Steve Spagnuolo: The bad days are over for Giants defense

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The Giants made a strong bid for the title of offseason champs this year by spending heavily on free agents they think can improve their defense.

It was a unit in need of help. They finished last in yards allowed, last in passing yards allowed and 30th in points allowed under defensive coordinator Steve Spagnuolo last season, continuing a dismal run for a team that once defined itself by the strength of its defense.

Defensive end Olivier Vernon, defensive tackle Damon Harrison and cornerback Janoris Jenkins haven’t played a game for the Giants yet, but Spagnuolo is obviously feeling good about the impact they’ll have because he declared the bad days a thing of the past on Wednesday.

“They’re done,” Spagnuolo said, via the New York Daily News. “We’re going to be better. We’re going to be better because of players. We’re going to be better because of better coaching, less mistakes, because it’s the second year in the system. That’s what we fully expect to do. Everything that happened and what we went through last year is over.”

There are other reasons to think the Giants will be better on defense this year, including defensive end Jason Pierre-Paul being further along in his recovery from nearly blowing his hand off in a fireworks accident last year, and you wouldn’t expect gloomy predictions from a guy whose job will be on the line if his unit flops again this year. Now Spagnuolo and company will have to back up the words with a performance that proves it was money well spent in New Jersey.

13 responses to “Steve Spagnuolo: The bad days are over for Giants defense

  1. IF the Giants defense (especially the secondary) stays healthy, the team can contend for the division title.
    Thats a big IF, since their defense has been decimated by injuries the last few years.

  2. Top 5 Greatest NY Giants:

    1. Lawrence Taylor
    2. Frank Gifford
    3. Amani Toomer
    4. Tiki Barber
    5. Jason Sehorn

  3. The pass rush was a huge issue last year, if that improves and the Safeties step up.. I think the Giants can contend for the NFC East.

  4. ….until the season starts.. lol

    P.S. I had a feeling Spags was a Satan worshipper!!!!

  5. It’s been nearly ten years since Spags coached a successful defense. And since then, some of his defenses have been bloody awful.

    Now, the Giants have given him quite an assemblage of talent to work with. If he can’t turn this into a solid unit, he deserves to lose his job.

  6. I hope the Giants do contend, but here’s the thing: there is a reason Miami did not resign Vernon–he actually LOST two games for them last year (Jags and Colts) because of his “roughing the passer” penalties and was generally a penalty machine for Miami last year. There is also a reason the Jets did not resign “Snacks”–he’s good but he’s not that good. You can say the same about Jenkins. They are all good players, but none of these guys is a game changer…plus at some point the Giants are going to be in the same position as the Jets are and Miami was before free agency started–in cap hell!

  7. Giants look like a SB team every summer. Run fast, look good in shorts. And then the season starts and that spoils the delusion. The REDSKINS are the NFC champions. It’s a fact! lol

  8. Vernon is a good player who over achieved in Miami. He has never been a double digit pass rusher and is average vs the run. The Giants waaaaaay overpaid.

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