Sanchez, Siemian “right there banging on each other” in Broncos QB competition

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Broncos coach Gary Kubiak said last week that he expects to have a depth chart at quarterback heading into training camp and he gave more of an idea about how that depth chart will look on Tuesday when he fielded another round of questions about the three men competing for the job.

Mark Sanchez worked with the first team during practice and Trevor Siemian worked with the second team, but Kubiak indicated that he saw the two players on a similar level with the end of offseason work drawing near.

“Trevor and Mark have looked each other in the eyes the whole offseason,” Kubiak said, via the Denver Post. “When I sit there and watch them practice, I think they’re right there banging on each other.”

First-round pick Paxton Lynch is a rung below the two others with Kubiak pointing to the rookie’s inconsistency in practice as the reason he’s behind the other two quarterbacks at the moment.

Kubiak said that the team will discuss the quarterbacks in the next few days to determine if they’ll go further than composing a depth chart and actually name a starter before going on their pre-training camp break. Based on the way he framed the competition on Tuesday, it would seem a bit early for that although we’ll have to wait to see how things play out.