Moritz Böhringer learning the difference between Germany and the NFL


The Vikings made wide receiver Moritz Böhringer the first player drafted out of a European league when they selected the German national in the sixth round of this year’s draft, but that was just the first step in his journey to an NFL field.

Böhringer grabbed NFL attention because of his mixture of size — 6’4″, 227 pounds — and athletic ability, although any team taking him had to know that the quantum leap in competition would make for a difficult transition. That makes it little surprise to learn that the process is moving slowly for Böhringer at this point.

“I have to get used to it that it’s my job now and not just a hobby,” Böhringer said, via the Pioneer Press. “Most of the time, it’s a mental thing. I’m not 100 percent comfortable with the playbook, but I think it will come in time.”

Cornerback Captain Munnerlyn said it’s “crazy” to see someone as big and fast as Böhringer on the field, but the learning curve he faces makes it likely that it will be a while before the Vikings are comfortable enough to give him a role on their offense.

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  1. All he has to learn is how to go over the middle and draw the ‘hard hit’ penalty.

  2. He’s a long shot for sure, but if there is one sport that a pure athlete can succeed at, it’s football. You don’t have to play both offense and defense like the rest of the sports (AL DH being the exception). Football is a game of specialists…learn a very specific skill set to enhance the natural athleticism…throw in a lot of hard work and you have a chance. Teams are always looking at ex-basketball players…not much different than what’s happening here. Plus he’s young…if he shows the requisite growth to stick around, the Vikings should be able to reap the rewards just as he’s entering his prime in 2 or 3 years unlike the Babatunde experiment last year. He wouldn’t have been ready until he was in his 30s. Good luck to him.

  3. At least he has a good coach. Jeff Janis is basically the same guy with Green Bay AND has football experience, and has even made big plays already, but unfortunately lacks the good coach.

  4. Sounds like he’s been dropping the ball quite a bit — maybe they should have practiced throwing him wienerschnitzel first.

  5. At least he has a chance in Minnesota!
    If Green Bay would have Drafted him he would either had his knees ripped up from those Rodgers overthrows, or been ruined when he learned how to Choke in Packer Land.

  6. I wish the kid well, a good long shot story. I hope he makes it.
    The NFL hopes he makes it, because the more players from over there playing here, make it easier to move over there, home town boy makes good.

  7. He is a long shot to make a NFL roster. Take it in steps, first make the Viking roster, then maybe in a year or two, he can make it onto a NFL roster.

  8. He will not be on the 52 man roster this season. But I’d still be interested in seeing how he does. Couldn’t be worse than that Aussie Rugby player giving the NFL a try.

  9. All the guy wanted was a chance, and the Vikings were smart enough to give it to him. Sounds like he’s smart enough to know it isn’t going to be “given” to him. Time will tell. I’m betting on Moritz.

  10. An NFL playbook is no joke. Imagine trying to learn one in a secondary language.


    Nfl playbook IS a second language haha. Imagine being a QB switching teams or offensive coordinators every few years.

  11. Who was the track star the Dallas Cowboys drafted in the 60’s………..and then he played and did well. Oh yah ……Bob Hayes.

  12. He will need at least one year to learn, IF he shows enough progress mentally he will make it.
    If he does he will have the Packers and rest of the league wishing they would have taken him for the next 9 years!

  13. Special skill sets in the absence of practical experience does not rule this guy out. Jeff Janis is similar and will see significant playing time for the first time in three years. I hope this guy makes it.

  14. would be a good guy as gunner on punt/kick squads…big, fast, not end of world if he gets banged up.

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