Add Darrelle Revis to the bring-back-Ryan Fitzpatrick camp

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It appears everybody in the Jets organization wants to see quarterback Ryan Fitzpatrick come back, with the possible exception of the salary cap guys and Geno Smith.

On Tuesday, star cornerback Darrelle Revis joined the parade of players lobbying for the veteran free agent’s return, which can’t hurt his bargaining position.

“Ryan is a big part of our success,” Revis said, via Darryl Slater of “He definitely is. He came here and he’s broken a bunch of records in the quarterback category. He was a big part of our offense. This [contract standoff] has been going on all offseason, and we’re waiting for him to come back.”

When asked if the Jets needed Fitzpatrick to return, Revis tried to sidestep, but it’s still clear how respected Fitzpatrick remains.

“I don’t make those decisions,” Revis said. “I definitely don’t. Those are not in my hands. We want him back, and we want to see him walk in this locker room.”

The Jets have tried to lock Fitzpatrick in at cut rates for years two and three of their three-year offer, presumably thinking he’d be a backup in the future. But without someone else trying to sign them, it’s hard for him to squeeze them into something resembling what he feels is his value after a strong season.

Of course, Revis is no stranger to the realities of the business, and how ugly things can get when one side thinks it’s worth a certain amount and the other side disagrees. But with every player who mentions Fitzpatrick’s name, it seems more and more obvious how awkward it will be for the team if he doesn’t eventually show up.