Seahawks receiver Paul Richardson healthy again after missing nearly all of last season

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After missing the first half of last season while recovering from a torn ACL, Seahawks receiver Paul Richardson was eager to rejoin Seattle’s offense. His return lasted just one game as a hamstring injury suffered on his only catch of the season landed him on injured reserve.

“It was pretty defeating,” Richardson said of the injury. “My attitude, my spirits were down. I had to find a way to pick back up to be able to come back for this offseason. That’s what I did and I’m pretty proud about how things have gone since then.”

Richardson spent the first nine weeks of the season ineligible to play while on the physically unable to perform list. He had suffered a torn ACL in Seattle’s playoff victory over the Carolina Panthers in January, 2014. Against the Arizona Cardinals in his first game back off PUP, Richardson beat Jerraud Powers off the line of scrimmage and Russell Wilson delivered a perfect strike for a 40-yard gain. Then the hamstring gave out.

“It was pretty frustrating because I want to play football,” he said.

Richardson is back practicing during mini-camp for the Seahawks are appears to be fully healthy once again.

“Paul is off to a great start in camp, gosh he has done really well,” head coach Pete Carroll said. “Obviously the hard work that he had, he had so much work on the sidelines last year. He is strong and really fast. We clocked him as fast as he has ever been for us in the OTAs, he is ready to compete and really help us.”

Richardson caught 29 passes for 271 yards and a touchdown in his rookie season in 2014. His speed could pair well with Tyler Lockett to stretch opposing defenses while opening space up for Doug Baldwin and Jimmy Graham. However, that speed has to be on the field in order to contribute.

11 responses to “Seahawks receiver Paul Richardson healthy again after missing nearly all of last season

  1. I didn’t forget about him but after Tyler Lockette’s season last year Paul became a less critical loss in the scheme of things. Many Hawks fans did indeed forget all about him.

    If he is really 100% then the seahawks have two total burners for RW to work with on the outside. I expect Russell to put up the biggest numbers of his career this year. Everything is lining up(KNOCK ON WOOD!!!)

    NO INJURIES! and I mean that for every team around the league. Injuries are the worst way for your team to get derailed early in the season because it’s “WHAT IF”.

  2. Tyler Lockette on one side Richardson on the other…..too much speed, no team can cover both of them.

  3. This year is make it or break it in the NFL for Paul Richardson. Hawk fans have been excited about him since drafting him and he showed what he could do at end of rookie year. Even in practices he has wowed people with catches and deep ball skills.

    But like Dion Butler he hasn’t stayed healthy and it hasn’t translated past potential yet. Please stay healthy because him, Baldwin and Lockett on the field I don’t think teams will be ever using zero coverage.

  4. I hope he does great this year because of the great speed. it would give us a powerful weapon. But unfortunately it doesn’t seem likely. He doesn’t seem to have the body to be able to take NFL-level shots. At 6′ and 183 pounds you would think he might be able to take the beating, but it doesn’t appear he hits the weight room to put on bulk.

    But man can that guy fly! Best of luck, Paul.

  5. Richardson, Baldwin, LINE (of doom if you believe PFF), Graham/Vannett, Lockett with Russ and CJ in the backfield, going to be fun to watch. O-Line is obviously suspect but it’d be hard for them to start off worse than they did last year and that list of targets can make teams pay if they bring too many guys up to the line.

  6. That’s cute that Russell has another WR. Who he won’t throw to. Again and again. Because Lil’ Russ will be running his arse off because his subpar O-line got even worse during the offseason.

    10-9 against the Vikings = the Seagulss are not exactly an offensive powerhouse

  7. 10-9 in sub zero temperatures.

    You sound new. A win is a win in the playoffs. That was a brutal game that only the toughest men could play.

    Sub zero is no joke. They scored 28 pts in the second half alone vs the Panthers the next week. Offense and scoring isn’t an issue thanks.

    It was “cute” that you stopped by and showed us all how you are worried by trying to disparage an obvious good thing.

  8. Pete Carroll is a 9/11 truther says:
    Jun 17, 2016 1:51 AM
    That’s cute that Russell has another WR. Who he won’t throw to. Again and again.


    Right…because that’s how a QB passes for 4000+ yards and 34 TDs. Just because Wilson does more with fewer opportunities than any QB in the history of the NFL is no reason to be salty. Vikings fans have more than enough to worry about with their worthless offense.

  9. How did Lil Russ get 45 sacks last season? He must be really good, and the Seagulls line must be really good.

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