Romo postpones fantasy football convention, blames “blatant and continued interference” by NFL

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Last year, the NFL allegedly squeezed a group including Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo into cancelling a fantasy football convention set for Las Vegas by allegedly threatening participating players with discipline due to the fact that the event would be held on property owned by a casino. This year, the National Fantasy Football Convention has once again pulled the plug — and once again has blamed the NFL.

Per a source with knowledge of the situation, the NFFC has sent letters to all sponsors explaining that the event will again be postponed. The letter blames the postponement on the “blatant and continued interference” of the NFL.

In litigation arising from last year’s cancellation, the NFFC has argued that the NFL has applied pressure to the event’s sponsors. The letter to the event’s 2016 sponsors doesn’t specify the behavior in which the NFL allegedly has engaged in connection with the latest decision to not proceed.

After the event was canceled last year, some league insiders believed that, ultimately, the NFL didn’t want someone else to do something that the NFL could do itself, even though the NFL has to date shown no inclination to host its own fantasy football convention.

49 responses to “Romo postpones fantasy football convention, blames “blatant and continued interference” by NFL

  1. Romo ought to focus his attention on playing QB instead of worrying about this Fantasy Football Convention.
    But after he goes down with an injury again and is forced to retire, then he can jump into it all he wants.

  2. Boo hoo. Maybe next year plan a medical symposium on stress fractures of the clavicle instead Tony?

  3. This sounds like something Vikings fans should do so they have a chance to win a championship. Do they have pre-draft championships?

  4. How long before the NFL has a bidding war between Yahoo, ESPN and others for the exclusive rights to NFL Fantasy Football? Then we will all have to pay to play, play on a site where they can only list Aaron Rogers as GB QB 12, or go old school and have one guy track it all using a notebook and have everyone call (or I guess email in) their lineups before game time? I’m sure the greedy buggers will try to find a way.

  5. “The NFL will not lend it’s name to anything related to gambling”

    This message brought to you by DFS and the Las Vegas Stadium committee

  6. Careful Tony….you don’t want to get on the bad side of the nfl. If they can put Tom Brady through the ringer for over a year for nothing imagine what they will do to you.

  7. Goodell is truly Consigliere to the Mafia known as NFL owners

    Th is $63 Billion entity seems to carry such sway, that even when Goodell is blatantly corrupt in the public eye, few call him on it.

    He insists that neither the US Judiciary nor the Laws of Physics, apply to him

    This modern mafia is even trying to buy off the federal government, with Goodell insisting on having “his own” hand picked scientist conduct the concussion study

    Now this

    Consigliere Goodell is pretty smug but I think it won’t be long til you see the FBI walking out of 345 Park Ave with file boxes

  8. The NFL owners make billions from the league.

    Now they make additional billions with their shadow ownership of the daily fantasy gambling sites.

    Yet they still want cities to pay for their billion dollar buildings. I hope no city ever gives the scumbag owners another penny.

  9. If Goodell and the 32 owners would have thought of this first … slam dunk …

  10. footballfan72 says:
    Jun 14, 2016 6:42 PM
    Allegedly???? who are your less than credible sources?
    They might be very credible – eg, some of the threatened players themselves talking strictly off the record. But without proof (or an admission by the accused party) it remains just a claim – or in Florio’s lawyer-speak, an “allegation” – rather than accepted fact.

  11. Of course they fought this.. what’s next, sponsorship from FanDuel or Draftkings? What if a team wants to move to Las Vegas.. certainly they would stand tall and fight that.. Clearly the NFL wants to be certain that it operates with nothing but integrity, that’s why they even hire out their investigations to what must certainly be considered an independent investigation with no influences from the NFL and it’s commissioner. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

  12. Does anyone doubt that the NFL owners won’t sink to any depths to do anything? History will not be kind to these clowns.

  13. Probably the most over-rated QB in the history of modern football. I’m surprised he’s dug himself out of that hole Thomas Davis planted him in.

  14. JSpicoli says:
    Jun 14, 2016 6:26 PM
    It’s gambling. Period

    The stock market, commodities futures, currency markets, bonds, and real estate are gambling, yet the government, NFL owners, and even our presidential candidates regularly participate in them. Period

  15. Pete Carroll is a 9/11 truther says:
    Jun 14, 2016 8:49 PM

    The stock market, commodities futures, currency markets, bonds, and real estate are gambling, yet the government, NFL owners, and even our presidential candidates regularly participate in them. Period


    Google is your friend. Those activities are not gambling. Just because you can “win” or “lose” money does not make them gambling in the traditional sense the word is used. But I think you already know that.

