Rex Ryan: We won the offseason

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You may want to hold onto your hats for this one because, believe it or not, Rex Ryan closed out the Bills’ offseason program with some big words about where the team stands a few months before the start of the season.

Ryan said he’s been “blown away” by how much further along the team is after working together for the last couple of months and wishes that they could just fast forward right to training camp. The coach also awarded the team a mythical championship for their efforts.

“I can’t wait to get the season started,” Ryan said, via the Buffalo News. “I’m just telling you right now: forget the vacation. I wish it was shorter. And I mean it. I’m excited about this team. Obviously a lot of things have to happen and we’re a month or so away. I told our players today to ‘Win July.’ We’ve won the offseason. I would challenge any team. I think we’ve won the offseason. But we need to win July. That’s when everybody is by themselves, on their own but doing the things to be in great shape when we get to camp, let’s avoid those injuries we had last year. I think we’re committed as a group. That ‘All In’ mantra, I know it gets used a bunch but I feel it’s appropriate for our team.”

Ryan acknowledged that winning the offseason is worth about as much as a nickel with his face on it, saying that it is “one of those things I shouldn’t say because they’re going to kill me anyway.” That response is assured, but it’s probably nothing compared to what Ryan and the rest of the Bills are in store for if their offseason victory is followed by another disappointing regular season.

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  1. That’s freakin’ hilarious.

    Ask the Fins how much “winning the off season” helps, they’ve been doing it most of the last 20 years.

    I really feel sorry for the Buffalo fans that they’re saddled with this blowhard and his brother for the season. You’re good loyal fans and deserve better than this buffoon.

  2. LOL love this man. Screw what the media thinks about him. Wears his emotions on his sleeve. Go get em Rex and never ever back down. N
    Say what ya want but the man has lived a good life by being open and saying his feelings Being politically correct in statements blows. This country and even the NFL has dropped to new lows by condemning those of us that do not make statements that insult even insects these days go get them Rex Love it

  3. You may have “won” the offseason but I’d rather see you coach a winning season or coach us into the playoffs. Until that happens why don’t you stop yammering to the media and focus on coaching up your team. I’d like to go one day without seeing him, or his brother, brag about how great they are to the media or being in a commercial, please put up or shut up Ryan brothers.

  4. Rex is the greatest…don’t believe him just ask him! (He’d TOTALLY kiss Belichick’s rings if only he’d wear them on his feet…)

    #Blowhard #ByeFelicia

  5. Even if winning the offseason meant something.. I’m not sure that the Bills won. The Jaguars made several big time improvements as did the Giants and the Raiders.

  6. No way! The Bills couldn’t beat the off season Vikings if their life depended on it.

  7. Too much fun – don’t ever retire Rex! Ask Indy for the name of their participation banner supplier.

  8. who the heck does he think he is….. the Vikings always win the offseason super bowl……… they cant win the others

  9. Maybe he’s talking about that all-you-can-eat wing eating contest him and his brother entered.

  10. That is an outstanding accomplishment. Now if only your team can pull it together and be the champions of the preseason, too! What a victory that would be! Then you guys can all take a well-deserved rest during the regular season.

  11. Buffalo is so screwed in 2016…..Sexy Rexy is already handing out “Participation Trophies” at the offseason program……

    GO PACKERS!!!!!

  12. It’s a little known fact that I won at life while in the womb. It may not sound like much, but it’s more than one of the Ryan brothers can say.

  13. The guys 20-0 in the offseason and 0-20 when it really counts. I’ve won as many superbowls as this blowhard has won as head coach.

  14. Didn’t the Eagles win the off-season a few years back with their “dream team?”

  15. And once again Rex has set up this season for failure.

    History speaks for itself !

  16. But, having stopped laughing now, you know, deep down he’s right – they might not lose another competitive game until early September.

  17. Congrats Rex on going undefeated in OTAs and mini-camp. Time for the players to celebrate this remarkable success. A truly great coach in his lunchtime.
    Maybe he should spend more time with Donald Trump.

  18. You are what your record says you are…54-58. A mediocre head coach and a victim of the Peter Principle.

  19. “Of course if you listen to the pundits, we weren’t expected to win too much. And now we’re winning, winning, winning the country — and soon the country is going to start winning, winning, winning.”

  20. Between this statement, and Eric Decker saying he likes the Jets’ chances if Brady sits, I don’t know which is more of an embarrassment. The Patriots have premium waterfront property in the collective brains of the AFC East.

  21. “I’m not here to kiss Rex Ryan’s offseason championship rings”
    Bill Belicheck

  22. Pretty sure if anyone did the most to improve themselves on paper this off season, it’s the Jaguars, followed by my Raiders.

  23. The two Ryans reunited with Sanchez would be the ultimate 3 Stooges remake. I think we’ve earned it.

  24. This is why the Ryan’s (Buddy & Rex) will never win a Super Bowl as a head coach. They just can’t seem to get out of their own way.

