Saints owner settles lawsuit with his heirs


Saints owner Tom Benson has settled a lawsuit with his daughter and grandchildren over control of his business interests, which include the Saints, the NBA’s New Orleans Pelicans, car dealerships, real estate and a TV station.

“Operations for all Tom Benson business properties including the New Orleans Saints, the New Orleans Pelicans, WVUE-FOX 8, automotive dealerships and Benson Tower remain ‘business as usual,'” a Saints spokesman told the New Orleans Times-Picayune.

A trial had been scheduled to start on Monday, and that trial would have allowed a great deal of financial information about the Saints to go public. Now that won’t happen.

Benson has been estranged from his daughter and grandchildren with his former wife since he announced that he would be passing full control of the Saints and Pelicans to his current wife when he dies.

30 responses to “Saints owner settles lawsuit with his heirs

  1. I’m glad he can finally move on from this, but it sucks that those leeches ended up getting a settlement of of this. They should never see another dime from him.

  2. Just doesn’t seem right. You work hard your whole life, and if someone gets left out of your will on purpose, they can have your earnings taken away from you? This is bad.

  3. How would anyone like their billionaire dad to marry another woman not your mother and freeze you out of inheritance and assets. I do however agree you are entitled to do with your money and assets as you wish.

  4. If it wasn’t for the priceless Saints information they wouldn’t have gotten a penny. Nobody in the NBA would have cared about disclosing financial information about the Pelicans but that would never be allowed to happen in the NFL. The heirs got really lucky. They basically won on a technicality, not because they were rightfully owed anything.

  5. I guess Benson was paid a visit by the league and told to settle before the team books are opened. I was looking forward to viewing the rediculous shannanigans butied in there.

  6. It’s possible the NFL stepped in to buy the Saints to prevent the courts from publicizing the team’s finances.

  7. The trials and tribulations of the rich. I feel so sorry for them. I get a team, you get a team, they get millions, I get millions. So sad.

  8. I HOPE we get to see him on TV this season, dancing and twirling with his little umbrella!

  9. I don’t know a lot about this, but it’s hard to imagine that Tom Benson wouldn’t have had a good reason to write them out of his will.

  10. The is wasn’t a case of him changing his will. He had put the properties in a trust, which isa a way rich people avoid paying taxes. The family members were named beneficiaries of the trust. He tried to take the properties out of the trust to leave to his current wife.

  11. Every judge should ask to be showed where on a birth certificate does it say you are entitled to ANY inheritance. Case closed.

  12. Yeah let’s all support the gold digger. If all of you were his son or daughter or grandchild you might think differently

  13. Terrible to disown your own kids for a gold digging step. Another low life owner. Shocker.

  14. First, not a one of us know exactly what went on but I can easily see where there would be very hurt feelings. Your filthy rich father up and marries some other woman not much older than yourself and he then takes everything he said you would have, all the trusts set up for you and gives them to said other woman/new wife. Yeah, that’s got to hurt! Secondly, it’s rather hateful to automatically assume the daughter and grandkids did something wrong. They were there first…and they have every right to be upset and request legal assistance when so much is at stake. Also, Rita has been the face of the Saints for so long, I don’t understand why you would immediately assume they were money grubbing. Why would you believe that over the more obvious story of new wife = gold digger? I don’t know which side is true, that is for the lawyers to figure out but it really isn’t anyone else’s business.

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