 seasons.

    Oh, he’d have ZERO long term security by going with the franchise tag.

    Tis a violent and dangerous game and he’d prefer to have a long term deal with say $60 something million GUARANTEED vs. playing the next 3 seasons with no guarantee.

    Yep, right now his contract is ONLY for this season then it’s done. So that means he’s on a one year deal right now in a way with no security guaranteed beyond this season.

    Then he’d be on a one year deal via the franchise next season again with no guarantees beyond that season.

    Or he could sign a long term deal with many tens of millions of dollars GUARANTEED meaning he’d have long term security locked up before playing a snap this season.

    And you think he shouldn’t sign?

    Right. You’d tell your son not to sign vs. taking tens of millions of dollars guaranteed.


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