  25. I figured that PFT was probably paraphrasing, or taking something Rex said and kind of blowing it out of proportion, but nope….Rex really, actually said he won the offseason. That’s amazing, even for a man as in love with his himself as Rex. And I suppose he really does think that winning the offseason is some kind of accomplishment. I think Rex is delusional.

  26. that’s good Rex because we all know that you can’t win during the ON-SEASON.

    What Every time he opens his mouth he sounds more and more like a disposable sanitary product

  27. This is standard coach-speak. They use terms like this and “win the bye week” all the time. Just commending his team for their off-season work.

  28. This is vintage Rex Ryan. If it wasn’t for the fact that he lives in his own delusions, I could almost swear that Rex was deliberately making these kind of comments in order to rehearse for the Ryan Brothers’ future role as part of the traveling circus.

  29. Every time I read a Wrecks quote, all I hear in my head is the “wah wah” sound that Charlie Brown’s teacher makes…

  30. It has to be embarrassing for Bills fans when this guy talks. Won the offseason?? It’s a loss when your first round draft pick needs surgery and your star WR breaks his foot. Sometimes it’s just better to keep your mouth shut.

  31. Never seen a football family talk so much smack and accomplish so little. If it weren’t for dad the 2 sons would be driving tractor trailers across country for a living. lol

  32. For the umpteenth time, the NFL stands for:
    Not For Long
    You can kill it in the offseason, go undefeated in Preseason, and still end up being the worst team ever.
    No Freakin’ Lying

  33. He’s not talking about free agents you idgets, he’s talking about the improvement of players like Tyrod and the defense…players that have already BEEN THERE

  34. Oh REX! Geez, can’t take the stripes off the zebra. Hope he knows that if they suck this year and he is canned, he will not be getting NFL HC gig.

  35. Not a Bills fan, but they definitely had a better offseason than the Jets.

  36. It’s a good thing you won the off-season because some sure losses are coming your way in weeks (1, 3, 4, 5, 8, 9, 11, and 14) for a mediocre 8-8 regular season.

    Look at the bright side, the I’m sure the Colts still have the phone number you can order your 2016 Participation Banner and raise it at the end of December.

  37. Well, it’s official, Rex has completely lost his mind. I can’t remember a single thing Buffalo did that was noteworthy this off-season. I could be forgetting something, but what the hell is he talking about?

  38. Im very impressed that he won all those imaginary games, time to raise his imaginary banner and hand out all the tinfoil rings. It will go well with his inaginary paycheck when he is canned after this actual football season.

  39. I don’t care much for his media banter, but I love him as a coach… He is 50 steps ahead of every coach Buffalo has had since the Levy days. He doesn’t walk around bringing his sadness like Marrone did… doesn’t give you the feeling he’s so elderly he’ll collapse on the sideline like Gailey… or have the feeling he’s mad all the time like Wade Phillips… the illegal ways of Gregg Williams or the dopiness of Jauron. Rex Ryan is a one of a kind that will become very successful with this team in the near future. I don’t care what everyone else feels about him… I believe in him and he believes in his team… that is all that matters.

  40. Before the end of 2016, the unemployment rate in the Ryan family is gonna skyrocket.

  41. The Vikings fans have something to say about that. According to them, the Vikings win the super bowl every offseason. Rex is either wrong, or the Vikings passed the torch of offseason super bow victory.

  42. How can someone too dumb to stop committing the same mistake over and over again when speaking to the media make millions of dollars a year as a coach.

    He’s not smart enough to be a head coach.

    He’ll be fired after this year as will his brother.

  43. Winning the off season means he won the “Fingers Crossed Bowl”. The NFL doesn’t award trophies for that one Rex. The rest of the AFC must be rolling on the floor LTAO!

  44. The comparison between Rex Ryan’s mouth and Warren Sapp’s are uncanny !!!

    Bills D will now suffer with Jumbo Rob Ryan at the helm !!!!

    Rob “us of another win” Ryan

    Brothers Grimmmmm LOL

  45. I’m 60 so I’ve seen the ups and downs of Buffalo teams and coaches. I like Rex, and his talk. He’s animated and funny. Some our more recent coaches you’d have to poke w/a stick, or get a mirror to see if they were alive. He’s going to have to walk the talk now, or face unemployment, but at least he’s breathing and entertains me.

  46. I feel for you Bills fans….but give him credit he’s 5-1 in the off season…..can Belicheck beat that?

  47. The Bills have cheated in the past by opening the stadium doors to create a wind tunnel that screws up the kicks of other teams. Maybe Rex can find a way to use the hot air that comes out of his mouth to help the team win in a similar way. Enjoy the participation banner and don’t hehateme!

  48. Look. I love Rex and individuality in a world of cookie cutter head coaches. But dude…you always win the off season. It’s the REGULAR season that seems to give you fits.

  49. Ah yes…Rex won the offseason.

    That and $3 will get you a coffee at Starbucks, Rex. And when you’re done, you can put the empty cup in the trophy case.

