Mike Vick still wants to play

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Like last year, NFL offseason programs have unfolded without quarterback Mike Vick having a job. Like last year, Vick still wants a job.

I haven’t officially retired,” Vick said Monday at the Ron Jaworksi Celebrity Golf Challenge, via Jordan Ranaan of NJ.com. “As of right now, it’s pretty much at a stalemate type of thing. Just taking the days as it comes, but most importantly for me, I just have to continue to work out and train. I would love to play this year, suit up for another run at it. I still feel like I could play and there is a lot left in the tank.”

Vick says he won’t be pouncing on the first offer that comes his way . . . as he waits for the first offer to come his way.

“It does matter getting the right offer,” Vick said. “I don’t think at this stage you just jump right out there and then just take any opportunity even though if this is going to be my last year, which is what I feel like I’m leaning toward because of where I’m at in my life, I do want to suit up one more time, I do want to put the helmet on one more time. I don’t want it to end the way it ended the last couple years.”

It’s more likely to end the way it has the past couple of years because Vick won’t be as prepared as he would have been if he’d been with a team when plenty of the foundation is laid for the coming season. Last year, an injury to Bruce Gradkowski forced the Steelers to add Vick in late August. He got a chance to play after Ben Roethlisberger was injured, but Vick struggled before yielding to Landry Jones.

No team has offered Vick a chance to compete for a starting job, and for good reason. The NFL currently is filled with players who grew up idolizing Vick. He’ll instantly have a strong contingent in the locker room if the starting job is up for grabs.

That’s why Vick’s best bet will be to find another team like the Steelers, with an entrenched starter who would be in competition with Vick. At this stage of the offseason, it’s clear that it will take another injury to get Vick another job. Even then, that may not be enough to get the first pick in the 2001 one more chance.

31 responses to “Mike Vick still wants to play

  1. He should retire. He was never that good. At best he was Joey Harrington with the legs of Barry Sanders. His Pro Bowl selections were a joke. That’s not even counting how he facilitated the torture and killing of dogs. He never should have been allowed to play football again. His sentence was a worse joke than his Pro Bowl selections.

  2. He’s never been good. Lazy off the field then could only improvise while playing. That’s why he has only 1 or 2 division titles in 13+ years of playing.

  3. If you sign Michael Vick, and then a contingent of players that grew up idolizing him back him as the starter, you’ve done your team a huge favor by identifying the biggest idiots on your team and you will be much better off once you’ve cut them all.

  4. He went to jail and served a year. He killed and tortured numerous animals. He never should have been allowed back. Instead Filthy made him a $100 million contract guy

  5. I was excited when Vick joined Pittsburgh becuase Landry Jones was aweful… but once Vick stepped on the field he suddenly made Jones look like a stud!!

    MV7 has lost his magic.. and any Steeler fan will tell you he should have atleast 5-6 more INT last year but even the DB’s were so shocked he threw right at them they dropped them!! HANG IT UP MIKE!

  6. Besides Randal Cunningham , Vick was one of the most exciting QBs of all time. He certainly did not suck then. How anyone could say that is idiotic. Yeah he tortured and killed dogs which was wrong and horrible. But to say Vick sucked as a QB is just a down rite lie.

  7. The Jets need a quarterback, and I bet Vick would take whatever they offered, unlike that guy that went to Harvard.

  8. I have decided to retire from the NFL, even if a team calls me I don’t wanna play anymore so I’m just gonna ride away .

  9. Agreed mongo3401.

    Revisionist history to say he was terrible because he was a criminal. Don’t get why people can’t separate what an athlete DID and their character. Not really related.
    It’s like saying OJ was a lousy running back. Guy was an amazing RB, but just happened to also be an evil SOB of a human.

    But if I sit here and say “he was never any good”… well that’s just idiotic.

    But the majority of people these days get their news/opinions/ideas from social media TELLING them what to think. So, what do you expect…

    You can’t even GOOGLE historical facts without having google manipulate the results for their own agenda…

  10. He was a gimmick that fooled the masses for years but was and is all about himself and himself only.

    By the way, he never served ONE day for what he did to those dogs, he was sentenced to 23 months in prison for running a “cruel and inhumane” dogfighting ring and lying about it.

  11. ……..some stupid GM will sign him once their teams 1st or 2nd string QB goes down. GM’s are gullible “OH!, he is so athelitic and can scramble & maybe make plays!” Give it a break, he’s shell of what he was in Atlanta. PLEASE NFL teams, let his phone remain silent!

  12. realtruthteller100 says:
    Jun 13, 2016 3:17 PM

    ppl forget that michael vick went to jail for dog fightning


    1) Micheal Vick did not go to jail for dog fighting, he funded the operation.

    2) Last I checked he has already served his time and was free to return to society.

    3) What does that have to do with him still wanting to play?

    Micheal is no longer the coach killer or the fastest player in the locker room. He never adapted to learn the game and always relied on an ability that is not there anymore.

  13. Please tell Mike Vick it’s over. He lost millions because of stupidity and he’ll never be able to get them back.

  14. “I would love to play this year, suit up for another run at it.”

    “I would love too carry a clipboard this year, suit up for another paycheck”

  15. This guy legitimately had the tools to be the best QB ever – case closed. He was easily the fastest QB to ever play the game, he could throw a 60 yard frozen rope with the flick of his wrist, and he was physically tough as nails for his size, but he didn’t put the film study in because he was LAZY! Michael Vick, to me, will always be the biggest waste of talent, could have been’s in the league.

  16. The Snake says:
    Jun 13, 2016 4:23 PM

    I have decided to retire from the NFL, even if a team calls me I don’t wanna play anymore so I’m just gonna ride away

    We’ll miss you, Snake. Thanks for the memories.

  17. “a lot more left in the tank” = I could use a few more NFL paychecks to help with my bankruptcy, and it’s even worth risking more concussions & injuries

  18. Mike Vick still wants to get paid.
    He was horribly unprepared last year. Obviously hadn’t even seen the playbook.
    I’m guessing there will be zero suitors for his alleged services.
    He’s a dummy with deteriorating physical skills.
    Nobody needs that.

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