Roddy White: I don’t have the energy to be on a team that can’t win now

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When the Falcons released wide receiver Roddy White this offseason, he said he’d like to play for another year or two but White remains unemployed with offseason work coming to an end around the league.

White says that hasn’t been a big problem for him — “Who wants to do OTAs anyway?” — and that he’d still like to continue his career. White’s requirements for a new team leave him without many possible landing spots, however. White says that he only wants to play with a team that can contend for a Super Bowl, a number he puts at “maybe six teams,” and says he’s set up should no such offers materialize.

“I’ve literally prepared myself for it,” White said, via the Atlanta Journal-Constitution. “I’ve talked to my financial adviser and he said I’m fine if I decide to quit. But I’ve always played this game to win a Super Bowl. I thought I’d get with the Falcons and we’d win a championship and everything I wanted in my career would be fulfilled. I’ve been on good teams and bad teams, but at this point I don’t have the energy to be on teams that can’t win now.”

When asked how long he’d wait before choosing to close the door on playing again, White said he’d let it go into the first four or five weeks of the season before “putting my cleats on a power line, just like Marshawn Lynch.”

With no one biting thus far, White may need an injury to another player to open the door for a 12th NFL season.

25 responses to “Roddy White: I don’t have the energy to be on a team that can’t win now

  1. he’s been the invisible man for quite some time now…league minimum if any deal at all

  2. Nice of him to admit that he is quitting since no one wants him.
    At least, he is not deluding himself by “retiring” when no one wants him.

  3. The problem is that you’re too mouthy and really haven’t been good a WR for a couple of seasons now. Now its your own fault that you wasted your career with a garbage team like the Falcons and didn’t win a Super Bowl. You had several occasions to leave them in pursuit of a championship but you decided to resign with them instead of a team that could actually you know, get to and win a Super Bowl. In the end you and Atlanta worked out perfectly for each other being both are perennial losers. The only difference is that you can’t shut up and the Falcons have to pump fake crowd noise into the stadium. Maybe they can just pay you to be in the crowd and have real crowd noise from now on.

  4. New England. We always seem to get a year out of these late-career receivers.

  5. You don’t have the speed or athletic ability to play in the NFL anymore. Your living on your past. You have fooled your position coach and owner for the last couple years. You didnt have the energy to practice most of last season. One of many reasons you looked out of shape and could not separate from safeties yet cornerbacks. Why would someone bring you to camp when you cannot play special teams and at best would be a 5th wide receiver. Thank god we have a head coach who can evaluate talent!!!

  6. …In fact – he will sign with someone who plays the Failcons to get pumped for info b/c that’s what our division seems to do…WHO DAT!

  7. Isn’t pumping fake crowd noise cheating to gain an unfair advantage? I better check with Irsay, unless he’s too wasted.

  8. It’s a catch 22. Any team can win the Super any year, but they can’t win it with Roddy White on the team.

  9. Maybe one of those blue pills would help…warning: contact a doctor if you play more than 4 hours.

  10. All you needed to do was watch a minute of Roddy on Hard Knocks to know how burnt this guy was, even back then. He’s talented, with a terrible attitude, and now he’s aging and slow. He’s worthless.

  11. …….If Roddy is willing to wait till the summer camp injuries start, he’ll get work if he WANTS it. On a side note,I don’t see why teams that are rebuilding don’t bring in a VET to at least work and give advice to other young WR’s.

  12. A team that is in position to win a Super Bowl probably doesn’t want a new player who isn’t interested in going to OTAs, so good luck on the retirement Roddy.

  13. Good late season pick up when injuries pile up.

    Packers could have used him, even though he’s no longer a deep threat.

    Rough to see Andre Johnson and Roddy White lose a step, while Calvin Johnson retires.

    As a Vikings fan as well as a football fan, I’d like to see Treadwell and Doctson break out soon.

  14. Come on over to Tampa Bay; if we had a Receiver who could catch the Passes, Tampa Bay would have been in the Playoffs last year … Super Bowl contender.

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