  50. Does he know this is a quip by the fans, making fun at teams that win the off season and manage to flunk as a team. Does he know he’s not suppose to acknowledge that.

  51. “let’s avoid those injuries we had last year”

    Oh, great idea. And how do you do that, exactly?

    When was the last time an NFL player was injured for reasons under his control, such as improper technique, bad diet, insufficient muscle mass, or inadequate level of physical fitness?

    NFL injuries are a matter of luck, I say. If Ryan thinks they aren’t, that shows alarming ignorance from a head coach.

  52. Now, now ….let’s not beat up on the hearing impaired…Rex and Rob got “rings” and “wings” confused…At least wings are always good in the offseason!

  53. Bill Belichick just said, “I didn’t come here to kiss Rex Ryan’s off-season rings.”

  54. After the ticker tape parade ends Rex goes to Buffalo’s finest MaddTat2 (been there) and gets “We Won The Off Season” on his butt.

  55. With Rex at HC, bills fan’s can forget about it. Also with Rob as DC. He had the worst D in the league last year. I really feel bad for bills fan’s.

  56. As a Bills fan, I am looking for scissors to cut the eyeholes in my grocery bag, if I can find a paper one…

    Or maybe I should use a plastic one and finish the job once and for all.

    The horror…the horror…

  57. I don’t understand how any NFL fan can’t love this guy. In a league full of boring coaches who never say anything he’s a breathe of fresh air. I don’t think I’d want him as my team’s head coach, but he’s always entertaining.

  58. lanham4eve says:
    Jun 16, 2016 1:55 PM
    You may have “won” the offseason but I’d rather see you coach a winning season or coach us into the playoffs. Until that happens why don’t you stop yammering to the media and focus on coaching up your team. I’d like to go one day without seeing him, or his brother, brag about how great they are to the media or being in a commercial, please put up or shut up Ryan brothers.

    What? You want to see the sun rise in the west? That’ll happen before the Ryan Bros ever shut up.

  59. Rex also awarded himself a championship for being the self-declared champion in his off season league of one.

    Seriously deluded and desperate for attention.

    Guy needs some serious mental health help.

  60. Wrecks is anxious to get the season going because he knows he’ll be that much closer to being named the new Defensive Coordinator for the Hamilton Tiger Cats of the CFL next year.

  61. “You’ve got a Winner in town” – Buddy Ryan before he produced a bunch of losing seasons with the Cards.

    “We won the off season” – Rex Ryan spouting off more false bravado.

    The Nut does not fall far from the Tree.

  62. He’s perfect for Buffalow, where they aim as low as possible to try and win something, anything.

  63. How does this resonate with veteran players?
    >>>>Eye rolls<<<<<

    Someone has got to let these players know they haven't won anything.
    Does Foot-boy think he's coaching a bunch of 11 year olds?

  64. Undisputed off-season champs. Maybe they can take a page from Indy’s book & hang up a banner to commemorate that all meaningful, offseason victory…Closest thing to victory that franchise has ever know…. Thank God I’m a Pats Fan.

  65. Buddy Ryan, Rex Ryan, Wade Phillips, Lovie Smith, Mike Martz, Dave Wannsteadt, Jim Schwartz, Steve Marinucci, Charlie Weiss, Eric Mangini, Romeo Crennel, Norv Turner, etc. are all guys who need to face the reality that they are far better coordinators than head coach. When they have to take responsibility for EVERYTHING, they fail but when they can just concentrate on one aspect of the team, they shine most of the time.

  66. tgadler says:
    Jun 17, 2016 12:00 AM
    I don’t understand how any NFL fan can’t love this guy. In a league full of boring coaches who never say anything he’s a breathe of fresh air. I don’t think I’d want him as my team’s head coach, but he’s always entertaining.


    Plenty of people love the Rex (particularly in the AFCE). However, most of them are fans of the Pats, Jets, or Dolphins.

    As for a breath of fresh air, I respectfully disagree. He does not say anything particularly revealing or interesting. It can be exciting at first but it is words without meaning (e.g. “We won the offseason.”, “We are building a bully.”) It is old and stale, just in a different way.

    However, as a Pat’s fan, I do find Rex’s bravado to be entertaining. And he is usually a tough match-up for NE. He is, I think, a very good “game day” coach. His problem is that he isn’t good about preparing his team the other 339 days out of the year.

    It is great to be a rah-rah guy, but these are professionals who need to focus on the small set of details that seperate talented athletes at the pinicle of their sport. His players will regress without the day-to-day focus on technique, leverage, foot placement, pad-height, etc. And his constant focus on emotion gets tiresome and eventually wears thin.

    I think he could be very successful with a highly talented, yet under-achieving team that he takes over mid-season. However, as a top-to-bottom full-season HC, there is no evidence that he learns from his mistakes or really knows how to make himself or his players better.

    So I feel for the Bills and their fans, most of whom I like. (He was a perfect fit for the Jets whom I could hate, unconditionally.)

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