Demaryius Thomas says all Denver quarterbacks have been “looking good”

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It’s smart for anyone who will be catching passes to suck up to the guy who will be throwing them. When it’s not known who will be throwing them, it smart to suck up to all of the candidates.

Intentional or not, that’s what Broncos receiver Demaryius Thomas did on Wednesday when discussing the three-headed race between Mark Sanchez, Trevor Simian, and Paxton Lynch.

“”We don’t really know who is going to be that guy,” Thomas told reporters. “Whoever it is, they’ve been looking good. I’ve been going with every quarterback during OTAs. Everybody has their own ways. We’ve been making completions here and there. I’ve been getting more reps with Mark right now. We’ll see what goes on.”

Although no depth chart has been issued, Sanchez has become the de facto No. 1 guy. His primary competition currently comes from Siemian.

Thomas also said some changes have been made to the offense, and Thomas acknowledged that this year will be different because he’s participating (unlike last year) in the offseason program.

“Just to be here and to get reps, with the new offense and stuff that we put in, I’m more comfortable because last year I came in at training camp and they threw everything at me,” Thomas said. “It was difficult at times, but it was a little different because of the timing and different routes and stuff like that. Now that I’m here, the timing will be better.”

That’s one of the reasons why the Broncos recently tried to get linebacker Von Miller under contract. Franchise-tagged players who miss the offseason program end up being at a disadvantage when the time comes to report for training camp. Thomas won’t be in that circumstance this year, which means that he should have a better season — regardless of who the quarterback is.

16 responses to “Demaryius Thomas says all Denver quarterbacks have been “looking good”

  1. Wow. Breaking news here. Would you like him to say ‘well, doesn’t look good and based on who we have to work with i dont like our chances to get back to a SB while I’m here anyways’ And blow up your site?

  2. hard to imagine worse play than last year from the QB position…granted having Manning use his huge cranium helped but the weak arm may have made tha a wash…so the Broncos will be just fine and make at least a run at a repeat !!!!!

  3. Last season the Broncos had the WORST passing QB in the league last season in Peyton Manning despite the HGH, so it stands to reason that ALL the QB’s this off season are going to “look good”

  4. I loosened up the ole arm last night and hit my 5yr old son right in stride a few times and I gotta admit I looked pretty good .

  5. Sounds to me like wishful thinking. I can’t imagine that Sanchez, Siemens and Lynch can make the team feel that confident.

  6. The fact that Lynch doesn’t look any better than Sanchez (a retread mediocre backup) and Siemian (a 2015 7th round pick), is really bad news for the Broncos. If they all look pretty good it means none of them look like a starting QB.

  7. Demaryius Thomas 2015 regular season stats: 105 catches 1304 yards 6 TDs avg 12.4 yds/play in a DOWN year. That’s what the 43.5M is for. Sometimes teams take away one guy. Wasn’t he up against Norman most of the game? Wasn’t the rest of the offense pretty anemic?

  8. What some observants are missing is Denver is building a team style of operation unique to itself.

    1 & 2 QB fulltime, longtime. (*think Kub-Elway)
    Bronco culture being made on the fly piecemeal.

    Smaller drop off between 1&2 @ all positions.

    Closer look explains why the pocket watchers got it wrong with the Brock… “oops….oh well” deal.

    spending every penny of the cap…Elway cheap.
    millions under cap min….Patriots fair minded.

    Sanchez is here to buy time…. for 1 year only.

    The west coast offence is complicated on many levels. Elway said it took a full year to learn it.

    3 years for Brock to play, but Paxton should start ASAP is probably a disaster scenario.

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