Andrew Luck: Contract situation doesn’t weigh on me

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A report this week said the contract talks between the Colts and quarterback Andrew Luck were progressing and that the team would like to reach agreement on an extension by July.

Owner Jim Irsay confirmed that there’s been progress on Wednesday, but added “nothing’s imminent” on finalizing a deal that will potentially make Luck the highest-paid player in the league. It was Luck’s turn to answer questions about the talks on Thursday and he didn’t sound like he was too worried about when the deal will get done because he isn’t too worried about his future with the team.

“As far as the importance of getting it done or not, if it happens [before training camp], great,” Luck said, via “If it doesn’t happen [before training camp], great too. I know I’m a Colt and I’m going to do the best job I can for this team no matter what the situation is. So it doesn’t weigh on me.”

With the Colts trying to rebound from a disappointing 2015 season caused in part by the absence of Luck for half the season, there’s plenty of other things to weigh on Luck other than a contract that everyone involved would like to get done without too much more time passing.

23 responses to “Andrew Luck: Contract situation doesn’t weigh on me

  1. “With the Colts trying to rebound from a disappointing 2015 season caused in part by the absence of Luck for half the season..”

    They had an absence of luck alright, combined with an overabundance of Grigson. The only true luck in Indy belongs to their birth lottery winning owner

  2. They would of lost more games with him starting all year. This overated turnover machine should be lucky to get 5mil a season.

  3. No need for Luck to be concerned. He has already made a decent amount of NFL money, and his dad is rich anyway.

  4. Most Stanford graduates are probably eating well. Most ex-Stanford QBs are probably doing even better than that. If you have all that, plus you were the number one pick in the draft, I’d go out on a limb and say you’re probably doing alright. John Elway’s probably made a lot more money off the field than he ever did on the field. Andrew Luck will do the same. I don’t think he’s pre-occupied with the short term. He’s smart enough to realize that his off-field earning will be multiplied if he wins a super bowl. So in his case, he’ll actually make a lot more money if he takes less right now, and give his team a better chance. The average guy might not figure that out, but Luck is smarter than your average guy.

  5. Luck would be well advised to become a free agent and pick the franchise where he has the best chance to win.

    And that probably won’t be Indy.

  6. It should. He’s worth at least $50 million a year, anything less would be an insult.

  7. I thought that NFL is a what have you done for me lately league? How is Luck going to be the highest paid player after the season he just had? If it was any other player from a different position everyone would be killing him saying no way he is worth that kind of money.

  8. It is not the contract that weighs on him, it is the lack of talent on the offensive line that weighs heavily upon him.

  9. Reunite with Arians in Arizona. Perfect situation, winning franchise with smart management. Probably never happen, but anything would be an upgrade over playing for Irsay/Grigson. What a clusterfarkle.

  10. Most overrated superstar QB in the league. This guy has a lower career completion percentage than Cam Newton. Newton is a great player, but he’s not exactly known for his completion percentage.

  11. Seems like yesterday when the Colts abandoned their strategy of whining to effectuate rule changes and pumping in fake crowd noise to get this guy. They deliberately rigged games so that they could lose and draft Luck. Looking back, they probably should not have intentionally called into question the impeccable integrity of the NFL by destroying the competitiveness of those games. Think about it- the organization was systematically doing this. And everybody knew it. Disgtaceful. He wasn’t worth it.

  12. After these few years in the league, I still dont get why anyone would feel he deserves elite QB money and the highest paid in the NFL to boot?

    Really? please explain exactly why?

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