Chargers “disappointed” by Bosa’s boycott of mandatory minicamp

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Chargers defensive end Joey Bosa doesn’t have a contract, putting him fully within his rights to refuse to report to a minicamp that is mandatory only for the players who actually are employed by the club. Because Bosa has no contract, he’s no more an employee of the Chargers than I am, with no legal obligation to show up for work.

And so Bosa, reportedly hoping to remove the offset language from his fully-guaranteed contract and improve the cash flow of the signing bonus, has opted to stay away. Chargers coach Mike McCoy and G.M. Tom Telesco has opted to express his displeasure with that move.

“Without a doubt we’re all disappointed he’s not here,” McCoy said, via the Associated Press. “But our No. 1 focus is the players who are here. Time will work that out.” (Since the minicamp isn’t a voluntary offseason practice, the rules allow McCoy to call out players who aren’t there — even players who aren’t under contract.)

We’re disappointed he’s not here,” Telesco said, via Michael Gehlken of the San Diego Union-Tribune. “This is a big part of the learning process for all players, not just rookies. But there’s a business part to this [game], too, and we understand that. It’s part of being a professional athlete. I’ll say: the time he’s been here, I’ve been really impressed with not only his ability but his work ethic. That’s been great.”

Bosa would say that’s all the more reason for the team to give him what he wants. So far, the Chargers haven’t, which means he’ll miss multiple offseason practices. The question becomes when or if the Chargers will blink once training camp approaches. In this year, more than any other, they need all hands on deck in the hopes of making the kind of impact in September and October that will result in a favorable outcome at the ballot box in early November.

66 responses to “Chargers “disappointed” by Bosa’s boycott of mandatory minicamp

  1. Draft is slotted. Chargers shouldn’t be so cheap about insisting on offset language. Charger organization isn’t good enough to be fighting with their first rounder over this.

  2. Easy. Pay the man for his services. Be disappointed that you can’t give him an offer.

  3. I’m sure bosa is disappointed the chargers are making signing him more difficult than it was for the jags pick last year who tore his acl before his deal was signed. If I was having this much trouble getting my contract signed I wouldn’t put myself in position to get hurt and give them the leverage they think they have to make me deal worse.

  4. I’m surprised he would even be allowed to show up. Usually unionized employees wouldn’t be permitted in the building without a contract.

    Just get the deal done and he has no reason to not be there. The contracts basically write themselves now. Who’s fault is it he isn’t there?

  5. The Spanos clan are notoriously cheap.

    Bite the bullet, pay the man, get him into camp.

  6. Let’s see. Not getting paid, why would you come to work? Give the guy a contract and he will be there. Do any of you show up to work off the clock?

    Btw, suppose he gets hurt while working a minicamp without a contract?

  7. Who cares who’s right or wrong. Typical bad press for the chargers in a so called critical year for public support. He’s the Only player in top 15 not signed. Under McCoy you can expect more of the same this year. Worst team in afc west. Lucky to get 4 wins again this year. Philip is going to get pounded again with that horrible line.

  8. Why are they nickel and diming this kid over a bonus? They changed the rules so teams dont have to committ insane amounts to unproven talent yet they still want to take away from his guarantees? Just pay him.

  9. I thought at the time that San Diego reached badly when they took this guy at #3 overall. I don’t think he’s the pass rusher everybody thinks (or maybe thought) he is. For my money, I’ll take Emmanual Ogbah whom the Browns drafted at #32 overall. Bigger, stronger, and faster than Bosa with a much quicker first step than the Ohio State diva.

  10. I guess they are “disappointed” all their players won’t play without a contract. That would be perfect for the Chargers!

  11. But they’re not ‘disappointed’ enough to include offset language in the contract.

    The Chargers attitude is the reason he’s not in camp, not the other way around.

  12. Why is this still a thing?

    Why doesn’t every rookie simply hold out for the most favorable rookie deal? ONE year of all draftees holding out until August, and this issue would disappear forever.

  13. Sorry SD. I’m not showing up for work at a place I’m not employed. Pay the man, you cheap billionaire SOB. Oh I almost forgot. Stay classy SD.

  14. The CBA grants him the offset clause. If you want him to give it up, then offer him something in return.
    It’s called negotiating.

  15. Good move bosa. Chargers would cut you in a flash if you got injured. Get all you can while you can from these greedy owners.

  16. glad the cowboys didn’t draft this guy. wish it was jalen but zeke will have to do

  17. Dante Fowler was the 3rd pick in 2015 and received NO OFFSET language on the guaranteed money. There IS a precedent already set and if SD wants to deviate from it they need to offer more guaranteed money. Give & take, that’s negotiating. It’s management’s fault he doesn’t have a contract so quit complaining.

