Chargers file 110,786 signatures supporting stadium ballot initiative

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The Chargers’ push for a new stadium in San Diego moved forward Friday with the delivery of 110,786 signatures in support of a ballot initiative for this November to San Diego City Clerk Elizabeth Maland.

The team started the process in April and needed to get 66,447 signatures from registered San Diego voters to get a measure on the ballot for the public to vote on a 6.5 percent hike in the hotel tax to help finance a new downtown home for the Chargers.

“Most signature gathering efforts of this kind take six full months. We had just six weeks to complete our work,” Chargers owner Dean Spanos said in a statement. “The fact that we were able to collect more than 110,000 signatures in that short period of time demonstrates tremendous support in our community for a new, combined stadium-convention center expansion downtown.”

The signatures still need to be vetted and, as the San Diego Union-Tribune reported this week, uncertainty remains about whether the ballot measure will pass with a simple majority or if the team needs two-thirds of the vote. The two remaining candidates in the race for City Attorney both said they expect the plan will need two-thirds of the vote to pass when it comes up later this year.

32 responses to “Chargers file 110,786 signatures supporting stadium ballot initiative

  1. I’m willing do anything to help that poor, poor billionaire ! I do NOT want that billionaire to use any of his own money to build a stadium, that’s just ridiculous !!!!

  2. IMO, the Chargers are in. a tough spot. – both metaphorically and geographically. If the Chargers don’t go to LA, I am pretty sure the Raiders would move there to share the new stadium with the Rams.

    As much as they do not like the idea, moving to LA might be the best decision financially for the Chargers. I think a new San Diego stadium might turn into a money pit.

  3. It gets down to this…and, there is no way around it… Dean Spanos is trying to ‘buy’ a $1 BILLION stadium for $450 million dollars! The NFL to pay $200MM, Chargers to pay $450MM, tourist tax and citizen tax pays for remaining balance.
    Wish I could pay 45% on everything I buy!

  4. 17% sales tax for a room? Corporations write it off. Normal visitors get ripped off.

  5. I don’t think it’s fair if it has to pass by 2/3 or more. It should just be simple majority. Anyhow, it is great to see this progressing. San Diego has a great opportunity to retain its cultural institutions and to take the economy to n levels.. Charger fans, Aztec Alums, and Comic Book fans all have to get the YES VOTE out it full force.

  6. Jun 10, 2016 1:47 PM – imaduffer says: 17% sales tax for a room? Corporations write it off. Normal visitors get ripped off.

    How did this insane notion get started? “Corporation write it off?” What do you even mean?

    Yes, business travelers account for the vast majority of hotel stays, and thus, will pay for most of the stadium. But no one is making a profit by “writing off” their expenses. That’s as dumb as people who spend lavishly on their credit cards to get the 2% cash back rewards.

  7. Of course the fact that they’re already in the best location for a new stadium (Mission Valley) gets glossed over. Downtown is NOT a place to put a new stadium.

  8. Big fan of the Chargers and San Diego and I wanted to share some thoughts.

    John Moores is now helping the Chargers try to get funding. He was the Padres owner that notoriously would not pay for good players until right before the vote to build a new place downtown for the Padres. Once approved, dumped off the expensive decent players (Greg Vaughn, Kevin Brown, Ken Caminiti). It was proven that he misled voters, misrepresented the cost of the stadium, and made taxpayers cover a majority of the additional costs. He promised that he would bolster the roster with a new cable deal for $1 billion. As soon as the deal was signed, he took the cable deal, sold the team and ran away with all the money.

    Because of this, the city of SD had to close libraries, defund police, firefighters, and schools, then eliminate pensions. SD defaulted on their loans and had to sign shady deals with private companies for work to be done.

    As soon as John Moores signed up with the Chargers, the expected cost of the stadium jumped from $1 billion to $1.8 billion and the taxpayers are on the hook if it goes over.

    I definitely want the Chargers to stay in SD, but I definitely do not want it to be so exuberant. Sorry this was so long.

