Dez Bryant inspired by dedication of Spelling Bee champ

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When Nihar Janga won the National Spelling Bee last month, he celebrated on stage by mimicking the touchdown celebration of his favorite football player, Dez Bryant.

Bryant noticed that and invited Janga to attend practice with the Cowboys this week. After hanging out with Janga, Bryant said he was impressed with the young man’s work ethic

“That little kid made my day. Extremely smart. Outstanding. You can tell he’s an extremely hard worker. That’s all he talked about, how he practiced, how him and his mom just sat down and looked up all those words out of the dictionary and studied them. It just shows you how great he is,” Bryant said.

The kind of hard work it takes to become a great speller is slightly different from the kind of hard work it takes to become a great football player, but Bryant recognizes a great competitor when he sees one, in any field.

9 responses to “Dez Bryant inspired by dedication of Spelling Bee champ

  1. It’s pretty cool when an elite professional athlete who is accustomed to adulation himself – respectfully tips his cap to a young boy who relied on his wits, poise and work ethic to excel in an entirely different arena.

    I dig it. Huge credit to both Dez and Nihar.

  2. With 3 touchdowns in 9 games last year the kid should get extra credit for simply remembering that Dez has a standard TD celebration.

  3. I was going to make a joke about how he probably spells better than Dez Bryant. Then I realized that kid probably spells better than all of us.

  4. It’s great to hear positive and inspiring stories like this one amongst all the negative stories about arrests, drugs, contract disputes, etc.

  5. Not a Cowboys fan, but this is a great story. We should be applauding kids who value education. Too much of our adulation goes to athletes and entertainers over education and great scholars. Kudos to Dez for acknowledging great educational accomplishments.

  6. Dez saw an opportunity do a favor for the young man, and at the same time, a chance to get the young man alone and ask him for some tips on how to raise his reading level so he could understand his playbook.

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