Monroe questions whether marijuana advocacy contributed to his release

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The Ravens cut offensive tackle Eugene Monroe on Wednesday after he spent the last few months advocating for allowing NFL players to use medical marijuana. The Ravens didn’t say the two things were related, although the team did make clear that it wasn’t supporting Monroe’s advocacy.

According to the New York Times, Monroe questions whether his advocacy played a role in the Ravens’ decision.

“I can’t say for sure whether or not my stance on medical cannabis was the reason the Ravens released me,” Monroe said. “However, as I’ve said in the past, they have distanced themselves from me and made it clear that they do not support my advocacy.”

There are several reasons the Ravens cut Monroe. He was due a $6.5 million salary this season, he has a history of injuries, and they just selected offensive tackle Ronnie Stanley with the sixth overall pick in the draft. No one is suggesting that advocating for marijuana is the only reason Monroe is out in Baltimore.

But it may have played a part in the decision. Monroe seems to think so.

75 responses to “Monroe questions whether marijuana advocacy contributed to his release

  1. In Goodells mind he was probably more guilty than not of using MJ and I’m sure he made it known to the Ravens.

  2. Let me see…. Weed or 6.5 million?… Weed or 6.5 million?…Such a tough decision.

  3. They don’t have to support your advocacy. You are getting older, you have only played in 17 of the last 34 games and they drafted your replacement this year….seems pretty cut and dry to me.

  4. This is so stupid. The Ravens released him because he was an aging veteran who’s been injured a lot and they owed him a lot of money. The marijuana thing had nothing to do with it. How do I know? Because players on their team and all over the league do marijuana all the time. Everybody knows that, and so do the Ravens.
    Without admitting that they are looking the other way, there’s no doubt in my mind the NFL is beginning to accept the players being potheads. They know it’s inevitable that it will become legal all over the country and therefore they’re not nearly as bothered by players using it as they used to be.
    If a player gets caught, the NFL still suspends them because they have no choice. But if you get them to tell the truth, they would want those suspensions for weed to go away. And make no mistake — they will go away.

  5. Perhaps during the next CBA, the players union will bring in some real negotiators so they dont get railroaded again. The league would easily turn a blind eye to marijuana use for say an 18 game schedule… That 18 game schedule would generate more revenue for the league which would lead to a higher salary cap.. Which would lead to more money in the players pockets.

  6. LeVeon Bell “advocates for marijuana” and his team seems fine with him. Amazing how not sucking tends to impact these things.

  7. Monroe should have advocated for HGH, Budweiser beer and Advil just to be on the safe side.

  8. Or maybe it has to do with the fact he’s played 28 games out of 48 games the last 3 years and the fact he keeps getting injured…

  9. The only reasons its illegal = Big Pharma, Alcohol and Tobacco Companies…

  10. His advocacy played a role in his departure from the team. But it was a small role. The Ravens, and any team for that matter, needs offensive tackles that don’t miss 15 games over two seasons. And it was just compounded by the large base salary.

  11. Marijuana advocacy may not help a player, but if he was all pro he could publish high times magazine and no one would care.

    I think the more likely reasoning was he was not on the field enough.

  12. 1. Monroe has started exactly half the games he’s been paid for in the last four seasons
    2. Immediately frees up $6.5 million
    3. Ravens drafted a left tackle with the 6th overall pick

    Seems pretty straight forward.

  13. Here’s the thing: I have no problem with him being an advocate for something he strongly believes in. But even if it is the reason you got cut (probably has more to do with your unreliability, health-wise), you can’t be mad about that. You should’ve thought about those repercussions before taking the public stance.

  14. a plant that grows in the ground or a chemical compound created in the lab?

    Which one of these two things can we make the most money off of and secure a habitual addiction to?

    The war of drugs has clearly won.

    Let us hope that the war or scarror will not go down the same road. Bc why would we want this war to go on for lifetimes upon lifetimes?

  15. The marijuana issue just might be why they didn’t resign Monroe…heck, it’s why they didn’t draft Laremy Tunsil, soooooo….. If Ozzie boy keeps that up, maybe the media will stop calling him the greatest GM in NFL history… 😉

  16. Or could the reason be The Ravens were tired of paying for an oft injured Left Tackle contributed to the lack of protection for their injured franchise QB. Could it be the fact the Ravens drafted what they believe to be a Left Tackle who will stay healthy enough to protect said QB.

    I guess the continual mentioning of marijuana may have contributed in some small way to Monroe’s unemployment……

  17. The marijuana issue just might be why they didn’t resign Monroe…heck, it’s why they didn’t draft Laremy Tunsil, soooooo…..