  18. Duh. Get your money first young man. He gets hurt without a contract they’ll flush him like an extra thin condom. The hypocrisy makes me puke.

  19. It would be silly for him to come while not under contract and risk injury. I don’t understand why there is any trouble getting draft picks signed with the contract structure in place.

  20. They should be disappointing in themselves. Its one thing to specify the offset language, its quite another to hold onto that portion of his singing bonus until he plays out his rookie deal. I have never head of another team doing that.

  21. They haven’t paid the man.

    so what really can they say.
    “risk your future for free or we’ll be upset!”

    Cut me a break.
    These NFL empires really have it skewed as to who owes people what.
    The answer is nothing, for both sides.

  22. If he practices with no contract or guaranteed money and then gets hurt, what does he get? My guess is that the Chargers will cut him loose. Good move Bosa. Chargers if you want him, pay him. It really is that simple.
    I’m not sold on him and think he was drafted way to high but I do not blame him for not practicing without a contract. I don’t work when I am not getting paid either.

  23. He should sign his contract and be in camp learning how to be a professional defensive end.

    He was an entitled high school player at Aquinas and the same at Ohio State. He doesn’t want to be a 1st round bust like his daddy was.

  24. Ryan Leaf 2.0. And I thought this stuff wouldn’t happen anymore once aj smith got fired. I couldn’t have been more wrong. The true problem is the evil spanos family.

  25. What happens if he goes out there and tears his knee up? Does he still get a guaranteed contract? If not, there’s no need for any more discussion about him coming to camp until all contract issues are settled.

  26. Shocker. The owner of a team, who demands that the taxpayers give him a free lavish palace and threatens to move to a place where no one wants him, would nickel and dime his 1st round draft pick?? It’s an absolute shocker, I tell you.

  27. Splitting hairs on a rookie contract with someone you intend to be a cornerstone of your defense for years to come.

    Chargers fans, I feel for you. Some leadership is just plain mediocre.

  28. He should be there, plain and simple. His agent is doing him a disservice by advising him to skip mini-camp, it will set him back in his rookie year and delay his development. Holding out for more favorable offset language is putting the cart before the horse.

  29. Makes sense. No contract, no attendance. I don’t think anyone on this forum would work an extra day without having a signed contract.

    Ridiculous that even after re-vamping the rookie scales the NFL and players can still find something to disagree over.

    What’s next? Holding out because of a parking spot? Font size on jerseys too small?

  30. Or is it silly franchise?

    None of us really know who is being unreasonable with the contract demands. There should be a pretty common precedent for this sort of thing though.

    dartmouthstevens says:
    Jun 15, 2016 12:00 AM

    Silly kid. Offset language only comes into play if you suck (i.e. get cut). If they keep you, offset is non-issue. Stupid decision.

  31. I am not too sure how nfl contracts work and minicamps as well. But if he is there and not under any sort of contract yet, and happens to tear and ACL or something, do you think they would still pay the same and give the same signing bonus as if he comes to camp under contract?? doubtful.

    Pay the man and get him into camp! So tired of the chargers being cheap and petty.

  32. i am so sick of this every year with you chargers. you are an embarrassment for all of us living in SD. remember when rivers actually flew back to SC rather than counter a contract that had clauses that he would need to go to 4 straight super bowls to be paid like the 2nd QB taken at #4 overall in the draft? same thing with your feeble attempts at getting a stadium. it isnt good negotiating to have a starting place so far out of whack that there are no attempts by either party to reconcile leaving you without your 1st round pick. good luck getting the future of your defense acclimated enough to make a difference. you are setting him up to be a vernon gholston.

  33. It’s all too common that 99% of the commenters on the PFT website have NO CLUE as to the crux of the contract impasse. But that won’t stop the comments on this or other threads.

    The issue centers around offset language, with Bosa’s representation pushing for a pact stripped of those terms. The rookie’s camp reportedly wants a deal that would guarantee pay for Bosa’s first four seasons, even if he’s released before it ends. The Chargers haven’t veered away from offset language with ANY of their previous four first-round picks or with Rivers’ hefty contract.

    If it’s good enough for Rivers, Gordon, Verrett and Fluker, it should be good enough for Bosa. The Chargers won’t capitulate and set a precedent going forward.

    One more thought: Does Tom Condon still harbor ill will for the Chargers for their handling of the ShEli Manning situation?

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