Michael Oher inks three-year extension with Panthers

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Panthers tackle Michael Oher recently said he’d like to spend the rest of his career with the team. He definitely won’t be leaving soon.

Per a source with knowledge of the situation, Oher has signed a three-year extension with the Panthers. It carries $21.6 million in new money, with an average of $7.2 million and $9.5 million guaranteed. Of that amount, $8 million is fully guaranteed at signing.

Oher was signed through 2016, at a base salary of $2.35 million. Coupled with the extension, he’s under contract for four years and $23.95 million.

It’s a very good contract for a guy who has struggled to live up to the whole “Blind Side” hype at the NFL level since entering the league as a first-round pick of the Ravens in 2009. Most recently, Oher performed like part blocking sled, part Madden glitch in Super Bowl 50. If that wasn’t the result of the field or poor footwear choices (and it seemed to be the field), it’s on Oher.

Still, the Panthers (who haven’t been handing out market-value deals lately) feel strongly enough about Oher to give him a deal that seems to be very strong, especially in light of his overall body of work in the professional game.

22 responses to “Michael Oher inks three-year extension with Panthers

  1. Good signing! San Fran’s Super Bowl field was garbage, can’t blame the players (both teams) for playing on ice.

  2. He somehow managed to not get flagged on every single play last year. Which is cool, but oh my lawd… that guy got flagged on every single play in Baltimore/TN.

  3. Good re-signing. Sure the super bowl game was bad, but in his defense, playing against studs like Ware and Miller isn’t easy. In other games, he did fairly well, I won’t let one game decide his NFL fate.

  4. shows you the power of putting (or uniting) the right coach with the right player.

    Matsko knew exactly what he was getting in Oher. He deserves a lot of the credit.

  5. jchipwood says:
    Jun 17, 2016 9:21 AM
    But I thought the movie Blindside ruined his career.

    No….signing with the Dolphins is what ruins a player’s career.

  6. He had a solid season, but he’s still nothing more than average. It seems like he benefits from Cam’s running ability. He typically doesn’t have to block quite as long because of it, and it disguises his weaknesses. I expect a step back from last year. He’s not getting any younger, and you already know what you have in him.

  7. That’s a lot of money for a guy who was no longer wanted in Baltimore. Before you start going crazy, I’m not bashing on Oher. In fact, I really like the guy. It’s a great story and he seems like a nice guy. However, from a business perspective they just gave him a pretty sweet deal. He did seem to perform better last year–maybe because Cam is a mobile QB and helped to cover some deficiencies with the line. Still, I’m surprised to see them give that much money to a guy who is 30.

  8. As soon as they start losing, he’ll start the whining again. Can’t handle his own fame.

  9. That’s right…put some respeck on Mr Ohers name…y’all finished or y’all done?….is he signing an extension or staying in Charlotte?…he blocking for Cam or for Superman?…

  10. Oher is a good player. Hard nosed, tough, will fight through injury. Actually seems to love the game, can’t say that for many NFL pros.

    The issues with Left Tackles and even Right tackles is – what do you have to replace the guy with?

    The panthers would be a worse team without Oher.

  11. Would have been happy with a shorter deal and less money. I think that would be close to his market value. Played fairly well for Carolina last year (until the Super Bowl which was the case with Remmers at RT as well). But man, the money and years. At least it’s not a lot of guaranteed cash. Great guy to have on the team though from all accounts. Quality person.

  12. And on another FYI note. Monroe does not want to play RT. The man couldn’t play LT. This would be a desperation signing by any team that’s signs him as a LT.

  13. pkrjones says:
    Jun 17, 2016 9:26 AM
    Good signing! San Fran’s Super Bowl field was garbage, can’t blame the players (both teams) for playing on ice.
    Garbage was Carolinas after purposely leaving tarp off while rainstorms days before the sunny Seahawk game.

  14. he’s a ok LT but i like this cause he’s a good guy who can play both RT & LT & Remmers may or may not be resigned next yr also I think he’s a better fit in Carolina than he was in Baltimore or Tennessee NOT disrespecting those teams it’s just some players fit better in some markets

  15. Pro Football Focus said Oher only allowed 4 sacks last year. The Super Bowl came against a historically good defense. Lots of lines would have been pummeled by them.

    Oher’s biggest deficiency is run-blocking. He and his coaches are aware of it and are working on it. I expect him to improve.

    And as for that cheap shot about the Panthers not giving out market-value contracts… No, they just aren’t giving out very-top-of-the-market-value contracts. Norman and Short have demanded they be the highest-paid at their positions. Just because DG doesn’t want to do that doesn’t mean he “doesn’t give out market-value contracts.”

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