Robert Griffin III looked shaky in Browns’ practices

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Robert Griffin III may still be the favorite to win the Browns’ quarterback competition, but he hasn’t earned the job yet. And in the Browns’ offseason program, he didn’t inspire a lot of confidence that he’s going to be a great player in coach Hue Jackson’s offense.

According to Pat McManamon of ESPN, in the six practices open to the media, Griffin had as many bad throws as good ones, passes that were tipped, intercepted or should have been intercepted.

Griffin also showed poor footwork and seemed eager to throw safe, checkdown passes, and he didn’t make a lot of big plays or do the things that would show off the great athleticism he displayed as a rookie.

This is, of course, just practice, and for Griffin it’s practice in a new offense. On the other hand, in practice the quarterback doesn’t get hit, and Griffin’s biggest problem has been an inability to recognize and react to the pass rush. If Griffin is struggling even when he’s wearing a red jersey and playing against defenders who can’t hit him, things could get worse when the regular season starts.

Or, in the worst case for Griffin, he could be on the bench when the regular season starts.

76 responses to “Robert Griffin III looked shaky in Browns’ practices

  1. That’s weird I thought he was gonna magically become good again after being so terrible

  2. Whats in the water at Baylor?

    RGIII- jury out, but leaning toward, Bust (#2)

    Jason Smith- Major Bust (#2)

    Josh Gordon- wants to get high (2nd rd)

    Danny Watkins- Bust (#23)

    Phil Taylor- Bust (#21)

    All high round picks.

  3. He’ll be ok, it’s a new system and it takes time to learn. I’m glad they have him, I just hope they don’t panic and start putting in back up QB’s if he has one bad game

  4. I really and truly hope that this kid gets a coaching staff for once that will hammer the basics of being a complete NFL QB into his head.

    All the talent in the world but was allowed to essentially call the shots by an owner who couldn’t find a football with both hands…and look where that got him.

    HAND a kid the world without earning it and it WILL be leaked away. Unfortunately, the damage done to the guy (a lot of it, his own making for buying into “Snyder”) may be irreversible. I think that if you put this kid with a QB coach who doesn’t buy into the RGIII hype and educates the kid … there may be something to salvage IF Griffin WANTS it bad enough.

  5. He is the product of a system. If they put a read option offense in, he’d probably do okay – maybe even fantastic. His weaknesses are he can’t read defenses quickly enough and he has no pocket awareness. Add to that an ego that makes it difficult for him to accept coaching and you see why other teams stayed away from him.

  6. Good thing the Browns got all those draft picks and didn’t draft a quarterback . The Cleveland Browns, rebuilding for as long as I can remember

  7. oh illogical voice……..and he thought rg bust would get the 4skins Lombardi trop hies…typical 4skin fan as they are always SB bound preseason only to end up in last place of the NFC East….lol.

  8. RGFragileEgo is by definition “shaky”

    Only a bottom feeding team would take a chance on this loser.

    He will remain the worst draft pick of the rookie wage scale era for a long long time to come. Washington gave up so much for this horrid player.


  9. He’s garbage. He’s entitled. He’s privileged. He’s not a hard worker. He’s not a leader. (lead by example is how to do it guys) He has some big lips. Not sure if those get in the way or not but Brady Quinn had big muscles and those got in the way. I could imagine RG3 exercising his lips for so many years that they are now to big and in the way.

  10. Hope he can do well in Cleveland, because he almost certainly will not get a third chance elsewhere.

    Robert seems like a decent enough guy, but this may be the end of the line, football-wise…

  11. He needs to throw to quick outs and checkdowns.

    Teams know that if they bum rush him, he wont be able to find an open receiver.

  12. On the bright side, I guess this means we are spared from an onslaught of Subway commercials, personal logos and quixotic “all in for week one” media campaigns.

    Cleveland has some of the best most loyal hardcore sports fans in the country but they are hamstrung by a series of TERRIBLE ownership/front office decisions. They deserve better.

  13. It would be one thing if he was a rookie and shaky at the start of OTAs but he is a 5 year NFL veteran QB !!

    This isn’t his 1st rodeo and he should have been working on his QB skills in the offseason so he should be throwing very well. Because he’s not in no contact drills is a very very bad sign indeed.

  14. @troylock … Hue’s offense for Dalton had a substantial read option sub-package, which was carried over by Hue from when Gruden installed it first as Bengals’ OC before leaving for Washington & RGIII

    Seems weird how it didn’t make the same magical transition you suggest to help Robert when Gruden took over the Pinkskins …?

  15. He has the skills to be great if you use him a Russell Wilson-type system, and he doesn’t get injured. Those are big “ifs”. He also has not handled celebrity very well at all.

  16. Let’s see excuses I’ve heard over the years:

    1. Racism on part of REDSKINS
    2. REDSKINS run better plays for Kirk
    3. Redskins shouldn’t have drafted Kirk and RG3 at same time
    4. Blah Blah Blah

    He is in the wrong division and he is going to get destroyed… It’s going to end badly in Cleveland for RG3 and I predict he is out of the league either after this season or definitely after this contract is over. I suspect Cleveland will have to start over again and he might even be cut after the season. RG3 isn’t what you would want in a backup and I don’t see him being a clipboard holder because you have to change your offense when he is in the game… Also, when he gets hurt which his style and lack of reading a defense will inevitably lead to… Teams have to run a different offense. There is no doubt who made the right decision and by the time this season is over, it will be clear to everyone that Kirk is the better QB … Hail to the Redskins!

