Jared Goff begins adjusting to the speed of the NFL

Getty Images

Every time a football player moves to the next level of the sport, he notices the difference in the speed of the game. Rams quarterback Jared Goff, along with all other 2016 rookies, currently is experiencing that.

“You definitely can notice it,” Goff told reporters on Tuesday. “I think there’s definitely a higher speed, especially when you’re with that group of ones on defense. It’s definitely a difference in speed. Like I’ve said a couple times now, as time went on through practices, through the last eight practices, it’s starting to slow down. At first it was fast and then you get more comfortable and you see stuff more often, you see the looks a few more times and it starts to slow down a little bit. I feel pretty good about it.”

He still hasn’t seen the full speed of NFL football, and he won’t really see it until he’s on the field in a game that counts. Still, he’ll be better prepared to face other defenses after facing the L.A. defense during practice.

“I think any time you can play against elevated competition, and like I said, they’re one of the best in the league,” Goff said. “When you go into a game and it’s not the same, it’s going to help a lot. They’ve been really helpful with everything. When they’re that good over there, it makes it easier on us when we face other teams.”

If that were entirely true, of course, Nick Foles wouldn’t have been so mediocre in 2015. The quarterback still needs to have a high degree of talent, and the Rams believe Goff has it.

Then again, the Rams believed Foles had it a year ago.