  18. Looks like a lot of people need to educate themselves on the difference between marijuana and medical marijuana.

    Medical marijuana is legal in Maryland.

    Why anyone wouldn’t be for medical marijuana is a mystery. Or it’s just all about the money.

  19. Nooooo. It’s about you performing to the level of your contract which you clearly did not do and they lost confidence in your potential ability to do so in the future. It didn’t help that you attempted to insert your employer in your personal crusade which goes against the NFL management platform. Bottom line: you were reliable thus didn’t perform. Nothing more. Nothing less.

  20. silvernblacksabbath says:
    Jun 16, 2016 11:00 AM

    The only reasons its illegal = Big Pharma, Alcohol and Tobacco Companies…

    You’re forgetting a huge factor: conservative religious evangelicals. They have powerful groups advocating against marijuana, plus other substances such as alcohol. Marijuana is still illegal in this country (Federally), so the PFT outrage against the NFL’s stance is badly misplaced. Write to your congressmen, sign petitions, and most importantly, vote to reverse the conservative-based laws against weed.

  21. When you are young, healthy and play well, you can advocate or speak up to whatever you want. But once you are aged and not playing well, just shut up and hopefully someone will give you a job.

  22. It amazes me all the ignorant things people are posting. Monroe was advocating for medical marijuana as an alternative to narcotic pain medicines. Something that has ruined many players lives, and almost took down a number of truly great players (Brett Favre admitted Vicodin addiction at one point in his career). Reducing his advocacy to “he gave up millions to get high” is idiotic and not at all a representation of the truth.

  23. “I can’t say for sure whether or not my stance on medical cannabis was the reason the Ravens released me”

    I can, so let me help you with that. You played 17 out of the last 32 games and they weren’t exactly 17 stellar games. If you played 30 of them at or near a pro bowl level you’d be getting a raise and they wouldn’t have used their 1st round pick on your replacement, even if you were advocating clubbing baby seals.

  24. Once you take such a stance & advocate for it, you should be willing to live with all the consequences that come with it.
    Trying to blame other people for your circumstances to your choosen position is ridiculous.

  25. Cops, Lawyers, Judges, Prison guards and sock holders and owners of privately run prisons are the ones against marijuana legalization.. most would be out of a Job…the NFL is also backward on this(Big Surprise) they would rather have players addicted to opiates than ease pain through pot.

  26. some dumbass said that the only reason pot is illegal is because of tobacco and alcohol co. i don’t know of 1 person on hard drugs who did not start with pot. all i want on my team is some pothead who is lazy and eats all the time

  27. Well, there is certainly no shortage of morons with a victim mentality. Dude made too much money, was hurt often, missed too many games and there was at least one better option on the roster. Somehow, he thinks weed advocacy might have something to do with it. He must be right because there is no way his poor play and availability caused him to get fired. Get real

  28. @mmack – as a resident of the state of Maryland, I can assure you that medical marijuana is not available. Our legislature has legalized medical marijuana, but with so many restrictions (thanks to failed politician Martin OMalley) it is absurd. It has been legal here for years, but still not available.

    I agree with all the posters who point out that big business is the only reason MJ is still illegal. I don’t care if you are D or R, our lives are controlled by the business interests of multi-national corporations that own our politicians. I’m a capitalist…but it’s a freaking crime how these corporations are destroying our country!!!

  29. So let’s see… you “advocate” the use of (encourage other people to use) a banned substance that is especially problematic in the NFL, the cause of suspensions that disrupt seasons and thwart team progress.

    If I were the NFL I’d be drug testing this guy every day, and I’d find out who is friends are and test them every day as well.

    Say what you want about marijuana (personally I don’t care either way), but this is crystal clear and very easy.

    Why is it a surprise that a team doesn’t want someone pushing a drug agenda in their locker room? I can’t believe this is even a conversation.

    His on the field performance is clearly part of the problem, but when you are a marginal performer, being a (significant) negative presence in the locker room makes it an easy decision.

  30. You think you’re living in a free country you have another thing coming. I wanted to post an essay to my LinkedIn account about America’s hysterical reaction called the war on prescription painkillers. This after I was given ibuprofen following dental surgery and denied Tussonex cough syrup when I had bronchitis. But everyone tells me that there are two occasions when you should never make your opinions known: 1) when you’re looking for employment and 2) when you have a job

  31. I don’t know 1 person on hard drugs who did not start with the gateway drug Soda Pop( caffeine and sugar). research it Micheal Phelps the Greatest Olympic Champion in History smokes Cannabis. He must be lazy and eats all the time but has won over 20 medals in the olympics and a record 8 gold and a bong in one olympics. Bill gates same thing richest man in USA is a pot head. Google rich and famous people who use cannabis.

