Michael Bennett: Cox, Vernon contracts like “seeing favorite girlfriend marry somebody else”


Defensive end Michael Bennett was in attendance for the start of mandatory mini-camp for the Seattle Seahawks on Tuesday after skipping voluntary workouts due to displeasure with his current contract.

Bennett still has two years remaining on the four-year, $28.5 million contract signed following the 2013 Super Bowl season. Bennett has said he doesn’t plan on holding out from training camp to attempt a force his way into a new deal with Seattle.

“It’s up to the organization what they do. I just want to be a great teammate and a great player,” Bennett said.

Bennett said he isn’t taking much notice of the contracts given to defensive players such as Malik Jackson (Jacksonville), Fletcher Cox (Philadelphia) and Olivier Vernon (NY Giants).

“I don’t really pay attention to too many contracts,” he said. “It can make your stomach hurt. It’s like seeing your favorite girlfriend get married to somebody else.”

That being said, Bennett believes he’s worth that type of money.

“Of course I am,” Bennett said. “If you look at the stats of those guys, what they’ve done the last couple years, I’m at the top of that list in every statistical category if you look at it. Tackles for loss, quarterback hits, hurries, games played, positions played. I mean, it speaks for itself.”

Bennett is not taking part in the practices due to what he called an ankle injury. He said he’s in the best shape of his career and will be good to go for the start of training camp next month.

18 responses to “Michael Bennett: Cox, Vernon contracts like “seeing favorite girlfriend marry somebody else”

  1. First of all, I think Vernon was overpaid. Second, Bennett is not a top-tier player. In his own mind he’s elite but I don’t see it that way.

  2. Your girlfriend’s out of your league, Michael.

    LOL at him rattling off those stats and leaving off every defensive lineman’s favorite; the QB sack.

  3. Hear ye! Hear ye! All NFL football players. Contract lesson 101. You will never get ahead of market value for your position. So get a number you fall in love with. Sign it. And stop looking over your shoulders at others who may beat you in the contract game. But they won’t beat market value either. Most of the guys that seemingly game the system only win short term if they don’t deliver the goods. Find the number you love. And live with it. What others get on other teams is irrelevant. It’s mostly bad teams overpaying for one year wonders.

  4. Poor analogy. Also just because a certain team overpays another player doesnt mean you deserve to be overpaid, esp when you are already under contract.

  5. Sure is alot of wah-wah, crying over a contract he signed…

    If he doesn’t like the deal, get a new agent, finish the term of the contract strong, then see if anyone pays him his asking terms…

    He sure has alot of mouth for a guy that has benefitted from having great talent around him…

  6. Seems as you’re the type of date a guy brings to a cheap dinner and a B movie Mike. That’s what ends up happening to big mouth chicks that while not bad to look at, never fail to embarrass their dates and wonder why they never get asked out by richer guys willing to spring for champagne and a 5 star meal.

  7. If you want market value you have 2 choices

    A- sign one year deal

    B- wait till free agency and take offers from other teams

    If you dont do either, then you are going to watch other players every off-season sign deals that you think you could get

  8. Same guy that took less money to remain part of the “Legion of Boom”?

    I remember the Bears offered more money for one example. Great family genes, but both brothers have reality issues.

  9. “favorite” girlfriend haha

    this guy is always good for a laugh

    it’s also pretty funny for him to compare himself to those guys. I like him, I like the Seahawks, but put him on an average D and he’d be making less than he does now.

    Glad to see him in camp though. And I have a hunch that a few guys like him, guys that missed big paydays by staying with the team, will find cushy, high-paying positions available to them with the Seahawks after their playing days are over, as there is no salary cap for staff and Paul Allen’s money has money.

  10. Bennett voluntarily signed his second contract.
    He gave up money for security.
    You can’t have it both ways.
    Otherwise play year to year “betting on yourself” and making max money, until you get hurt or decline.

  11. “If he doesn’t like the deal, get a new agent”

    He did…try to keep up.

    “Same guy that took less money to remain part of the “Legion of Boom”?”

    The Legion of Boom refers to the Defensive Backfield (Safeties and Cornerbacks)…not D-Line.

    While Bennett has been under contract, several mediocre-to-good players have benefited from teams that had too much cap-room for their own good. This puts his contract in a poor light. On top of that, he’s more a tweener than a specialist, which is an unfairly devalued aspect.

    Doug Baldwin is currently at the top of the priority list. After that, or if talks stall with him, you might see JS slide some money from Bennett’s last year to this year in advance of an extension in 2017.

  12. Many of the players with large salaries wind up getting cut long before their contract expires. Just look at your ex-teammate Beast Mold. He renegotiated his contract, but only played one year after that. Then he was forced into retirement. The Hogs told him he has to take a pay cut if he wants to return in 2016. then they put him on the reserved/retired list.

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