Ravens sitting Monroe while they try to trade him

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The Ravens are holding offensive tackle Eugene Monroe out of minicamp practices because they’re trying to trade him, Ravens coach John Harbaugh told reporters Tuesday.

Harbaugh said “teams are inquiring” about Monroe, an eight-year veteran who’s been the team’s left tackle when healthy since the Ravens acquired him in a 2013 trade.

The Ravens drafted offensive tackle Ronnie Stanley in the first round, in part because Monroe has missed 15 games over the last two seasons due to injury.

Harbaugh said Monroe’s status will be determined by Ozzie Newsome, who has final control of the team’s roster. If the Ravens can’t work out a trade it’s likely that Monroe will be cut. Although he’s under contract through 2018 and is due to make $6.5 million in 2016, the only guaranteed money left on the five-year deal he signed two years ago is guaranteed for injury. So, it’s an easy decision to sit Monroe while the team works things out.

Monroe tweeted last the week that the “Ravens continue to distance themselves from me and my cause.” He’s been an outspoken proponent of the NFL removing medical marijuana from its list of banned substances.

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  1. Remember when offensive linemen were considered the “safest” picks in the draft?

  2. “Ravens continue to distance themselves from me and my cause.”

    Dude, it’s the NFL if you could stay on the field and play like you did when they acquired you they wouldn’t care if your cause was clubbin’ baby seals.

  3. Yeah, Eugene, that’s why they want to trade you. It has nothing to do with you not being able to be counted on for a full season since they traded for you. BTW: How fast would the federal government start finding things to ping the NFL for if they started allowing ‘medical marijuana’ use, which is not legal, statewise, in most states and definitely still against federal law?

  4. illogicalvoicesinmyhead says:
    Jun 14, 2016 6:23 PM
    Remember when offensive linemen were considered the “safest” picks in the draft?

    That change for me when Robert Gallery was taken by Oakland!!!

  5. The Ravens best hope that Stanley can hold his own as a rookie left tackle …

  6. With Osemele gone, and Flacco coming back from an ACL, I wouldn’t have minded if they held onto Monroe for depth or to play guard. Even Ogden wasn’t the starting LT in his first season. Monroe is always hurt and lately comes off as some pothead, but he does know Juan Castillo’s system.

  7. I’d trade Harbaugh a rulebook, a properly inflated Football and a case of ‘whine’

  8. Just sayin’, I can think of at least one championship caliber team in need of a new starting LT where LMJ, if only he could ZBS.

    No state income tax either, but there’s no snazzy acronym for that.

  9. This stiff is maybe worth a bag of used footballs. When healthy. His big cause isn’t becoming a good reliable football player…it’s smoking dope. Good riddance.

  10. Summer trade… 6th round pick. The teams that I can see wanting him (Colts come to mind) would want him as a reserve and would likely require him to take a pay cut.

    I suspect he will end up releasing him. He will then get his choice of where to go. A starting quality oft injured LT will find work as a backup.

    I don’t follow the NFC much, that is the most likely trade set. Someone needs an iffy LT, I suspect a 6th round pick would get it done.

  11. They are sitting him because they are afraid he’ll fake an injury, which he probably would. Bunch of cons criminals and crybabies in RavenLand.

  12. Ravens don’t have to do a thing with Monroe until the final 53 cut down. If teams don’t want him now and think the Ravens will cut him and then they will grab them, they may be waiting quite awhile. The Ravens don’t need the cap space, a single spot on a 90 or 75 man roster is really nothing, and letting him sit and wait isn’t hurting the Ravens at all. I have been a proponent of just waiting til final cuts and then let some team pick him up with only a week to get into football shape and into the other teams playbook. Monroe stiffed the Ravens by basically rolling over and saying he isn’t playing so the Ravens can stiff him by making him sit until the end of August before cutting him loose. Or he can quit, like he did on the Ravens the last two years.

  13. If he stayed healthy and performed, this wouldn’t be an issue for the Ravens. His cause is his cause and, no, an employer shouldn’t get involved in your personal cause so why would you throw them into your personal issue even if such is medically correct? Pursue your cause, but we’d prefer you do that while performing on the field and not taking shots at your team. If you’re concerned about your health and future after the game, it’s OK to retire.

  14. If you’re gonna advocate for drug use you might want to first become a reliable player. Not that I don’t agree with him.

  15. “Ravens continue to distance themselves from me and my cause.”

    Yup, and Monroe continues to distance himself from the listing of reliable offensive tackles. Don’t let the door hit ya…..

  16. That comment was all Eugene needed to make to end his time on the Ravens, let alone any other team. You don’t throw your team or team mates under the bus in the NFL and last very long.

  17. All of this talk about Ozzie making a trade for him is just smoke. Once he is cut loose he will head to Seattle. Carroll will take a look and see what he has left. He will be on a one year prove it deal that enables the team to cut him at the end of camp, if necessary.

  18. Ya,know I’ve got an interesting thought here. It’s just a thought don’t crucify me,however what if 49ers throw Anthony Davis with like let’s say a 5th round pick. For Eugene I actually think a straight trade makes tons of sense. But if Monroe is heathly I will admit,is the better player. But the fact Davis stays healthy never misses almost. But Davis wants out and Ravens wants Monroe gone seems like a pretty good trade makes both players happy and both teams happy.

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