  32. The sad thing is the league and Feds are ignoring the fact that you can have medical marijuana without THC.

    There are plenty of CBD products which is the actual painkilling compound and it has zero psychoactive effects, ie it does not get you high.

    Of course the players want the relaxation that comes from being stoned too, but the league could easily justify CBD products and non addictive painkillers that do not get you high.

    That would require A)understanding of science with Goodell and cronies known to have failed 5th grade science and consider all that “sciencey stuff as nothing but voodoo” and also B)common sense, which Goodell and cronies also do not have.

  33. @chuckshon – You are wrong about lawyers & judges. Most, if not all, would like marijuana to be legalized. Trust me, there are plenty of more important crimes and criminals to keep us busy! Would rather not have our time consumed with minor marijuana offenses. In fact, most cops and judges ignore marijuana offenses unless it involves distribution.

  34. Come to Denver it is LEGAL in Colorado. Denver can always use extra Offensive tackles. Notice the last 2 out of 3 Superbowl Champion teams are playing in a State that Cannabis is legal and last 3 S.B.s has had at least 1 team who has legal cannabis in trheir state

  35. 99.9% of the people who advocate for “medical” dope just want to get stoned like a loser but won’t admit it. I would have cut Smokey as well.

  36. Let’s put this in terms you can get understand Eugene. Your dealer is overcharging you for weed. Another dealer can sell you better weed for cheaper. What do you do?

  37. chuckshontaspads says:
    Jun 16, 2016 11:41 AM

    Cops, Lawyers, Judges, Prison guards and sock holders and owners of privately run prisons are the ones against marijuana legalization.. most would be out of a Job…the NFL is also backward on this(Big Surprise) they would rather have players addicted to opiates than ease pain through pot.
    Exactly right!! Keep alcohol legal and you keep the jobs of judges, cops, etc….

  38. As a football player, just keep your damn mouth shut and stay far away from controversial topics. You saw what happened to Chris Kluwe.

  39. Part 1

    Take 2 players A and B

    A plays well and stays on the field and is 29
    B gets injured and doesn’t play as well

    A and B both advocate for legalizing Pot but don’t fail drug tests.

    Q: Which player is more sought after during free agency?

  40. Eugene, watch the film from the last two years. It says it all about why you were cut.

  41. Part 2
    Take 2 players C and D

    C plays well and stays on the field and is 29
    D gets injured and doesn’t play as well and is also 29

    C advocates for legalizing Pot but don’t fail drug tests.
    D doesn’t say anything controversial.

    Q: Which player is more sought after during free agency?

  42. ” i don’t know of 1 person on hard drugs who did not start with pot”

    Actually I would wager the “gateway drugs” they started with were alcohol and tobacco.

  43. An undrafted o lineman making league minimum has played more games and snaps than u since u joined the team. Thats the issue. U worked hard in jax, we gave u a nice deal, and u used every excuse to stay off the field..prolly to get high, taking into consideration the recent developments. Now work hard and be durable for whoever signs you until u can get another big money deal, than you can not play due to an owie on your finger, or wtv else it is.

    Monroe, i really liked u and was sad to see u go, but u sound like a child blaming everyone else for your problems. Grow up

  44. Some other dumbass generalizes that pot heads are lazy and dumb.

    there are gold medal winning olympic athletes that a pot heads.

    There are former chief of commanders that were pot heads.

    There will always be lazy people…. doesn’t matter what their occupation is, what there religious beliefs are, nor what political party that are affiliated with.

  45. Lol at “the NFL has no choice but to suspend players for smoking weed”. They don’t do that in the NBA, MLB or NHL.

  46. I think they would have cut him any way due to salary and recent production, but I think it was petty for them to throw in the shots about marijuana in the article.

  47. You finished three games last year bro. THREE. You tapped out of half the games you played. And you tapped out of a playoff game two years ago after never having been on a winning team – a game that probably puts the Ravens in the superbowl if they win it

  48. To some alchohol and tobacco aren’t even “drugs” let alone gateway drugs. The thought is just hitting them for the first time and it’s blowing their mind.

    It was that sip of beer that you stole from daddy when he wasn’t looking that led you down the path to heroin addiction, not the pot you smoked along the way. It was the cigarettes that you couldn’t quit as a high-school student that got your body used to having a foreign substance running the show.

    Ironically enough it’s the anti-pot people being lazy with their arguments.

