NFL Network says “roughly half” of all players voted on the Top 100 list

The NFL apparently believes that 49ers linebacker NaVorro Bowman’s contention that the Top 100 list is “totally bogus” is, well, totally bogus.

Bowman said Wednesday that he has never seen a player ballot and has never heard of a player voting. In response, an NFL spokesman told PFT via email that “roughly half” of all players voted on the current Top 100 list.

The spokesman added that, contrary to the belief that voting occurs when players visit NFL Network, voting is held at team facilities — with photographic evidence of 49ers players filling out balloting.

The voting process indeed consists of players being given a sheet of paper with a request to list the top 20 players in the league. No. 1 gets 20 points and so on, with No. 20 getting one point. The 100 players with the most total points then make up the full list.

“We’ve never said that 100% of the players vote for this list,” the spokesman said. “But I will say that the percentage of players who do vote has been increasing every year and is now roughly comparable to the percentage of Americans who vote in many elections, so to call that bogus is inaccurate.”

If roughly half of the players voted in 2016, it’s odd that Bowman and other players would continue to claim that players aren’t voting in significant numbers. Apparently, they are.

16 responses to “NFL Network says “roughly half” of all players voted on the Top 100 list

  1. The NFL is so transparent that even their spokesman/spokesperson remains nameless?

  2. Seems like the players who are not listed at the top of the league are the ones claiming no one is voting.
    Butthurt much?

  3. The top 100 list is not bogus at all. Some players actually had Tebow in their top 20 back in 2012 when he made the top 100 list. Well…I guess it is bogus.

  4. About half? “Roughly comparable”? Funny how the NFL can be precise enough to convince itself that 0.2psi is the crime of the century (when even the gauges used have an error-range of 0.5psi), yet when it comes to something as important as ballots, gate-receipts or CTE data, very vague ball-park figures are cool yo.

  5. Everybody gets a ballot but somehow in 5 years Bowman has never seen one and has never heard of a player voting.
    Apparently the NFLN went to the Muammar Gaddafi School of Balloting. And this should surprise us because…?
    But once again the league’s ability to quickly correct misinformation not in it’s best interest is impressive.

  6. Bowman makes the common mistake of using personal anecdotal “evidence” to make his point. “Well, me and none of my friends did this, so it must not be true!”. This is just so hilariously painful to hear, you have to just shake your head. It’s being very myopic and looking only in his little world.

    I’ll never forget the spokesman for Mitt Romney trying to explain why he lost the election to Obama. He said he couldn’t understand why they lost because all the polls said he was ahead. When asked which polls, he pointed to the Fox News poll. Facepalm.

  7. It is very confusing as to what they might be voting for.
    * Are they voting for the Top 20 players overall, regardless of what they did last year, even if they were injured and didn’t play (such as Andrew Luck)?

    * Are they voting for the Top 20 players of 2015? So then if they were injured last season and didn’t play much, then they should not make the list. In that case, Andrew Luck making the list at all is a gift.

    * Are they voting for the Top 20 players who they think will be the best in 2016?

    Without written instructions and untrained people giving out the surveys to players, people have different perceptions of what they are voting for. That makes the results bogus–not totally bogus, but awfully close. As I read different media folks complaining about the results, it is clear they have very different perceptions of what the vote is supposed to represent.

  8. Wasn’t Demarco Murray #2 or 3 last year. Will he even make the list this year? Just shows you how bogus and irrelevant these Top 100 lists are…

  9. boobsanders says:
    Jun 9, 2016 11:11 AM
    The top 100 list is not bogus at all. Some players actually had Tebow in their top 20 back in 2012 when he made the top 100 list. Well…I guess it is bogus.


    Tebow at least managed to win a postseason football game. That’s more than can be said for many QBs…..including the red-headed guy on the Bengals…..

  10. Nope, it’s still bogus. Any list that purports itself to accurately list the top 100 players through voting done for the top 20 is wretchedly terrible.

    Let players vote for 20, and maybe you’ll have a decent top 50. Or, let them vote for 50 (good luck with that) and maybe then you’ll have a decent top 100.

    But you can’t create a list with meaningful results by listing out a top 100 from 20 votes.

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