Geno Smith working out with an all-star cast in Miami in offseason

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Geno Smith has a pretty good pair of receivers in New York when he practices with Brandon Marshall and Eric Decker.

But that’s nothing compared to the all-star cast he’s working out with in Miami during the offseason, as the Jets quarterback’s throwing it around with Pro Bowlers Odell Beckham, Antonio Brown, and Jarvis Landry.

Those three, along with cornerbacks including Minnesota’s Xavier Rhodes, would get together twice a week in Miami for informal workouts,working during the time they can’t be with their teams.

“A lot of it feels like it’s been made up by [Brown], but it’s some good stuff in there,” Landry said, via Adam Beasley of the Miami Herald. “A lot of footwork drills, get some one-on-ones against longer corners like Xavier Rhodes and guys like that.”

Coupled with the unexpected reps he’s getting in Jets OTAs while Ryan Fitzpatrick’s contract impasse drags on, and Smith’s getting plenty of work this offseason. He could use it, as his career has been uneven at best, and it’s unclear what the Jets will do with him when/if Fitzpatrick comes back.

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  1. Jerry Rice Randy Moss Terrel Owens couldnt save him but I will be glad to be wrong

  2. 1. Geno wasn’t ready to start his rookie year. He was forced to start when Mark Sanchez got hurt in pre-season.

    2. Geno was go awful, but the Jets receivers were all guys cut by other teams (Clyde gates && David Nelson), or draft busts (Stephen Hill).

    3. If you look at his stats when Eric Decker and Jeremy Kerley were on the field they were actually ok. Not great, but not bad. And good enough for a starter until you can find a better one.

    Given the addition of Brandon Marshall, if Geno is given the chance to start, his overall performance may be as effective as Ryan Fitzpatrick. Not great, but adequate. Geno still does bone headed things, and holds onto the ball too long, and is late with his throws, so he is unlikely to ever be good. But he can turn out to be a care taker QB, one who is neutral in value, until the team finds someone better.

    And if he starts and sucks, the Jets get to draft better. Plus, even with Ryan Fitzpatrick, the Jets can’t do better than 8-8 because they have a vastly harder schedule this year compared to last year.

  3. I feel like he’s too young to quit on at this point in his career. He’s shown flashes. Can he learn to play consistently well? That’s the question that only playing him will answer. We know Fitzpatrick’s flaws. With the Jets not quite at contender-level regardless of quarterback right now, why not give Geno one more shot?

  4. Maybe the Work-Out Group has instilled in Geno that it’s better to throw the ball away than take a sack; and much better to take a sack than a sucker-punch.

  5. ariani1985 says:
    Jun 10, 2016 9:33 AM
    the horrible Patriots defense just wet itself!

    Yeah….wet themselves because they were laughing so hard…..

  6. This kinda reminds me of when you read a heart warming story about a local High School who elects the dedicated Mentally Challenged kid to be the Prom King. Except, the Kid actually deserves the recognition. Geno, not so much!

  7. He’s a better option than Fitz.. With Fitz you know that the season will end in misery – at least with Geno there is the possibility that he could improve – now that he is surrounded by much better talent.

  8. Cute. The possible starting Jets QB gets to work with a WR on the hometown rival Giants and another WR on a division rival!

    Gee, can Eli Manning work with Marshall and Decker, or Big Ben, or Tannehill?

  9. Geno has physical talent

    can he really transition from an Air Raid offense in college to a pro style set?

    Early results were very mixed, but he never should have played his rookie season. Jets had Sanchez AND David Garrard. Garrard got hurt and retired, Sanchez got hurt in pre-season.

    Plus, Geno had no running game and his WRs were literally worst in the league- with Kerley. When Kerley was hurt (a lot during his 2nd season) it was amongst worst talent on offense in team history.

    I think he was broken and ruined from his poor handling by the team and coaching staff. So I don’t expect anything from Geno anymore with the Jets.

    Far easier to ruin a young QB with bad coaching and poor support than to develop one. I mean, how many QBs are coming out of college now with amazing numbers in spread offenses that can’t adapt to the speed of the game or the change in system? Most are busts. Even top picks.

    Fitzpatrick will get the Jets to a certain point, but its a very limited ceiling. And he will never improve on last season numbers–it was a career year.

  10. I suspect they invited Xavier Rhodes so there was no chance of being intercepted. Why not just invite a couple of the local high school players? Same thing.

  11. Guys on different teams work out together every offseason. OBJ and Landry, for example, are always gonna work out together because they are good buddies….and it usually will be some resort type place like Miami or in Arizona. Work hard by day and party at night. They aren’t all meeting in Scranton.

  12. It was a great chance for those receivers to get some practice in catching off target passes.

  13. No son it was a great chance for Geno to throw to receivers who know how to “STACK” a DB and protect the Quarterback from INT’s. What you know about that son? AB is the “master stacker” and obviously he would be wasting his time with a QB who couldn’t provide the throws that he needed.

  14. One thing’s for sure, nobody’s loaning him money.

    Rhodes hasn’t been terrible or great. He busts ass though and never quits. That’s something.

  15. It’s great that Odell Beckham and Antonio Brown are getting in some work with a 3rd string caliber QB. It pays to be ready for what might happen in the regular season if Eli or Ben as well as their primary backups go down. Jarvis Landry on the other hand is moving up in class and is just going to get spoiled catching passes from Geno

  16. Rhodes ended GBs chance of coming back at Lambeau twice. Once with an INT in the end zone, and the 2nd knocking down a hail mary.

    But GB isnt sure what a quality CB even is, so it’s not surprising their ilk would rip him.

  17. The Jets recruited Peyton Manning to replace Mark Sanchez in 2012 when Manning was a free agent, but didn’t get past the first phone call. With all of the great receivers the Jets had, I wonder why he rejected them.

    But Geno was supposed to be great with those garbage receivers.

  18. Rhodes was routinely put 1on1 against opposing #1 WR’s and does anyone recall any WR ripping it up against the Vikes? No? Because he shut them down, season-lows for catches/tds from WR’s put up against him.

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