Reshad Jones will report to Dolphins’ minicamp today


After skipping the first day of mandatory minicamp, Reshad Jones apparently has decided he made his point.

Jones, the Dolphins safety who hasn’t participated in any offseason work this year, will show up today, Albert Breer of reports. It will be his first time attending anything at the team facilities since the 2015 season ended.

There had been reports that Jones was so upset with his contract that he could sit out the entire season, but it now appears that it won’t come to that.

Jones is signed through 2017, at a base salary of $7.225 million this season and $7.06 million next year.

13 responses to “Reshad Jones will report to Dolphins’ minicamp today

  1. A Much To Do About Nothing…

    It is really good to see once again the Dolphins organization doing everything right this off-season and making a change from the the usual bonehead decisions on Draft, Free Agency, Coaches, etc. I like it and guarantee they turn it around this year. After all, only a fool keeps doing the same thing every time and expecting different results. Thanks Reshad for putting the the Team first. Play your heart out this year and get a new Contract. Phins Up!!!!

  2. “Reshad Jones apparently has decided he made his point.”

    And what would that point have been? Don’t get me wrong, unless a guy is playing for close to the minimum with years to go if he has a signed contract I think he should show up. But if a guy decides to holdout, particularly one that is being compensated at a level close to the top of his position, what does doing it for one day accomplish? The whole idea of it was ill conceived, the only point he made was that he was a paper tiger making an empty threat. Good for the team that he is there but generating ill will to no good end should not be misconstrued as making a point. Again, glad for the ‘Phins he didn’t go the full Kam but this episode was just stupid on his part.

  3. Reshad is on the edge of being a perennial pro bowler if he can stay healthy and maintain production. Last years snub was somewhat warranted but no doubt he’ll get plenty attention this year. The onus is on him to prove last year was no fluke but he’s always been very good and could start anywhere in the NFL. The man will get paid and the Dolphins should do what ever it takes to make him happy and keep him in Miami. I’m not saying he’s the best strong safety in the NFL right now but close to it and he continues to be the fire and leader of the Miami secondary make no mistake about that… RESPECT

  4. I’m glad this “holdout” ended before it could be tagged as the second dumbest holdout in league history. I have tickets to the November game in San Diego. Look forward to watching him.

    I don’t think anyone will ever take the “dumbest holdout in any sport ever” trophy from Kan Chancellor.

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