Panthers reward Rivera with raise, extension

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The Panthers have rewarded head coach Ron Rivera with a one-year extension that will pay him more than $6 million per year, Joseph Person of the Charlotte Observer reported Thursday.

The report said the deal was done “quietly” earlier this spring and not announced by the team. Rivera now ranks among the 10 highest-paid coaches in the league.

The extension puts Rivera, the 2015 NFL Coach of the Year, under contract through the 2018 season.

The Panthers were 15-1 last season and went to the Super Bowl. Rivera is 47-32-1 in five seasons as Panthers head coach.

31 responses to “Panthers reward Rivera with raise, extension

  1. Well earned. Good to see an owner let a young coach grow with a team rather then be like Miami’s and say a coach has 3 years to be compared to BB & Parcels or be fired.

  2. Good for both the team and Ron, nice to see.

    I honestly thought a few years ago he was getting fired. They turned it around!

  3. Riverboat Ron had a great year and this is well deserving. That being said it’s funny they will give the coach a raise when they won’t give his best players a raise.

  4. Dave Gettleman’s kid: Can I have money for food?

    Dave Gettleman’s wife: Here’s $20 for pizza, honey.

    Dave Gettleman: That’s ridiculous he only needs $10!

    We all know this Dad…

  5. A coach speaks the truth and comes out the other side of a 15-1 season, survives and beats the defending NFC Champ, creams the Cardinals in the NFC championship and somehow people still complain about his extension.

  6. Maybe he could still teach Cam Newton to cover a fumble during the Super Bowl. That has to be the laziest and most gutless thing I’ve ever seen in 40 years of watching the NFL.

  7. Before Carolina, Rivera was the Bears’ DC under Lovie Smith. I guess Rivera was a threat to Lovie so Lovie fired Rivera. Too bad the Bears’ GM let that happen.

  8. How about jumping out of your fanatic (Fan) shoes for a few moments and walk a mile in the owner’s Nike’s.

    Sure, there have been some dissapointments like Cam in the S.B. and injuries to key players along the way. But, look where the Panthers are now, compared to when Foxie guardeded the chicken coop. If I was the owner I would pay up to the coach just like I would pay a fair market value to K.K.

    Did you really like the third and long draw plays a few years ago, or the for sure pass to Steve Smith, when the defensed knew exactly what was coming.

    Ron has provided a lot more excitement to the game than there was in past years.

  9. reward him for what? being completely out-coached and losing the biggest game of the season?
    Maybe for getting back-to-back Division titles, getting to the SB on a 15-1 season, and keeping the team basically intact. Players love him.

  10. This is the exception rather than the rule.
    3 years now is the maximum limit for ANY new coach in any sport. Even if you win a championship within 3 years, you will be tuned out by players who are tired of hearing the same message over and over again. You can disagree but you will be wrong.

  11. Going 7-8-1 and winning the division is impressive?
    The Panthers beat out Tampa (2-14), and two weaker teams (Atlanta and New Orleans). Hardly impressive.

    >>corkspop says:
    Jun 16, 2016 5:24 PM
    reward him for what? being completely out-coached and losing the biggest game of the season?
    Maybe for getting back-to-back Division titles, getting to the SB on a 15-1 season, and keeping the team basically intact. Players love him.

  12. PFT-made-me-change-my-handle says:
    Jun 16, 2016 8:38 PM
    2015 was an outlier for them. They’ll be back to their regular form this season. As they say, book it!!

    They have the fifth most wins in the league since 2012, so in this case “regular form” means another deep playoff run and a guaranteed W over your pathetic team. Book it.

  13. Well deserved. One of the most genuine men in a rotting league. I wish the majority of the coaches were like Riverboat Ron or Bruce Arians…

  14. Sorry but Ron winning Coach of the year recently should have gone to BB
    Yes it’s great when you take a mediocre team to playoffs. Also great when you come back from an AFCC loss to win the super bowl. Then get close again with no offensive line dealing with deflate gate. BB is always top 3 candidate for COTY but can’t have it every year.

    I will bet my PFT profile that BB gets another super bow before RR.

  15. In Rivera’s first 36 games as coach, the team’s record was 14-22. Since that point, they are 33-10-1. Yes, he got completely out-coached in the Super Bowl. So have others. That was the 3rd Super Bowl team that has had Kubiak on a coaching staff, and those teams are 3-0. So there is no shame in Rivera getting whipped by him in that one. He’ll learn from it and improve, just as he learned during that 14-22 start and led the team to 33-10-1, 3 division titles, 3 playoff wins and a Super Bowl appearance.

    Lots of idiotic comments about coaching on this site. Most of you believe there are only 2 coaches in the world – coaches with a Super Bowl win and coaches that couldn’t possibly suck more. Except the coach of your team, of course. But that’s not reality. Ron Rivera has developed into one of the 10 best coaches in the league, and now he’s one of the 10 highest-paid. Pay for performance. Simple as that.

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