  17. As a Jets fan, I thought I had it bad with Geno under center, but I am so glad I’m not a Browns fan that has to watch this hot garbage!

  18. All McManamon does is trash the Browns. Interesting that of the hundreds of articles I have read throughout OTA’s from other reporters, this is the first one that referenced him being terrible. First one. Do you think Pat might just be trying to get his page views up a little? He’s a hack….

  19. I at least hope he starts week 4 when the Browns come to FedEx.. Haha he will get embarrassed, the Skins defense will dominate and Cousins will show that he was the better pick and by far the better qb. If he does start I’m saying at least 6 sacks, and 3 picks, and probably a fumble or two. Haha he will get absolutely demolished, and then benched.

  20. “typical 4skin fan as they are always SB bound preseason only to end up in last place of the NFC East….lol.”

    Sure, except the put RGIII on the bench and won the East last year, pretty sure sure it was the boyz in last place… typical Cowgirl fanboy

  21. If the front office will just keep their grubby hands off roster matters Hue Jackson will build a team for them. If not, same old same old.

  22. No slake your old high school coach never saw Sam Bradford or Mark Sanchez play. Those guys kill it in practice not so much in games. How many people were on Sam Bradford band wagon after pre season last year. Raise your hand all you talking heads who had him for MVP and Eagles going to the Super Bowl. If you win the job in PRACTICE shouldn’t you lose it in the games?

  23. Wow. A QB has some shaky practices in June? With all rookie WRs in a new offense? Shocker. But hey, at least it provides an opportunity to bash on RGIII, right?

  24. This article describes EXACTLY what every Redskins observer has been seeing ever since Griffin’s second year. He’s just not an NFL quarterback. Pity we weren’t able to trade him and at least get a 7th round pick.

  25. C-town… You better hope LeBron gets a ring for you this weekend for the Browns are looking like the Browns right now!

  26. Robert has to play a combined six games against the Steelers, Bengals and Ravens each year?

    See ya, I wouldn’t want to be ya.

  27. “birdsfan7 says:
    Jun 17, 2016 7:46 AM
    Good thing the Browns got all those draft picks and didn’t draft a quarterback . ”

    Uh, they did draft a Quarterback, Birdbrain7. His name is Cody Kessler, and he played in the Pac12 with Goff, and finished with a higher QB rating & better TD/INT ratio…

    Birds fans… making foolish statements for as long as they’ve been “fans”.

  28. I never understand reports like these. Quick to judge the QB but never give the defense covering that QB any credit. The same could be said about Peyton Manning in 2015 against the Browns defense but from what I remember he managed. No decision should be made at QB for any team with questions until QB’s are playing against other teams D’s. You don’t have to worry about beating your own once the season starts.

  29. This is a fifth year pro, folks.

    This clown should have mastered the basic concepts.

    The problem is that he has never been able to read any defense; cannot avoid an obvious pass rush; can’t lead his team on a two minute drive; can’t anticipate throws; always checks down to the point of negative yardage throws with only YAC making it a positive play.

    Those who have defended this jerk are fools. He is not worth spit and has none of the skills you’d expect from an NFL QB – he has been and will always be a gimmick.

    And unlike the professional writers who sold us that this guy was the next coming, I spotted all of his failures BEFORE he was drafted and was spot on with the assessment that he would never be any good.

  30. When the hell are the player personnel and Scouts for the browns going to learn to differentiate between Good Athletes and Good Players?
    Until they do they will remain the laughingstock of the League..
    Las Vegas Browns ?????? NEVER!!!

  31. Modell should be in the HOF just for moving the team out of that city with the dark cloud hanging over it. Browns trade back for more picks that won’t make the team when they could have drafted Wentz. Now they have clown at QB and a weak armed 3rd round pick that will be lucky to be a back up. Get ready for McCown. It’s going to be another long season.

  32. The dude is a bust. His rookie season he made safe, check down passes, and had a simple offense around him. Why? He never had what it took to be a Tom Brady, Aaron Rodgers or Drew Brees. He isn’t smart like you need a QB to be. His type has to run, b/c they cannot succeed if they don’t.

  33. Tonight Cleveland ended a 52 year pro sports drought. Thank you to the city I love. May the Browns also find success with their new regime. Go Cleveland! The rest of the world will never know how much the Land means to the loyal Cleveland sports fan. Thank you CLE!!!

  34. Well RG. Mr. Tebow has been waiting for you to join him in the booth. You can reminisce the past glory.

  35. Tebow was never half the player RG3 is/was. I’ll be looking forward to all of you crazies eating crow within the next couple years.

    I think it will be mind blowing how much RG3 is able to do with the absolute pile of nothing that they’ve given him to work with.

  36. Where are you redskins fans coming up with the notion that your team was so clever to get rid of him? Your team was, is and will remain garbage, so long as you have Snyder at the wheel.

    You won a garbage division last year and then lost to a pretty shabby GB team. You won’t be in the playoffs again, and your team will be forever stained with the stupidity of trading all those picks for a QB that gave you one good year and a 1st round playoff loss. Now he is on an even worse team and you come here to gloat? What?

  37. Had this guy not made the playoffs a while back I would rank him as a bust on the level of Fatty Jamarcus. Poor Skins gave up a kings ransom for him. That can kill a franchise just like it did the Raiders. We could have had Calvin if I remember correctly.

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