Broncos offer to Miller contained $58 million injury guarantee

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It already was known that the expired (for now) offer made by the Broncos to linebacker Von Miller includes $39.5 million in cash payments over the first two years. It’s also known that Miller asked for more than $70 million to be paid out over three years.

Here’s something that wasn’t previously known (as far as I know) about the team’s offer. The lapsed deal, which surely would be un-lapsed if Miller wanted to accept it, has a total injury guarantee of $58 million at signing, with the remainder of the $58 million becoming fully guaranteed on the fifth day of the 2018 league year.

Delaying the vesting of the guaranteed money until future years is a common device, with very few players (e.g., Ndamukong Suh) ever getting three years of fully guaranteed money at signing. Teams do it because of the funding rule, which requires fully-guaranteed future payments to be placed into escrow, under the outdated assumption that the team may not be able to make ends meet at a later date.

Still, if Denver’s reluctance to fully guarantee three years of salary resulted only from the funding requirement and not from a let’s-see-if-we-want-to-give-this-guy-another-$20-million-two-years-from-now mentality, the vesting would be tied not to the start of the league year in March but to the commencement of the waiver period in February.

Will the Broncos fully guarantee some of the money to be paid in 2018, like the Jets did with Darrelle Revis in 2015? Perhaps. Under the current structure, the Broncos retain the ability to squeeze Miller to take less or to cut him loose entirely if he doesn’t perform at his past level over the next two seasons. Miller presumably wants to have full and complete security for the next three years.

35 responses to “Broncos offer to Miller contained $58 million injury guarantee

  1. Sure seems like a more than fair offer from the team. I don’t see how Von can be looked at in a favorable light with all of these details.

  2. I’m about ready to start a GoFundMe for this greedy A hole! Sign the deal already, and let’s go!!

  3. If he doesn’t take that offer, he should get drug tested again. Von better get ready to cheat again and have somebody provide the sample because he has to be on something to turn this contract down.

  4. I, and most sane people, would be secure for life with the signing bonus alone. Security and feeding my kids nonsense is BS. Sign the deal.

  5. In what world would over 39 million dollars guaranteed at signing NOT equate to financial security? Miller is delusional if he thinks that isn’t enough, especially considering up to 58 million would be guaranteed if he gets injured and can’t play anymore.

  6. Just sign on the dotted line by opening day.

    Cam wants you back on the field!

  7. With $58M he should definitely be able to bribe all the PED testers he wants (remember when he did that before?). Fact, not opinion.

  8. BroncosCheatedTheSalaryCap says:
    Jun 10, 2016 4:41 PM
    With $58M he should definitely be able to bribe all the PED testers he wants (remember when he did that before?). Fact, not opinion

    Pot is not a PED. Fact.

  9. No matter what any of you think. YOUR PAYING HIS SALARY!!!! Shirt prices, cable TV rates, mark ups on products that advertise paying NFL feeds, parking, beer, etc etc……we are all dopes!

  10. loumann says:
    Jun 10, 2016 5:13 PM
    No matter what any of you think. YOUR PAYING HIS SALARY!!!! Shirt prices, cable TV rates, mark ups on products that advertise paying NFL feeds, parking, beer, etc etc……we are all dopes!

    Speak for yourself. I’m a fan. I’m a fan that realizes that no pro sports are enjoyed for free. Feel free to name one. NASCAR, NBA, NHRA, NHL, MLB, and EVERY other pro sport is paid for by fans. And guess what. By the actual numbers, we’re happy to do it. Please tell us where the store is that hands out free jerseys and beer, we’ll be there in motorhomes all weekend, every weekend.

  11. renocarolina says:
    Jun 10, 2016 4:24 PM
    Just sign on the dotted line by opening day.

    Cam wants you back on the field!

    Cam must want to be back on his back again,and again, and again.

  12. Denver does not have the 60 million to put into escrow. They just built a huge state of the art practice facility. Cash poor.

  13. infectorman says:
    Jun 10, 2016 6:31 PM

    I got news for you bud, no one fears Denver anymore.

    I got new news for you bud. No one ever feared Denver. You think Pittsburgh, New England, or Carolina feared Denver? Not at the start of the games anyway. Broncos still became World Champs. Like Mike Tyson said, “Everbodys got a plan til they get punched in the mouth”. If you think the only or best punchers on the Broncos were named Jackson, Trevathan, Osweiler, or Bruton, well you got another think comin’.

  14. Since when has Denver worried about the salary cap? Just write up any old contract and pay the man under the table. Elway knows how that’s done. He pocketed a cool $20M illegally during his 2 fraudulent SB** wins.

  15. The Great Karnac sees all and Knows all.
    This what shall be:
    1. Von Miller Will sign before the deadline
    2. Denver will repeat , Again (97-98 & 15-16)
    3. Paxton Lynch will be Rookie of the Year.
    4. Paxton Lynch will be a top 3 QB his entire career.
    5. Denver D will completely dominate for years.
    6. The team in Foxboro will drop out of the top 10.
    7. The Las Vegas Raiders will never get above 7-9.
    8. Tom Brady will retire after two losing seasons.
    9. Von Miller is a 1st Ballot HOF in 2028
    10. Broncos will be the Dynasty Team of the 20-teens.

  16. Trolls are so funny. They so want to see the Champs fall that they grasp at any straw they can find.

    Straw 1: Denver didn’t overpay non Pro Bowl role players Malik Jackson and Danny Trevathan so they can’t repeat.

    Straw 2: Denver didn’t overpay a game managing 7 start QB who never put two halves of good football together and has a habit of getting balls batted down despite being 6’7″ so they can’t repeat.

    Straw 3: Related to above- Elway is too cheap to win a Super Bowl. Oh wait, he did? Well he’s too cheap to repeat. Wait, the Broncos use their full cap every year? Simple thing like facts never stopped trolls.

    Straw 4: Can’t forget our old friends who can’t get over accounting misconduct from the ’90s, so they can’t repeat. Those are the funniest, kind of like people who still think Limp Bizkit is relevent today.

    Straw 5: Mark Sanchez had a butt fumble play years ago and nobody can bounce back from that, so despite having played remarkably similarly to the Broncos QB play last year, they can’t repeat.

    Straw 6: It’s 5 weeks til the Franchise Tag deadline and they haven’t signed Von Miller yet so obviously he snd the Broncos hate each other and Miller will hold out the whole year so they can’t repeat.

    Straw 7: Aqib Talib has a minor injury from a gunshot wound so he must have shot himself because someone said so, so he will miss the start of the season with the injury and then Goodell will suspend him for most of the rest of the season (even though the police report said Talib was a victim of aggravated assault and the shooter is being saught) so they can’t repeat.

    These are all laughable. The primary argument against the Broncos repeating is that it’s just bloody hard to win a Super Bowl let alone two in a row. You have to have talent, good coaching, health, and still have some luck (or a video camera pointed at the opposing team’s sideline). That’s why only 7 teams have done it, Denver included. We will attempt to become only the second team to repeat twice. We have everything in place. Can’t wait for the games.

  17. I love Miller as a player, but in my completely inexpert football opinion, they should let him walk. With the amount of money that the Broncos are already offering (let alone the amount that it will take to actually get Miller to sign), the chances of getting an equal or better return in terms of Miller’s performance is very small.

    Most coaches will agree that the two most important positions on the defensive side of the ball are defensive end and corner back. I get that. But sinking so much money into a player that isn’t listed at “QB” on the depth chart isn’t the way to build another championship team.

  18. Such wild dynamics here. Can one guy win you a Super Bowl? Maybe. What is the bottom line worth of a SB to a team? Is it worth the price of the guy?

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