Source: Revis proposed salary-cap percentage to Jets in 2010

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As noted earlier, agents have tried to persuade teams to include within top-tier contracts a provision ensuring that the player will receive a percentage of the salary cap in future years. Specifically, per a league source with knowledge of the negotiations, the term was proposed to the Jets during the protracted Darrelle Revis holdout of 2010.

The idea was submitted to the Jets by agents Neil Schwartz and Jonathan Feinsod, who until recently had represented Revis for his entire career. The Jets refused to tie compensation to a percentage of the salary cap.

It actually would have been a smart move for the team, in hindsight. The cap dropped after the 2011 lockout and then grew slowly for multiple years after that.

Even though the labor deal doesn’t prohibit compensation from being tied to a portion of the cap (indeed, that’s how the franchise tag for each position is now calculated each year), the widespread belief continues to be that teams will refuse to do it. Some think the Management Council will pressure teams to hold firm in this regard, which if it happens would be collusion. Then again some think collusion already is occurring in several different respects.

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  1. Given the amount of money available under the cap, the importance of having a top tier quarterback to be successful and that the top paid QB is, and has been for sometime, Joe Flacco (nothing against Flacco, he had just won the super bowl and had leverage so he cashed out bigtime) there has to be collusion at some level. A team that is close or thinks they are close could really break the bank for a year or two if one of the top guys (Brees comes to mind) let his deal play out.

  2. and if the cap drops Revis would of just held out and nothing would of changed.

    why do they even bother with contracts when both sides dont have to live up to their end of the deal?

  3. With a 53 man roster, the equal distribution of the salary cap is 1.88% per player. Obviously when some players get way more then others get way less.
    Doing this would cripple NFL teams and they would be unable to front load contracts like they do now and spread the cap hit out so you will have the money for other good players.
    Also what if you sign a guaranteed contract like that and the guy gets hurt or stinks –you have a huge chunk of your salary cap locked up in a worthless guy.

    This practice will harm both teams and most NFL players and it should be banned.

  4. “It actually would have been a smart move for the team, in hindsight. The cap dropped after the 2011 lockout and then grew slowly for multiple years after that.”

    Except for the fact that knowing Revis he probably wanted at least 30% of it

  5. Luck should take a little less in exchange for a full guarantee. That would help both sides

  6. “It actually would have been a smart move for the team”

    No it wouldn’t have been. Even if they saved a little bit of cash it would have set a precedent that would quickly have become a nightmare for every team.

    This is an awful, horrible, terrible, moronic concept for any team to agree to.

  7. I’m all for this if there is also a provision where players have to forfeit salary in off years equal to the cap percentage PLUS 50%. If a player performs worse than the prior year in position specific stats, that player should forfeit a portion of the salary they failed to earn.

  8. There’s still no need for any such contract devices. If top tier players always want to be paid more than anyone else, simply sign nothing but one-year contracts. That’d put a stop to all this perpetual whining, elite though the whining may be.

  9. There’s one guy that was worth it back then. In 2010 he wasn’t just the best corner, he was playing the best corner in the history of the league outside of Deion in his prime. He proved he was a guy that could win it all when he won with the Pats, and we went to the bottom without him. We get him back and go 10-6 and later find out he was playing hurt most of the year. Great player, great teammate, and a good guy too. I don’t begrudge him for always wanting to be paid the most at his position, because he was amazing. We’ll have to see if he can bounce back from last season. I think he can because we’ve seen older corners stay among the best. Darrell Green….Ty Law…

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