After MVP season, Cam Newton says: “I haven’t climaxed as a player”

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Cam Newton wasn’t eager to revisit this past February. And he didn’t want to talk about next February either.

The Panthers quarterback said Thursday as his team wrapped up minicamp that he was so focused on the work he was putting in this June, that things in the past or future weren’t in his mind.

The reigning MVP said he had plenty to work on this year, and insisted that was his focus.

“I haven’t peaked, I haven’t climaxed as a player, and that’s what I need to get better at,” Newton said. “I always can find ways to take my game to the next level. And just getting everybody on the same page.

“As one of the captains on this team, I take that very pridefully, knowing a lot of people are looking at me.”

Of course, Newton should be used to people looking at him, having been in the spotlight so long.

The last time he was in it, after the Super Bowl, he admittedly didn’t react as well as he’d have preferred. He insists he’s going to continue to be himself, and coach Ron Rivera has defended his quarterback’s passion.

But as camp broke for the summer, Newton said his only thoughts were on the things he needed to improve. He didn’t go down a list of particulars, but the Panthers have the potential to be even better offensively than they were a year ago.

With wide receiver Kelvin Benjamin back after last year’s torn ACL, Newton has a true No. 1 target at his disposal again. So while they didn’t leave themselves much room for improvement, that’s clearly what Newton is looking for.

46 responses to “After MVP season, Cam Newton says: “I haven’t climaxed as a player”

  1. 59% completion percentage

    Just one shot to the knee or a twist of an ankle away from mediocrity.

  2. If this guy doesn’t change his fake look of celebrating when things are hunky dory and crawling into a pouty hole when up against adversity, he will never reach whatever potential he thinks he has.

  3. Maybe he should play for Denver. With all the banging the quarterbacks are doing there someone is bound to help him climax.

  4. You won’t be playing against the 30th ranked strength of schedule this year, so I have a feeling you won’t be doing any climaxing this year either.

  5. He’s stating the obvious. Anyone who saw the Super Bowls knows he doesn’t finish plays. And the pouting afterwards is the natural result.

  6. It’s a nothing story outside of the funny pun. Tom Brady will be39 when the season begins and believe me he STILL thinks he is getting better (as he should). It should be no surprise that Cam Newton thinks he is getting better….as is every player that goes to training camp.

    Those players who aren’t getting better, won’t be in camp long

  7. Here’s a tip: Your athleticism does peak and wain….the key is to always be learning and improving at your trade. This keeps you in the game even though the body cannot do what it once did.

  8. Cams right, he can still improve.
    One way he could improve is to make an attempt to recover fumbles in important games like the Super Bowl.
    Instead of stepping back and watching.

    I don’t blame him for doing that either, I’d do the same thing. Except that I’m not a pro QB and I’m over 60 and wouldn’t want to get hurt.

  9. I don’t really have anything to say, I’m here just to see who has the funniest comment.

  10. Cam Newton is an overrated bum. So glad he’s not on my team. That move where he refused to recover his own fumble IN THE SUPERBOWL was the biggest act of cowardice I’ve ever seen in pro sports. On top of that, his little “towel over the head” pouting is just awful.

    This guy is Jay Cutler mixed with Mark Sanchez… without the talent.

  11. Newton didn’t have much success against the Broncos, but he can sure beat the crap out of the English language. Makes Yogi Berra sound like Abraham Lincoln.

  12. His body may say differently. He’s 27 now. Your body only has so many miles on it when you play QB and run the ball a lot (and get hit a lot too). Just ask Mike Vick and RGMe (though his injuries play a part also). Once his physical skills diminish he’s going to be not so good. How long will that be? Who knows but it’s generally regarded that your body reaches its peak at 26. So, given that information, he may be wrong.

    Keep in mind, I’m NOT saying you can’t get better after 26. I’m saying, your physical body begins to suffer. You can delay that somewhat by staying in shape (see Jerry Rice) but if you take a lot of hits that eventually gets to you. Earl Campbell was all but washed up at 28 because of the miles on his body. Cam better learn how to read defenses better and be more accurate as a passer because if he thinks he can play ten more years in the style he currently plays, he may find out he’s mistaken.

  13. ravenmadnky says:
    Jun 16, 2016 2:17 PM
    I haven’t climaxed yet as a husband.

    11 3
    Report comment

    I thought this was the best of the bunch. It seems the rest of the crowd didn’t feel the same way as me.

  14. Its sad and funny how many of you guys jump on every Newton article to bash him. Its always the same comments too and hardly ever anything to do with the article. If you hate him so much quit clicking on news about him and get a life.

  15. I should have known. A bunch of jokes that 11-year-olds wouldn’t even laugh at, people commenting about not falling on a fumble like they are the first ones to ever say anything about it, and manufactured outrage over things that every other player in the league does (end zone dances). You people are so predictable you are getting boring.

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