  9. It’s easy to tell the public that out-of-towners will pay for the stadium through a hotel tax, but that’s not entirely true. If the hotel tax is increased to 17.% overall, that will certainly deter some people from coming to San Diego, or at least staying in San Diego (example: a family on vacation going to Legoland, which is about 45 minutes away might now stay outside of the City). So you have to account for the lost hotel and other tax revenue the city will lose by increasing the tax. But certainly the Chargers and any city officials in favor of the tax will never talk about that.

  10. What’s lost in this issue of charging visitors is the fact that the public (taxpayers or visitors) are being forced to pay for a multibillionare’s work place! This is nothing more than welfare for billionaires.

  11. Just think, if all 110,000 of those folks provide $10,000 ($770,000) a piece, the NFL will provide $300,000,000. That’s a cool $1 Billion. Then the poor downtrodden Spanis family will be able to live their life long dream of owning a top notch stadium in San Deigo. Please won’t you show you care. The billionaires need our help.

    Stop giving the wealthy welfare.

  12. I’m working on a ballot measure which would require the Chargers pay into the public trust $25 million for every loss they incur. Because the Chargers add so much to San Diego, their losses also subtract from the region. All’s fair in public policy debates over the use of tax payer money.

  13. sactogary says:
    Jun 10, 2016 2:06 PM

    sactogary, I use my credit card all the time and pay my balance in full at the end of the month.
    After a year, I earned enough points to buy a new $1000 riding lawn mower. I believe I would call that a profit. What the heck do you think Corporation do with all the rewards points they make? Throw them away?

  14. imaduffer:

    You might call that a profit, but you’d be wrong. Think of a coupon book with up to $15k in savings – you only “save” $15k if you SPEND a ton of money.

    Are you under the impression that your riding lawn mower either A) is actually ‘worth’ $1000 to the company purchasing it in bulk or B) was “free”?

    I’m not telling you not to collect points, you might as well if you are spending anyway. However, if you think the hotel tax won’t impact corporate decision-making with respect to travel because it is a ‘write-off’, then I have a serious of business propositions I’d like to discuss with you…

  15. Since when did PFT readers become in favor of subsidizing billionaires with our tax dollars?

    The Spanos family can screw off.

  16. I hate the idea of a referendum. I just wish city officials would pass the measure. This way, we could sleep easier and this issue would be done with.

    Please pass the higher hotel tax to fund the new stadium and expanded convention center. Start construction in the fall!!!!!!

    Putting it to a vote in November just delays everything, and opens up the chance of the measure being voted down.

  17. Those signatures may not much difference as getting 66% of a vote on the stadium deal seems to be a really high bar to get over along with the number of political opponents mentioned in the Tribune article. I hope the Chargers stay but it looks like the City and the Spanos keep playing a game of San Diego Chicken with this stadium.

    Though I have to agree with earlier poster about the terrible mascot of Boltman. Too bad thye don’t use a touchdown horse like they have for the Calgary Stampeders who runs a circuit every touchdown.

  18. hate to be the buzzkill, but there’s no way a public vote passes with a 2/3 majority

  19. They need to fight the issue in court that the Initiative needs two thirds or more of the vote to pass. That is not fair. It should just be a simple majority. That two thirds rule is a crock!!!!!!!!!!!!

  20. This is all about the tourist tax that every freaking city in the USA jams on every car renter and hotel room stayer. SD politicians and the corrupt hoteliers want to swindle for themselves and their car collections. Truth be every San Diegan who travels and pays these stupid hotel taxes in other cities are simply getting ripped off in their own home town without a state of the art football stadium.

  21. So today on the radio, I heard an add saying that you receive a five dollar coupon for signing the petition at the Charger store for overpriced Charger merchandise. Isn’t that kind of buying the signatures? Is that even legal?
    Before you vote on this, remember in 1997, the city of San Diego put 67 million into renovating the Q, or the Chargers were moving. Another ten years from now and that bond is paid for.
    If the Chargers want a new stadium, build it yourselves! Raising the hotel tax is still billing someone else for corporate welfare. Don’t fall for it!
    Robert Kraft pulled it off. Maybe this former Charger fan will become a Patriot fan just on that priniple alone.

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