  16. Meanwhile owners have stakes in DFS companies and the NFL is using Vegas a leverage to steal more tax payer money. But Romo can’t do his own thing because of integrity.

  17. jimnaizeeum says:

    Still reminds me of Gomer Pyle

    Well Gomer Pyle was nailing Jessica Simpson when she was still hot. You weren’t.

  18. I dunno this is getting wierd. There’s no way with all the noise he made last year and all the tough talk about how he wasnt gonna let it be stopped this year, that he all the sudden caved.

    It’s starting to look like some kinda of scam. I mean after all the coverage this has gotten over the year and after how outspoken Romo has been, if the NFL was applying pressure on him again, wouldn’t we have heard about it before now? It’s strange that were only hearing about it after the event has been canceled.

    You know after the event has already been promoted and the sponsors have already got there money’s worth in advertising. Which is convenient because they now don’t have to pay for the actual event. What’s even more convenient is the fact that the more Romo talks about being bullied into canceling the event the more promotion the event gets. Which leads to more visibly for the company’s who sponsored the fake event.

    Someone needs to look into this a little more. Are the sponsors still paying Romo even after he cancels the event? If they are there might be something really greasy going on.

    Obviously I don’t know if there’s anything untoward going on. Something just seems off with the way Romo has continued to go about this situation. Almost like making the story as big as possible by turning it into the NFL vs the little guy was his goal all along.

  19. Wow. So many fail trolls.

    Most of you aren’t even approaching actual troll status.
    tinkletinkleonyourstar says:
    Jun 14, 2016 9:16 PM
    when is tony going to come out of the closet?
    just do it already tony.

    professorpigskin46 says:
    Jun 14, 2016 6:36 PM
    I don’t think Tony Romo should be holding a convention–he might break his collarbone.


  20. It’s pissing in the wind gambling and I’m glad you can admit it.

    Keep it away from the sport.

  21. Fairytale Football is for nerds and fanboys. Stats don’t mean as much in football, as in MLB. There is zero skill involved in FFL past starting players that get snaps basically. I gamble more than you—–on the outcome. My statement had nothing to do with gambling and all your anecdotal comparisons. FFL is to gambling, as checkers is to chess.

  22. What goes on at a fantasy football convention? Is it similar to ComiCon, except people dress up like football players?

  23. I’m always surprised when I see NFL players supporting fantasy stuff like this. I would think that the players hate fantasy football because so many fans have become so obsessive about it that they will actually complain to the players on Twitter, etc. about ruining their fantasy team. You also see this anytime someone gets injured. I love fantasy football, but I would never talk to a player about it, because they’re actual people and they’re playing for their team, not someone’s fantasy team.

  24. The moment you ask casual fans to pay to play fantasy football just to use a site, you begin to lose those fans, because they didn’t really care in the first place now they have zero interest in wanting to get interested. You start shrinking player exposure and most guys once again become a Jersey number to everyone outside that teams fan base. It begins to return the focus on the league and away from players, just like the owners want.

  25. The arrogance of the “CEO” of Fanduel to state that fantasy is a game of skill.

    Sure it is. It’s skillful for your inside employees to get the jump on Joe Q public and scam your entire customer base.
    That was skillful, indeed.

    To suppose that any other aspect of FF is skillful is an insult to anyone with brains. ( certain Dolphin fans on here, obviously not included)

    As if you’d have the slightest clue whether Dez Bryant is going to show up to play for real on any given Sunday instead of sulk, whine, and complain about not getting the ball, ala TO.
    As if you could see predict, with skill, Eli’s ability to not throw picks or foretell Jamaal Charles blowing out his knee.

    These clown sites are laughably raking in millions at the expense on idiotic, degenerate gamblers who actually believe they can win.
    Can’t shut down these daily sites fast enough.


  26. They should just move forward and have the convention. If the NFL suspended them all for going, the bad press from that would be too great.

  27. If I’m a smart NFL player/employee, I’d stay FAR AWAY from any non-NFL sponsored Fantasy Football events.

    With the current state of the league and the current controversies surrounding companies like “DraftKings”, it wouldn’t surprise me if the NFL and it’s legal army could use my involvement in fantasy football as some sort of gambling conspiracy that could get me kicked out of the league.

    Focus on real football Tony. Do some good in your community and keep your eyes on winning some actual games. There’s plenty of time when your career is over to get involved in FF.

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