  49. Look at the problem the NFL already has with weed.
    Imagine if they suddenly decided it was okay and all these young rich men started blazing away.
    What would practice look like if they are all stoned?
    What would the game look like?
    Who would pay to watch a bunch of stoners on a football field?

  50. How many here use coffee? I know addicts who were not allowed to have coffee while in treatment.

    Most people are on some sort of substances. Legal painkillers are a gateway to heroin for a lot of people. I was walking around with a hole in my appendix and was prescribed stuff- I stopped taking as soon as I could because I didn’t want to get hooked.

    Yeah, I do know people who went from pot to hard drugs but more who didn’t.

    I only use coffee, fwiw.

  51. They built a statue honoring a murderer, then tried to cover up the fact that Ray Rice had a literal knock-down-drag-out with his fiance in an elevator, and they have the audacity to yap about a player simply advocating for the use of MEDICAL marijuana, something that is legal in 20 states, including Maryland?

    This particular Harbaugh is one of the most despicable people ever.

  52. Of course you need excuses to deal with your failure as an everyday player for the Ravens. Maybe the fact that they drafted a left tackle at # 6 was the reason the let your often injured, underperforming and overpaid arse out to the wild.

  53. His advocacy had nothing to do with it. His play fell of drastically after signing his big contract and he can’t stay healthy.

  54. Yes- sit there and ponder that while you smoke another dirty bag of weed likely laced with everything from fecal matter to pcp.

    Just another useless addict

  55. It doesn’t matter what Monroe was doing. The Ravens had to cut him because he was on Goodell’s radar.

  56. It’s hard to take a professional of any profession seriously when they waste their time on weed. Can’t blame the Ravens if they considered this when making the decision to cut Monroe loose.

  57. Judging from all of the anti-marijuana comments, it is clear to see why it was so easy for Goodell to dupe so many people throughout the psigate fraud.

    Some of you people are definitely on the back half of the Bell Curve.

  58. Still blows my mind that possession and use of Marijuana are illegal in most places across this country but possession and use of an AR-15 is not. If someone can accept that safe and responsible possession/use of that weapon is appropriate, how can they possibly make the argument of MJ?

    In Monroe’s case he is talking about medicinal use. Shouldn’t even matter if it is medicinal.

  59. Yeah, so the fact you were over-paid, under-performing, had a huge cap number, and they used their #1 pick on your replacement had nothing to do with it right? Sounds like you’re doing more than just advocating–maybe using too.

  60. Frankly, it’s the Ravens loss knowing that Monroe is gone because Ozzie Newsome is a declining GM the way two-time Super Bowl winning and one-time Super Bowl runner up Bobby Beathard was in San Diego after leaving Washington.

    Ozzie has to use free agents to make up for bad drafts. Plus, when can’t replace departing players anymore, you know that it’s Monroe’s gain by leaving.

  61. Players should be able to do bong hits on the sideline, snort a little toot and even shoot up some smack during games. For medicinal purposes of course.

  62. Hope the Hawks sign Puff Daddy.
    He can slide right into Okung spot at 8-9 games effective games a year.
    As long as he cheap enough, why not?
    And what the heck- our state its legal- bet Pete Carroll has a lawyer friend or two that can twist things Monroes way.

  63. It’s illegal in 46 states and against NFL rules, why would the Ravens be supportive. Doesn’t mean he is wrong, but expecting support from the team is stupid.

  64. Right. It’s your stance on pot, not the fact that you missed about 50% of the games over the past 2 years.

  65. Advocating the use of marijuana isnt the same as failing a drug test. The Ravens didnt release him because of his marijuana use or stance on it. It was from a financial stand point and his injury history. However, I dont see any reason the Ravens had to take a jab at him for supporting marijuana when all rationale people know it should be legal if not decriminalized in US.

  66. bullcharger says:
    Jun 16, 2016 4:03 PM

    It’s illegal in 46 states and against NFL rules, why would the Ravens be supportive. Doesn’t mean he is wrong, but expecting support from the team is stupid.

    What he was advocating for is legal in 20 states.

  67. You can advocate for the use of Gunja all day long, advocating, and use are two different things.
    If the Ravens suspected that he used, they can test him. THC (the active ingredient in Marijuana remains in the system for about 28 days).
    Lastly, he can advocate all day, but if he doesn’t live in a state where the use isn’t legalized, and if the NFL doesn’t say it is OK for players to use, then he probably shouldn’t be using it. If all that is true, and he is still stupid enough to use, then he gets what he deserves.
    As a nurse, I believe that Marijuana is very useful in minimizing the nausea the chemo therapy patients endure, during treatment. It has also been used with glaucoma patients. I am certain, that it has more medical implications as well.

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